Between Us: The Series – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Between Us, we see Team go back to his room after he spends the night with Win. Team looks up what ‘one-night stand’ means and recalls how he and Win did not use any protection. He is worried and guilty of hooking up with the senior. Win, on the other hand, has an extremely opposite reaction after the night and looks back at Team endearingly.

The next morning, Team skips his swim club practice as well as classes by telling all his friends that he is unwell. At the swim club, Phruek is shocked to see Manow who informs the senior that Team was unwell and will not be attending practice that day. Win joins the two mid-conversation and is rather shocked and angry to hear that Team is unwell.

Manow gets worried and flees from the situation. Win flashes an evil smile and we see him go to Team’s room. Team is shocked to see Win on his doorstep and tries to lie about being unwell. The junior eventually confesses that he made it all up to avoid going to class and Win joins Team in bed. After getting too close to him, Win retracts and offers Team food instead.

A sulky Team only joins Win at the table because of his love for food and because he is hungry. Team suddenly is shocked and asks how Win figured out where he lives. After learning that Win used his position as the vice president of the Swim Club as an advantage to get Team’s address, Team gets upset.

He claims that he can take care of himself and asks how he got into the building without a key card. Win explains that he also lives in the same building which shocks Team further. Meanwhile, A, Bee and Sea are late to their class and the teacher talks about a student who has been absent for many classes that semester.

The trio wonder who this student is that has been slacking off so much that he could get an F. The episode moves back to Team’s room where he is doing the dishes while Win gives him an earful for missing his classes and practice only to avoid confronting their hookup. Team claims that he was not avoiding Win at all but Win can see right through the junior.

Team gets frustrated with Win and tries to kick him out of his room when Win suddenly gets too close to the former asking for him to be called “Hia”. The junior kicks Win out of his apartment but once Win has left, Team tries to calm himself down before eventually smiling.

As Win is getting back to his room, Tul spots him and wonders why the former was on his floor when he lived on the floor above. Wan is playing video games on his mobile phone when his parents come back home from their business trip. They scold their oldest-born for not being as smart as Win, their middle child.

The video game had its mic on and Tul an anonymous player on the other side of the game overhears the conversation between Wan and his parents. Both Tul and Wan are not aware of each other’s true identities but continue to play the game with their gamer identities. Tul tries to console Wan and the two eventually fall asleep talking to each other on the phone.

The next morning, Team is going to college in his car and Win invites himself to carpool with the junior. Team jokes that the son of a businessman like Win should not worry about fuel prices in order to catch a ride with Team. Win somehow wears Team down and the two drive to school together.

At the cafeteria, Pharm is waiting for Team and Manow as he recalls the flashback he had when he first met Dean. Dean is about to chat with Pharm but Manow and Team join him first. Dean asks Pharm why Team did not pick him up to come to college but the junior claims that Team was running late which pisses Dean off.

After Dean has left, Manow and Team inquire about Pharm’s interaction with Dean. Pharm explains how Dean helped him when he got scared the day before. The two friends check up on Pharm and promise never to leave him alone. Pharm promises to let his friends know if he ever needs them.

Pharm tells the two that Dean had picked him up from his apartment following the incident and Manow starts teasing him. Team starts to share his situation with Win but Manow jokes that Team deserves to be messed with making Team sulk. Manow also ends up confessing her interaction with Pruek.

Sometime later, Win tells Dean that the swim club records are not that great and Dean states that he will let Pruek and Tul take care of the new joinees of the club. As Team leaves, he gives Dean some breakfast Pharm made for him, making the Swim Club President blush.

Win notices Team eat his share of the breakfast Pharm made for him and sneaks in one piece of the sandwich for himself. Team is upset over losing his breakfast and Win drags him along so that the two could have breakfast together. During the meal, Team tries to observe and understand Win but the latter asks him to eat in silence.

Tul spots the two together and is shocked to see Win having breakfast because he never usually does so on campus. Win shoos Tul away and continues to finish his meal with Team. During the meal, Win opens Team’s water bottle and Team concludes that Win is really good at taking care of people.

Win claims that since he is the middle child, he is often left taking care of his two brothers. Team suddenly gets lost in thought on hearing that but tries to come back to his senses. Win notices Team’s sudden episode and continues the conversation by sharing how he had gotten all his tattoos and piercings when he wanted to be rebellious.

He claims that since he was smart, he never really flunked any grade and managed to come to his senses before it was too late for him. Win tries to poke fun at Team by saying he has seen all of Win’s tattoos already, especially the one under his swim trunks.

Team gets worked up and finishes his meal in a rush leaving the table with both his and Win’s plates. In class, Tul and Win bicker for a while before Tul asks Win to think about his actions with Team considering he is a member of the Swim Club. Win tells him that he is aware of his actions.

At the Swim Club, Win sneaks up to Team who is changing and asks him to work on his swim record. Team states that he is nervous about the qualifiers. Win gets closer to Team and acts as if he was to kiss the latter but instead rubs a chilling bottle of drink on Team’s cheek.

Just when Team does not expect it, Win gives Team a peck on the lips and leaves the room, leaving Team initially irritated but eventually smiling. Dean and Phruek both leave the Swim Club duties to Win alone because they both have some errands to run. A, Bee and Sea discuss their group project and decide to group up as a trio instead of a duo as they were the only three remaining students from the class to be split into a team.

Win asks the Swim Club to start practising for the qualifiers stating that he was going to record their lap times. Meanwhile, Pruek meets Manow who has just left her auditions. Manow tells Pruek that she was not selected for a role in the play by the Drama Club because she is not as pretty as the other girls. Pruek tries to console her by offering her something to eat and the two go out to eat together, despite Manow’s awkwardness.

After the practice session, A, Bee and Sea ask if Team would join them as they go back home but Team states that he had his own car. The trio ask to walk with him to the car but Team declines stating that he was waiting for a friend all while Win overhears the conversation from his desk.

Team leaves the room asking Win to come out soon. Once Win is outside, Team tells him that he was very sore after the swimming practice and asks him to get up. Taking Win’s hand, Team stumbles into Win and the two accidentally kiss. The couple intensifies the kiss and Win warns that there were cameras outside.

Win goes back to the locker room and asks Team to follow him if he wishes to continue what they started. Team follows Win to the locker room and the two start making out intensely. Team mentions that since Win is so skilled at stuff like this, he probably made out with a lot of the swim club members in the locker room.

Win whispers into Team’s ears that he was the first person he had brought to the locker room as they two make out. Team asks Win what their relationship really was and wonders if either of the two is taking advantage of the other.

Win states that they both were equally benefitting from the relationship, for now, claiming that they could break up as soon as one of them lost interest. The couple eventually ends up making love by the lockers as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The show is slowly progressing into showing fans how the side couple of another show really fell in love and gives fans an actual look into how Win and Team journeyed from being friends with benefits to lovers. I like that the romance between the two is initially very millennial.

Between Us looks interesting from the first two episodes and it sure will show romance of our chaotic main couple but I like seeing the good parts of Dean and Pharm’s romance. Phruek and Manow are cute too and I hope after Between Us, we will get another spin-off showing Manow’s relationship with her Number 1 supporter, Phruek!

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