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The Past

Episode 12 of Beyond Evil begins in February 1995. Chang-Jin looks over a new apartment block being built and comments on his past, specifically how he always had plans to make it big. When a man arrives, questioning him about Russians and the nightclub trade, Chang-Jin beats him down and reiterates that he’s not in the business any more.

Back in the present, it turns out Chang-Jin’s apartment construction has ended up as a matter of make or break, with the business hanging precariously by a thread. Director Kim has cold feet about the Munju project but Chang-Jin simply tells him to get out.

When he leaves, Chang-Jin receives the email from himself – which is obviously someone posing as him online. With the footage of the jail cell, Chang-Jin hurriedly leaves in his car.

Meanwhile, Dong-Sik questions Jung-Je over what happened to Yu-Yeon in the past. Now he finally opens up and admits he’s recognized the number on his Mother’ burner phone for the last 20 years.

Jung-Je knows who it belongs to but can’t remember the specifics of the event with Yu-Yeon that night. With a signed medical consent form, it seems like Jung-Je actually signed this without being aware of it. As Jung-Je starts to panic, Dong-Sik and Joo-Won phone an ambulance to pick him up.

On the back of this incident, Joo-Won questions whether Dong-Sik is actually ready for this investigation or not. As they leave, Chang-Jin happens to be watching in his car, crouched down and suspiciously eyeing them both as this unfolds.

Meanwhile, Kwon Hyeok speaks to Ki-Hwan about the evidence from the past. Specifically, he brings up the guitar pick report that’s been a big focal point in the past. Specifically, they discuss whether someone had this destroyed. Could that someone have been Ki-Hwan? Well, if he is responsible he has one heck of a poker face and doesn’t let on.

This report seems to be what links Jin-Mook and Chief Nam’s deaths together too, with Dong-Sik believing that it could be the guitar pick itself that’s cause for concern here. It seems like someone planted the guitar pick next to the dead body.

The attention soon turns to indiscretions from that night, including a new security camera installed across the way. Interestingly, that building is owned by JL Construction. JL Construction then links back to Chang-Jin. This certainly holds weight, especially when Dong-Sik notices a familiar registration plate on a car nearby. This, of course, matches Chang-Jin’s vehicle from the night before. Now they realize that Chang-Jin is involved.

Well, Councilwoman Do arrives with her prized bodyguard Oh-Bok, who waits outside the room. Do confirms to him that Jung-Je can’t remember anything from that night and reassures him that their secret is safe for now.

As the attention turns to the burner phone, we cut back in time to the day Sang-Bae died. Do’s phone was buzzing non-stop, prompting Chang-Jin to cave and tell the Councilwoman to answer it.

The call is from Gil-Goo, regarding the the guitar pick report. It’s here she learns that Chief Nam has figured out the truth. Because of this, she was about to be blamed for everything that’s happened.

However, Chang-Jin interjects and asks for her phone, where Hae-Won opens up and admits that she’s the one who fabricated everything and actually planted the pick herself.

The pendulum swings again, this time toward Jung-Je as Chang-Jin warns that her son is a ticking time bomb and could destroy everything they’ve built to hide all this time.

Jung-Je leaves Hansong Mental Hospital and begins wandering down the street. There, he finds himself right in front of Joo-Won’s car. Flashes of that deer come back again, which eventually sees Joo-Won pick the amnesia-stricken Jung-Je up and bring him onboard.

Jung-Je admits hat he can’t remember anything but Joo-Won is sure there’s something more to his story. In fact, he encourages Jung-Je to try and remember everything about his past and tell Dong-Sik the truth.

While he goes on a trip down memory lane to Dong-Sik’s basement, Joo-Won shows up at the Butcher’s where everyone from the substation (and Jae-Yi) are gathered together.

With a level-headed approach, the group go over the incident involving Yu-Yeon that night. They believe she was hit head-on by a car going over 45km/h and one that didn’t slow down either. After this, Joo-Won mentions to Dong-Sik about dropping Jung-Je off at the basement.

