Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 11 “Breaking Bad” Recap & Review

‘Breaking Bad’

No, this is not a recap for the Breaking Bad series. The title refers to the name of the latest episode – number 11 in season 6 of Better Call Saul.

Interestingly, Saul Goodman was first introduced in the BB series in the episode titled ‘Better Call Saul’. Yes, Walter and Jesse do feature in this episode. An elation-filled throwback to one of the greatest television duos of all time. The episode begins with Saul in a van and Walter and Jesse holding him at gunpoint.

We are actually in episode eight of season two of Breaking Bad. Their worker, Badger has been arrested by the skinny-looking undercover DEA agent for dealing and distributing drugs. Jesse and Walter must find a way in which not only is Badger set free from prison, it is done so surreptitiously without their names ever coming up. Saul is the person they resort to. More of that later.

In the BCS (Better Call Saul) universe, episode 11 picks up from the events in the last episode. Not immediately after it but at some undefined time. We bid goodbye to Francesca in the show. She is still in the city, even after everything went down from the Breaking Bad days.

Her tenants give her a lot of trouble but she goes along with it. The Feds occasionally tail her to see where she is going. This is one of those occasions. They eventually lose interest and Francesca is free to go to an abandoned gas station, where she is called by Saul. He calls her to give the last of the money she is owed. A loyal servant like this must get some grand send-off.

More than a servant, she was a co-conspirator. Gene (Saul) is a tad emotional bidding her goodbye. She explains to him all the intricate news pertaining to his “special situation”. The Feds are desperately looking for all the main culprits from the drug bust. Saul and Jesse are the only two who have yet to be captured. Jesse’s car is found on the border (a throwback to El Camino’s ending), while they are out there for Saul.

All the money that was secretly stashed by Saul from his cut is discovered by the Feds. But what catches Gene’s attention the most is a phone call from Kim and her asking about Saul to Francesca. He is filled with new energy and even decides to call the place she works at.

The conversation he has next is drowned out by all the noises from highway traffic. We only see his reaction to something that was said on the call, which compels him to burst with rage and damage the phone booth. This kind of disgruntling is not at all characteristic of Saul. Whatever was said must have really upset him. Because the next thing he does is go back to Jeff’s house. Marion entertains him while the cabbie comes in, nervous about something that he might have done wrong.

Remember what Gene had said to him in the last episode? “If you see me, walk on the other side of the street”. Why is he back then? Another scheme.

Saul wants to “break out” from this Gene character that suffocates him every day. He is unhinged after that call, which has probably killed off any chances he had at getting a shot at Kim. Does the money have something to do with it as well? This seems unlikely as Francesca had said he brought a truckload with him to Omaha.

Next, we see the scheme unravel with the first “victim”, Alfred. Gene sits with him in a bar and loses every bet. And for every bet he loses, he buys another round of drinks. After the night is over, Gene calls a cab, and so does Alfred. But the latter’s cab arrives first. He is sent packing home by Gene, who then takes out a water bag strapped to his stomach and spills out the liquid. Jeff drives Alfred home and reports his “status” to operator Rick, the friend from the last episode.

Alfred goes home safe but Jeff sticks a piece of tape to ensure that the door to the house doesn’t close. Rick follows up with his dog. Alfred is passed out from the combination of drinks and drugs. Rick clicks photos of all important identifications, cards, and personal passwords and leaves.

It is again a long scam wherein the probability of getting caught is very low and making money very high. This becomes a phenomenon and the smooth criminals dupe a lot of guys. In the BB timeline, Saul sees Walter and Jesse’s meth lab in the van for the first time.

He is incredulous that the purest thing on the street is made in that dump. He agrees to solve the problem for the duo by officially taking charge of Badger’s case. He will also convince Badger not to rat out them to the cops and protect the operation. He also notices Walter coughing up blood.

In the BCS timeline, there comes a target who is a cancer patient. Gene keeps the act on but Rick, once he discovers the disease, refuses to partake.

In Jeff’s garage, Gene relieves Rick of his duties and asks Gene to come along. In the BB timeline, Saul entertains Mike, who worked for him as a private investigator on his cases. He reveals Heisenberg’s (Walter) cancer condition and labels him a “small and insignificant” player. Saul then goes to the high school where Walter works to meet him.

In the BCS timeline, Gene goes to the house and deliberately enters it, not afraid to get caught. He has gone rogue.

The Episode Review

Episode 11 was the much-awaited moment the Breaking Bad fans were looking forward to. Cranston and Aaron Paul made their debut. Their brief appearance was only meant to bring a smile to our faces; for old time’s sake.

It was also used as a strong tool by Gilligan and Gould to merge the two worlds. This hardcore intertwining was visible in many instances in the episode. Scenes from Breaking Bad, both that were shown and created for this episode are mixed in with the scenes from the Better Call Saul universe.

A powerful nostalgic wave overwhelms you when you see them all on screen together. This episode was another step in completing Gene’s recklessness to being caught.

The one thing that has kept him hidden until now was his discipline and patience. Suddenly, he has started to fall into old habits and go back to the scheming he so enjoyed.

There are just two episodes left and it seems like he will not have a happy ending either. The angle with Kim is completely done with. She is not returning to the series, I guess.

Gene is starting to lose his handle too and it is only a matter of time before he gets into trouble. I have mixed feelings for this episode in terms of where the story goes. The execution is once again brilliant and on point, but it leaves you feeling bad for Saul, the only character who seemed like he could be a happy man.

Life is not fair and so is this strangely beautiful world that charms you until you give in.

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1 thought on “Better Call Saul – Season 6 Episode 11 “Breaking Bad” Recap & Review”

  1. There are two ways of reviewing BCS.

    First as a spinoff,which is,and as a standalone myth.It’s tolerable but the main character lacks of depth,of granularity.Saul was never as deep as we expected him to be.
    Yes,he’s a crook,scummy lawyer,does all these schemes and plots blah blah yes…and?That’s new? We knew all of that from BrBa…
    Yes his brother etc..ok…Took forever to be layed out to finally assert the obvious and the already established.He’s a crook.We get that.And?What?
    His relationship with Kim.Nice,well played.Kim was an interesting character and captivated us,at some extent Yet,it got boring too much.Too many ways to lay out the same thing…why?
    Why do we need 6 seasons for all of that?

    Interestingly,the characters that really carried the series along were Kim,Lalo,Gus, Mike and Jimmy’s brother…Nobody from some point and on really cared about Jimmy,Saul or Gene…
    Actually i cannot recall many episodes regarding him,contrary to Mike,Lalo etc…

    BCS is another breaking bad story, pertaining to not only Saul but to Kim as well,or mainly.That’s its only assimilation to BrBa,together with its creators.

    That being said,it is cyclical,rumbly and too too elongated purposelessly.
    That will leave a stain on its legacy.

    PS.The Breaking Bad episode was needless and bad.And was so long waited.

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