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Episode 11 of Beyond Evil begins in January 2003. Chief Nam heads in to pay his respects to Yu-Yeon. He apologizes to Dong-Sik after being unable to find his sister.

Dong-Sik sobs, telling Nam that he’s struggling to breathe and embracing his elder. This parallels to today, as Dong-Sik and Joo-Won both pay their respects to Chief Nam. Poor Dong-Sik has been through the wars but he remembers Nam’s words from 2018, telling him to get up and keep fighting.

All our officers gather together at the Butcher’s where Ji-Hwa pours a drink for him. Dong-Sik and Jung-Je aren’t there though, given they’re over at Nam’s house helping to sort out their belongings. The night goes well, although Gil-Go takes off midway through.

After the meal, Joo-Won catches up with Jae-Yi and apologizes for the email sent. He regrets not being able to do more for her but eventually thanks her for the meal and walks away.

In the morning, Joo-Won heads down to the shore where he finds Jung-Je popping pills and staring at the ocean. Joo-Won asks about the pills but he refuses to disclose what’s going on. As they talk together, Joo-Won admits it’s his fault for Nam passing and that he’s the one who put him in danger.

Jung-Je brings up the pain of regret and empathizes with him, knowing what it’s like to blame yourself. He then walks away, leaving Joo-Won with a lot to think out. He also gives Joo-Won instructions to head further down the road. There, Dong-Sik happens to be fishing. He asks for the detective’s help, determined to try and solve Nam’s murder.

As they talk, Joo-Won brings up the two most likely suspects – Gwang-Young and Gil Go. Unfortunately both of them lied about heading to the station to see a friend which makes them very suspicious. Deciding to get back to basics, the team work together to track down both officers and figure out what they may be hiding.

Jae-Yi eventually tracks down Gwang-Young at the station, who’s talking to a shadowy man in the hallway. He seems to receive some bad news though, prompting him to double over and despair. It turns out he’s there regarding an interview but it was bad news. This explains what he was up to.

Meanwhile, Jung-Je starts to trace the call logs at the station and realizes that one links to the Chief Superintendent. When his Mother calls, fussing over him and making plans, Jung-Je becomes impatient and eventually throws his pills in the bin.

Speaking of which, Joo-Won heads back to see his Father at his office. It turns out Gil-Go asked to speak to him that night regarding the serial murders. Apparently he made a delivery that night too, under instructions from the super intendent. That man of course, being Joo-Won’s Father. According to Ki-Hwan though, he has no knowledge of this at all.

In fact, Nam then came over and visited the boss afterwards, asking about Gil-Go. He mentions the forensics report, asking if he got rid of it 21 years ago.

Ki-Hwan eventually confronted him, telling Nam to leave. However, something doesn’t add up here. In the hallway he pretended not to know who Gil-Go was but of course that’s a lie. Ki-Hwan brushes this accusation aside, claiming not to know what this forensic report is.

Joo-Won feeds the news back to Dong-Sik though, who receives more news about Gil-Go. Apparently that night ‘No Parking’ signs were placed in front of the police station to make sure dashcam footage didn’t pick up the culprit. On top of that, Gil-Go also visited Nam that night.

The group corner Gil-Go and demand the truth. He eventually tells them he head into the station that night because he was concerned for Nam’s wellbeing.

Once at the cell, Nam mentions the forensics report from 21 years ago – the same one we’ve been hearing about. The forensics came back clean as it seems like someone cleaned the guitar pick perfectly. Because of this, Nam then went after Dong-Sik. In fact, they literally arrested Dog-Sik just because the pick belonged to him.

The report he was ordered to get rid of is regarding the guitar pick itself, especially since the entire thing seems to be fabricated. However, it turns out someone else met Nam that night. That person? Chief Jung. He not only told Gil-Go to be careful that night, he also threatened Gil-Go too, telling him to be quiet if he wants to live.

In the station, Nam questioned Jung and asked outright whether he was responsible for the fishing line incident. Apparently they talked about the good old days. Only, Joo-Won is wise to this and had Nam’s words translated. It turns out the conversation was actually regarding Jin-Mook and asking whether Nam was next in line to be killed.

And now we see the truth. The camera pans out to show Chang-Jin examining footage on his computer. As he stands up, Chang-Jin angrily smashes the vase with his cane.

The next scene shows him removing his mask down by the docks and seems to hint that he’s the one responsible. However, Jung-Je and Dong-Sik both follow Councilwoman Do, asking outright whether she’s the one responsible.

It turns out she has two phones too, but refuses to answer her incoming call. Instead, Dong-Sik turns his attention to Jung-Je, calling him a punk and asking outright just what he’s hiding.

Now we cut back to the 15th October 2000. Yu-Yeon is desperate for help but unfortunately Jung-Je ran her over. When he did, Councilwoman Do and Chang-Jin both showed up and noticed the mess in the road.

The Episode Review

Episode 11 starts to break down all the big plot points and sets things up for an intriguing final act to come. It now seems clear that the Superintendent is responsible in some way. However, the attention now turns to Chang-Jin and Jung-Je.

After everything we’ve seen across the season, it’s Jung-Je who was responsible for killing Yu-Yeon – and by accident too. It seems like he didn’t do this deliberately but Chang-Jin must have covered this up with the Councilwoman. Even so though, who moved the body? And why? Why put it in the basement of all places?

There’s lots to unpack here and there’s still a lot of unknowns regarding Yu-Yeon’s fate and what happened to her. I’m guessing there was probably an argument of some description between them but right now it’s still unknown quite what caused that.

This show has definitely been one of the best K-dramas this year and Beyond Evil continues to go from strength to strength. All of this sets things up nicely for the next episode, which looks like it could be quite the intense rollercoaster ride.

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