Better Than Us – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Puzzle Pieces

Episode 4 of Better Than Us sees Georgy follow the clues and find his Eagle-print jacket on a merry-go-round. He burns the jacket to hide any evidence of it before heading home, where he tells Arisa to go into hibernation mode, heading off to see his Father, who he learns has been taken into hospital.

After a crazy night on the town, Egor wakes up and helps tidy up the mess on the roof top. Down on the ground, the bot Egor cut the chip out of happens to have blood samples on it which Varlamov pounces on, intent on nailing someone to the protests. That someone happening to be Egor whom Georgy tries to keep safe from the prying eyes of the detective.

From sleeping with sex bots through to early retirement, the media continue to spin interesting and thought provoking stories while Igor shows Viktor his plan. Meanwhile, Georgy finds Egor at the club and tells him to come home. The members of the club tell him to listen to his father and head back inside while Georgy speaks to him about the investigation. Pleading with him to get rid of the chip before he’s spotted, we cut back to Varlamov who dives deeper into Georgy’s family history and begins piecing together evidence to pin on Egor.

Out in the hallway, Vadim threatens Georgy which Arisa hears from inside, thanks to her enhanced hearing, allowing her to begin piecing together what’s happening. She leaves the apartment and heads downstairs, demanding to be taken with Vadim to his leader. He takes her to Gleb who reveals her owner is Victor. The bot smiles, thanking them for their assistance before killing Vadim and chasing after Gleb in his car, smashing the window and causing the Russian to spin his vehicle out and cause an EMP explosion.

Back home, Georgy tells the kids to pack their things before explaining to Sonya that Arisa left because she wanted to. As Egor storms off, he’s blindsided by the police who arrest him on charges of hooliganism and rioting. Unfortunately, he’s still wearing the chip around his neck and is arrested, as Alla arrives and watches him get bundled into the police car.

With key questions left up for debate and plenty of drama to digest, Better Than Us makes some movement on its various plot lines with wild-card Varlamov acting as a proverbial glue holding everything together. There’s some decent special effects in this episode too and the general aesthetic of the show has certainly been  pleasing on the eye. The inclusion of thought provoking questions is a welcome inclusion too but as the episodes tick by, Better Than Us leans closer to the crime drama genre. Whether this continues forward though remains to be seen.


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