Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 5 “Black and Blue” Recap & Review

Black and Blue

Like most other BCS episodes, episode 5 of Better Call Saul Season 6 starts with a confounding yet beautiful sequence that will make sense at the end of the episode. Kim and Gus are shown to suffer from the same paranoia: Lalo making a comeback. Ever since they have learned of the truth, both have had sleepless nights. First, it is Kim’s turn. She isn’t able to sleep and wakes up Saul with her antics. It is then revealed that Saul has no idea that Lalo is still alive. He is solely focused on starting his new practice and ruining Howard’s career.

Just as an extension of Kim’s sleepless nights, we see Gustavo Fring struggling with the same issues. Even at work, where he is the consummate professional and the “first man”, despite being the owner of Los Pollos, his attention wades away in the distance looking out for any possible signs of Lalo. Meanwhile, the Sandpiper case is finally going to arbitration. All the petitioners are now asking the lead lawyers Howard and Cliff to settle on account of the inordinate delay. The former steps up and capably handles the situation.

Cliff cannot hold himself back and confronts Howards about his problem. Howard is quick to react when Cliff reveals that he has been meeting with Kim Wexler. Howard cancels all his appointments for the week and heads up to create a plan to bring down Saul. Using her source at her previous firm, Kim is able to get the name of the president of the tribunal sitting to decide the Sandpiper case. Saul is lured in by Howard under the alias of a client called Mr. Ward. He has a boxing bout with Howard and is beaten “black and blue”. He is given a final warning to stay away or else.

Secretly, Howard has hired a private investigator to tail Saul and make notes of his meeting with everybody. We finally see the unfinished meth lab from BCS’ illustrious predecessor in a brief scene at Gus’ extended house. The final sequence of the episode has the answer to the enigma of the first. The sculpture actually belongs to Werner’s widow and was gifted to her by him. Lalo is out to get evidence to convict Gus and he proceeds to steal it from Margarethe’s house after making her acquaintance.

The Episode Review

We’re getting close to seeing Walter and Jesse back on screen together. If you have been paying attention, details from when Walter met Saul in Breaking Bad are being recreated by Gilligan and co.

Saul now has the office where he first entertained him; he is making his hair just the way he did back then; and most importantly, the sleek Bluetooth earpiece is back on Saul’s right ear. It is almost as if the Gilligan universe is coming a full circle. From start to end, episode five of Better Call Saul’s Season Six maintains Gilligan’s typical pace that we have become so used to now.

Lalo is getting closer to unravelling Gus’ murderous planning. If he is able to do so, an imminent war is about to consume the town. But because the show is set in the same universe as Breaking Bad, we all probably know the conclusion to it, if it happens at all. A worrying addition to the open-ended Goodman-Hamlin timeline is the investigator. Now that he is tailing Saul, there are bound to be explosive details that will straight away reach Howard, and in extension, the bar authorities. Maybe this will be able to explain Saul’s fate in the end.

For now, though, our focus has to be on Gus-Lalo front of the story. It seems to be coming way too quickly than we expected and will be an enticing duel. Fingers crossed for the next one!

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  1. How on earth did Lalo track down Werthers widow? No explanation is given. Very disappointing writing.

  2. Not to mention how he seems to have pretty easily gotten a hold of not only a firearm, but also a silencer. Probably pretty hard to come by in Germany.

  3. Very frustrating that an internationally known cartel boss can so easily travel to Germany, not to mention how familiar he is with the comings and goings of a seemingly random German widow.

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