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Ever since Shakira burst onto the music scene in the 1990s, her unique sound and style have captivated audiences around the world. You’ve probably found yourself swaying your hips to her Latin-infused pop beats or singing along to her catchy choruses at some point. With over 80 million records sold and a career spanning over 25 years, Shakira has cemented her status as one of the greatest Latin artists of all time.

Her music seamlessly blends elements of Latin and Arabic music with mainstream pop and rock. If you’re looking to spice up your playlist, here are the 10 best Shakira songs you absolutely need to listen to. From her early rock-infused hits to her more recent viral anthems, this list has something for all fans. Get ready to move your hips as we count down the queen of Latin pop’s greatest songs.

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Whenever, Wherever

Whenever, Wherever is an iconic song that helped launch Shakira into international stardom. Released in 2001, this upbeat Latin pop track topped charts around the world and established Shakira as a force on the global music scene.

The lyrics capture the thrill of new love and the desire to be with someone whenever and wherever. Shakira’s vocals are passionate and emotive, giving the song a sense of urgency and excitement. The distinctive sound of the song comes from its fusion of Latin and Arabic musical styles with a mainstream pop production.

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Underneath Your Clothes

Shakira’s 2001 hit “Underneath Your Clothes” is one of her most romantic ballads. This song showcases Shakira’s impressive vocal range and heartfelt, poetic songwriting.

The lyrics paint a sensual picture of being deeply in love with someone for who they are – beyond just physical attraction. “Underneath your clothes, there’s an endless story. There’s the man I chose, there’s my territory.” She celebrates her lover’s soul, mind and heart.

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La Tortura (Feat. Alejandro Sanz)

La Tortura, featuring Alejandro Sanz, is one of Shakira’s most iconic and well-known singles. Released in 2005, this Latin pop/reggaeton fusion track topped charts around the world and further cemented Shakira as a global superstar.

The song’s title translates to “The Torture” in English, and the lyrics depict the anguish and heartbreak of a possessive relationship. Shakira’s raw, emotive vocals coupled with Sanz’s raspy tones make for a dramatic, passionate duet. The song’s catchy reggaeton-inspired beat and melody are instantly recognizable and sure to get stuck in your head.

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Hips Don’t Lie (Feat. Wyclef Jean)

Released in 2006, “Hips Don’t Lie” is undoubtedly one of Shakira’s most well-known and popular songs. Featuring Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean, this infectious reggaeton-infused track topped charts around the world, proving Shakira’s status as a global pop sensation.

The song’s title and chorus refer to Shakira’s hypnotic hip-shaking dance moves. Her belly dancing-inspired style and Colombian-Lebanese heritage have always been an integral part of her performance and image. The lyrics describe an all-consuming lust and passion for a lover, using sensual and rhythmic language to match the steamy, Latin-flavored production.

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Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

This upbeat 2010 World Cup anthem is one of Shakira’s most well-known songs. “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” featured South African band Freshlyground and has an infectious Afro-Colombian beat.

The catchy tune and lyrics capture the excitement and energy around the first World Cup hosted in Africa. Shakira’s message of unity and overcoming challenges resonated with listeners worldwide.

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Loba (She Wolf) is one of Shakira’s most popular songs. Released in 2009, this electro-pop single showcases Shakira’s signature sound and style. The lyrics liken a scorned woman seeking revenge on her unfaithful lover to a she-wolf hunting her prey.

With a pulsing synth beat and Shakira’s sultry vocals, “Loba” is irresistibly danceable. The Spanish/English Spanglish lyrics, a hallmark of Shakira’s music, have a raw, predatory sensuality to them. “I’m starting to feel just a little abused, like a coffee machine in an office.” She warns her lover, “So you better run, run, run, run, run, ’cause this she-wolf is gonna get ya!”

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She Wolf

Released in 2009, “She Wolf” is one of Shakira’s most popular and well-known songs. This electro-pop banger reached number one on charts in over 55 countries and solidified Shakira as a global pop icon.

The lyrics compare a woman’s wild, uninhibited side to a “she wolf” – a creature guided by instinct and desire. Shakira’s hypnotic vocals and the pulsating synths create a trance-like effect that pulls you in. Once the infectious chorus drops, you won’t be able to stop howling and dancing along.

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Can’t Remember to Forget You (Feat. Rihanna)

This 2014 collaboration between Shakira and Rihanna is an infectious reggaeton-infused track that highlights both artists’ talents. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100, and the music video has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

Rihanna’s sultry vocals in the pre-chorus and bridge perfectly complement Shakira’s energetic chorus. The lyrics depict two women stuck in a push-pull relationship with a manipulative man they “can’t remember to forget.” However, the song is ultimately about female empowerment and breaking free from unhealthy relationships.

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Chantaje (Feat. Maluma)

Released in 2016, “Chantaje” is a steamy reggaeton duet featuring Colombian singer Maluma. It’s one of Shakira’s most popular recent songs, with over 2.2 billion views on YouTube.

The title “Chantaje” means “blackmail” in Spanish, and the song is all about a torrid romance and unhealthy power dynamics. Shakira’s smoky vocals and Maluma’s raspy delivery portray two lovers caught in a cycle of manipulation and codependence.

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Empire (Feat. Sia, Shakira)

If you’re a Shakira fan, you need to listen to “Empire.” This 2014 collaboration with Sia is an empowering pop anthem that showcases both artists’ vocal talents.

Shakira’s Middle Eastern-infused sound combines perfectly with Sia’s soulful voice. The lyrics celebrate female strength and independence: “Like the empires of the world unite / We are alive / And the stars make love to the universe / You’re my wildfire every single night.” This inspiring message of feminine power is one of the reasons “Empire” has become such an anthem.

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