Although he’s not exactly happy about it, Joo-Won does convince him it’s a good thing, especially if it means getting his memories back and helping them get some closure.

The attention soon turns to the buildings in the area, and specifically why the ownership changed hands in 2020 between councilwoman Do and Chang-Jin. It certainly seems suspicious, and when you add in the wildcard factor of Gang-Ja too, it seems like all of this is connected.

Dong-Sik goes straight for Gil-Goo, questioning him over the call in the past. He claims he didn’t know why Nam was in the scrapyard and promises all he did was send a message. According to him, he didn’t do anything else beyond that. However, the attention quickly turns to that fateful night back in October 2000.

It’s here Gil-Goo gave Hae-Won the original report for the guitar pick and received a fake one from her. This fabricated report is what he gave Chief Nam, meaning the original is still out there and could actually hold the evidence they need.

That evidence could even point to Jung-Je’s DNA being on the pick – which would explain why Councilwoman Do has been so adamant about covering everything up.

Dong-Sik grabs his sledgehammer and immediately confronts Jung-Je in the basement about this. Dong-Sik asks outright about the night of the car accident. Jung-Je thinks hard and claims he definitely hit a deer. He continues to mention how he wasn’t the one who killed her. Dong-Sik loses his patience though and screams at him, asking for answers. And now, it seems, we’re going to get some.

Jung-Je’s memory is jogged and he remembers talking to Yu-Yeon while fingering the guitar pick. During that night, Jung-Je held the guitar pick and asked Yu-Yeon to head inside and break the news about their relationship.

Instead, Yu-Yeon brings up the burner phone and what her Mother is hiding, telling him she should come clean. As Yu-Yeon starts walking away, Jung-Je heads inside and pops some pills, drinking alcohol to obscure his inhibitions.

Unfortunately in his drunken state Jung-Je decided to drive off in search of Yu-Yeon. Only, Yu-Yeon happened to be on the floor already collapsed. Jung-Je slammed on the brakes but it was too late; he ran her over completely and dropped the pick on the floor.

With Jung-Je distraught and with tears streaming down his face, Dong-Sik phones Joo-Won and invites him over. Joo-Won is determined to apprehend Jung-Je and see justice but Dong-Sik is not so sure this is the right move.

In fact, midway through talking about trust, they’re interrupted by an emergency message. Joo-Won’s Father has now become the most important person in the police force thanks to a new promotion. As Dong-Sik claps and bows before a shocked Joo-Won, we jump back in time once more.

This time we see a car plough straight into Yu-Yeon and knock her down. The driver of said car? None other than superintendent Ki-Hwan.

The Episode Review

Oof, what a devastating reveal. With Yu-Yeon hit twice out on the road, the conclusion from the autopsy of the bones, coupled with some tough love from Dong-Sik, are enough to jog Jung-Je’s memory and uncover everything that’s happened all this time.

There are still question marks here though – especially with how Yu-Yeon ended up in the wall – but now it’s clear that Ki-Hwan is the real culprit and responsible for killing Yu-Yeon.

It’s quite a shocking reveal too, and with Ki-Hwan now the most important member of the police force, it’s just become 100x harder to actually find evidence and bring him to justice.

And what does that mean for Dong-Sik and Joo-Won’s relationship? The small pockets of trust they’ve built for each other looks like it’s about to come crashing down. Then again, it’s tough to really trust Joo-Won, especially given his shifty attitude and covering things up. Could he have been in the car with Ki-Hwan that night? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Beyond Evil is easily the best crime drama of the year so far and a thrilling series with plenty of twists and turns. This is going to be a tough one to beat for best K-drama of 2021 so far!

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  1. I love reading these because you always bring up questions I hadn’t even thought of or considered before. Like the possibility that Joo-Won was in the car with his father that fateful night.

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