Better Than Us – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Moving The Pieces


Episode 7 of Better Than Us begins with Alla on the side of the road, picked up by men working for Viktor. He takes them away from the airport and tells her he’s disappointed in them both. As she wanders down the street, she runs into Georgy who finds her and takes her in. With the kids staying at Marina’s, he braces himself for a serious conversation but instead, they head out for a run as a way of clearing the air.

Meanwhile, Igor expresses concerns about Svetlana’s script while Jeanna learns about a death, which she and Egor discuss in more detail. This ultimately leads to a fight breaking out between the two where she tells him not to bother seeing her after hinting at Bars killing a man.

A trip to Cronos allows Georgy to learns exactly how strong Arisa really is before heading back home, where Alla and the others are waiting for him. Commenting on their dysfunctional family unit, Igor tries to convince Arisa to come with him to the club. She refuses, instead heading to the kitchen with Alla where she gives the chefs nutritional advice, leading to some amusing dialogue as she gives the public advice on what food to pick.

Meanwhile, Georgy heads off to see Detective Varlamov as requested, asking him what his plan is to arrest Viktor. He tells him they need evidence and as he reviews the video footage from the time Georgy was at Cronos, Arisa frets about her fashion choices following Alla’s comments at the kitchen.

Determined to please Jeanna, Igor arrives at the bar with Arisa and they immediately help her out with the busy crowds. After learning that Cyril was killed on Gleb’s orders, Bars returns on the war path and immediately decides to hurt Arisa, prompting the bot and Igor to leave together.

The next day, Detective Varlamov brings Arisa into the ring where she shows off her self-defence skills. When she fails to disarm Georgy, they eventually stop beating around the bush and ask the bot outright whether she’s ever hurt or killed a human. She replies that there’s no need to kill someone but the tone is somewhat eerie and edgy, especially given Arisa is about to launch worldwide.

Compared to the other episodes in the season, this one doesn’t do a whole lot to progress the lot. While there are some nice ideas around Arisa’s morality, with hints of lying coming into play, there really isn’t a whole lot else to get excited about here. Much like the previous one, this episode really acts as a transitional piece, moving our characters to where they need to go before the next big events take place.


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