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Episode 13 of Beyond Evil begins on the 14th October 2000. Ki-Hwan arrives to see Councilwoman Do and Chang-Jin. Both of them are drinking, but he’s not in the mood to join them. At least not to begin with anyway.

Not wanting to seem too rude, Do eventually convinces him to have one drink with them. While they sit together, Chang-Jin admits that he likes Ji-Hwa and wants to marry her.

Back in the present, Ji-hwa watches from afar as Chang-Jin shows up at the parking lot. He watches Ki-Hwan leave in his car, struggling to speak to him. He’s mad they’re not together and after cursing in Russian, Ji-Hwa decides to check her ex’s phone log.

Meanwhile, the big revelation about a second car being involved in Yu-Yeon’s murder rings true. Jung-Je confirms as much and that seems to be why Dong-Sik didn’t kill him that night. He confessed to killing the girl but not to actually running her down while she’s standing.

Right on the back of this, the terrible threesome are now prime suspects it seems, especially when Ji-Hwa pulls up Chang-Jin’s phone records. Chang-Jin has been in contact with the superintendent and Hae-Won to.

Now it becomes clear to these detectives that the superintendent is the real ringleader involved in all this, meaning Joo-Won is in a difficult position given that’s his Father. Joo-Won outright admits her doesn’t trust anyone and right now, he’s not so sure what to believe.

Meanwhile, Jung-Je heads home and speaks to his Mother, admitting that he remembers everything from that night. Do gave money to Chang-Jin to help clean up the mess. This explains why he showed up at the crime scene – and why Do is indebted to him.

She used the pretense of their business to essentially blackmail him into showing up. After sending Yu-Yeon to a mental institute, he left Chang-Jin at the crime scene to deal with Yu-Yeon. But did he really? That remains to be seen.

Back in the present, it turns out Dong-Sik has kept Jung-Je alive to find out who really killed Yu-Yeon. Well, as we already know it’s actually Ki-Gwan. However, our protagonists aren’t aware of this. Dong-Sik tasks Jung-Je with confronting his Mother, conspiring with him to plant seeds of doubt within Councilwoman Do’s mind. Specifically he tells her that there have been secret meetings without her.

Joo-Won heads home and speaks to his Father about the current situation with the guitar pick. He plays a dangerous game, deciding to bring up a lot of dirt about the past, including Station Chief Jung accepting bribes. His Father’s face drops, and even more so during a later chat with Cheol-Mun himself.

Under Ki-Hwan’s orders, he was told to destroy the CCTV footage from the night Jin-Mook was killed. Only, he didn’t. Despite Ki-Hwan deciding to use Nam as a scapegoat to take the fall, in reality Jung played Ki-Hwan and kept filming from the cell. Chang-Jin head in that night and handed over the wire to make Jin-Mook commit suicide. All of this was then sent by email to Chang0Jin by Cheol-Mun.

Meanwhile, Joo-Won and Dong-Sik talk outside the station about his Father being involved. In fact, Dong-Sik asks outright if he’s going to be okay. It’s a big moment for their relationship, including the trust they now feel for one another after everything they’ve been through.

Joo-Won eventually decides to talk to that reporter from earlier in the season. He goes one step further too and decides to give him a tip-off about bribery inside the police station.

Meanwhile, Ki-Hwan asks to meet Dong-Sik personally. When the latter shows up, he offers Dong-Sik a job. It’s a pretty big curveball, and one that sees Dong-Sik transferred to Internal Investigations. He’s also going to be working directly with Ki-Hwan. Holding out his hand, Dong-Sik deliberates over whether to shake it or not.

We then cut forward a week later. Jung-Je has decided to accept whatever punishment is coming his way. As he agrees to this, we then cut to the Hearing of Commissioner General Han. Only, Joo-Won happens to be there in attendance too, watching his Father take the oath.

The news article breaks right on time, with the officials sharing this damning report with him. Within these documents are claims that he’s been taking bribes, complete with pictures and a signature.

In front of everyone, he tells them all this was a debt from Jung and has been dealt with internally. Now Joo-Won realizes that his Father is definitely deceptive and going to get away scot-free.

Dong-Sik suddenly shows up with his badge though, confirming he’s part of Ki-Hwan’s team and asks to be let in. He immediately brings up an arrest without a warrant issue. Storming across the room, he grabs Joo-Won and arrests him in front of everyone for what happened with Geum-Hwa.

As handcuffs are put on him, the pair turn simultaneously and look toward Ki-Hwan as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Well, how about that for an ending? It’s ironic actually now that you think about the journey we’ve had up until this point. Throughout the show, Dong-Sik has been portrayed as the crazed character, going out of his mind and giggling under his breath. Only, it turns out he’s actually one of the most sane characters here.

Every single supporting character has some form of baggage or a secret they’re holding, and now everything is starting to come spilling out in dramatic fashion.

The poetic irony of Dong-Sik shaking hands with the devil (Ki-Hwan) only to use this position to leverage an arrest against Joo-Won in front of a live audience AND his own Father is something that’s incredibly shocking. The simultaneous glance toward Ki-Hwan also seems to hint that they’ve been in on this together as well.

The news this last week that Beyond Evil would be dropping on Netflix worldwide is fantastic and absolutely well-deserved too. The show is really, really great and the ending here sets up a really explosive finish to this crime drama. If what we’ve seen is any indication to go by, it seems like this one is going to nail its landing. Fingers crossed it does!

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