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Episode 14 of Beyond Evil begins on the 15th October 2000. Ki-Hwan heads home and confronts his wife – and Joo-Won’s Mother. He takes out his frustrations on her and tells her to stay in a mental institute until she dies. As nurses arrive to take her away, Ki-Hwan promises to keep Joo-Won safe.

Now we cut back and see Joo-Won in handcuffs. It turns out it was actually Joo-Won’s idea all along. Given Ki-Hwan strives for perfection, seeing his son like this will catch Ki-Hwan completely off-guard.

Dong-Sik warned Joo-Won before this that it could destroy and ruin his reputation. Joo-Won doesn’t care. Dong-Sik eventually told Joo-Won to remain silent while this investigation is going on.

Back in the present and predictably Joo-Won does no such thing. In the police station he speaks up and admits to the charges he faces. With little other choice, Dong-Sik makes the decision to suspend Joo-Won from his role. In fact, Joo-Won heads straight for Ki-Hwan’s office and admits that he’s in trouble. His Father simply tells him to leave.

Meanwhile, Jung-Je and his Mother meet Chang-Jin in the middle of the night. They question him over killing Jin-Mook and now the truth is revealed.

It turns out while Chang-Jin was moving Yu-Yeon’s car, Jin-Mook snuck out the bushes and grabbed the dead body of Yu-Yeon, burying her in Dong-Sik’s basement. As he says the words, Jung-Je shows off his phone which is currently on a call to Dong-Sik. He’s been listening this whole time!

Just before Chang-Jin is taken away, he mentions a secret that he and Hae-Won share together. Her face turns ghostly white as she’s clearly hiding something. Quite what though, remains to be seen.

Chang-Jin is brought in for questioning regarding his confessions on the phone. Given he was hypothetical, he’s not completely incriminated for now. However, he does start squirming when he’s asked about the construction trade and his ties to both Councilwoman Do and Ki-Hwan. Dong-Sik listens from the other room intently and realizes that this trio have known each other for 21 years.

For now, Chang-Jin is let go…but Jung follows him outside. He pats the man on the shoulder and chuckles, telling Chang-Jin he’ll be seeing him soon. As Chang-Jin takes the keys back for his car, he receives a message reading “One Hour Later”, which is in reference to the past incident with Ki-Hwan and the drinking.

In his car, Dong-Sik tails Chang-Jin who tries speeding away and losing him. Ji-hwa is there for the ride and this unfortunately leads to the pair crashing in the middle of the intersection. It’s not a bad crash but it is enough to stop them in their tracks. Meanwhile, Jae-Yi follows Ki-Hwan but gets stopped at a DUI station along the way.

This chase was all Joo-Won’s idea too, as he orchestrated the meet between Chang-Jin and Ki-Hwan. As they step into the latter’s car they begin talking. It turns out Chang-Jin was there when Ki-Hwan originally hit Yu-Yeon… and then circled back when Councilwoman Do rang.

Anyway, in the middle of the night the pair discuss Yu-Yeon’s murder. It turns out he’s actually bugged Ki-Hwan’s car and listens to everything as Chang-Jin and Ki-Hwan discuss “taking care” of Jung like they did Chief Nam. Just before they leave, Chang-Jin tells Ki-Hwan not to answer any calls from Councilwoman Do and to keep things between them. To complicate matters, Jin-Mook even saw him hit Yu-Yeon too.

As rain pours down outside, Joo-Won leaves his car and walks purposefully up toward Ki-Hwan and Chang-Jin.

The Episode Review

The secrets finally come tumbling out and everything is recorded and ready to come down hard on Ki-Hwan. This entire situation with Jin-Mook and the killings has been really well-written and the trio of string-pullers at the center of all this have obviously been scheming for years. Now it becomes clear that this terrible threesome are running out of time.

Unfortunately that time also comes at the expense of Joo-Won’s trust in his Father too, as he realizes the man has been lying all this time.

Dong-Sik and Joo-Won’s respect for one another is really great to see and has ultimately been the one element of this drama that’s made for such a fascinating watch. Both actors have great chemistry on-screen and they really do an amazing job with the script they’re given.

The ending certainly leaves the door open for the next episode though, as we move into the final week of this excellent crime drama.

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