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Best Manga About Witches & Wizards

Although many people cherish watching anime, they often forget that most anime serve as adaptations of the original source material. While there are some instances where the anime is better than the manga, those instances are few and far between.

With the amount of manga released on a daily basis, it could be hard to cut through all those books to find the “Best of” for any chosen topic.

Well, we’re here to help celebrate and shine a spotlight on some of the latest, greatest, and unforgettable manga through the years. For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best manga, our attention this time turns to those with a strong focus on witches and wizards. From heartfelt journeys to thrilling endeavors, there’s a good choice to whet your appetite.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll get them added on!

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Kore Yamazaki

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a popular supernatural series with incredible depth and a unique take on wizards and witches. The story follows Chise, a young girl who becomes the apprentice and future bride of Elias, a powerful skull-headed mage. With its rich world-building, complex characters, and handling of magic and folklore, this tale is a must-read for fans of the genre. 

The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s world is filled with intricate details, ancient traditions, and enchanting creatures. Its portrayal of wizards and witches is well-developed, offering readers a fresh perspective on their abilities, origins, and interactive methods. Chise and Elias are well-rounded individuals, who receive immense depth as solo characters and as a unit.

If you’re after a tale with a strong set of protagonists and one that tackles themes like identity, this one’s worth your time.  

Witch Hat Atelier – Kamome Shirahama

Witch Hat Atelier is a captivating magical manga with an extraordinary take on witches and wizards. This narrative follows Coco, a young girl who dreams of becoming a witch. When she discovers a magic book and gets admitted into a prestigious Atelier, she embarks on a magical journey of friendship and wonder that you don’t want to miss. 

This story is known for having beautiful illustrations that flesh out the intricacies of its world. From the elaborate spellcasting to its depictions of ateliers, you’ll love the amount of Western and Eastern influences that went into creating this manga’s settings. This story boasts an incredible cast too. Coco is a passionate and determined female lead who receives rich development as the series continues.

On top of exploring the limitations and intricacies surrounding magic, Witch Hat Atelier is guaranteed to excite you. 

Little Witch Academia – You Yoshinori

Flying Witch – Chihiro Ishizuka

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina – Itsuki Nano & Jougi Shiraishi

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina is a great manga/light novel series about witches and wizards. In it, we follow Elaina, a young witch who travels to different lands and experiences the wonders and challenges they hold. With its introspective storytelling, complex characters, and exploration of magic’s consequences, this tale delivers a unique perspective on the wizarding world. 

Wandering Witch has a philosophical and introspective nature. The manga delves into the moral implications of magic and the choices that witches and wizards must make. Elaina meets various people and experiences several situations that present her with moral dilemmas. These will force her to confront the problems and responsibilities she holds as a magic wielder.

Coupled with its stellar artistry and phenomenal world-building, this story offers a magical adventure you shouldn’t overlook. 


XXXHolic is a fantastic manga that delves into the world of witches and wizards in a captivating manner. The manga follows Kimihiro, a high school student who can see spirits. To rid himself of this ability, he works for Yuuko, a powerful witch who grants wishes for the price of something of equal value.

This manga is known for having a well-established storyline. It weaves together episodic tales that revolve around supernatural encounters and meet-ups with otherworldly beings. Each chapter presents a new case for Kimihiro to solve, giving readers a glimpse into the occult and spiritual activities that occur in his universe.

With its stunning artwork and proper examination of themes like fate, xxxHolic will keep you invested. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Hanokage

As mentioned with Little Witch Academia, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is another anime series that received a manga adaptation. Hanokage takes what fans love from the anime and places their own unique spin on specific events to make them feel more impactful and unique.

The manga features a similar premise as the anime. It follows Madoka, a young girl who gets the chance to fight witches as a magical girl alongside several other females. Madoka Magica is known for having dark, psychological themes and manga’s illustrations only elevate the experience tenfold. From psychological breakdowns to brutal confrontations with their witch-like enemies, Madoka Magica doesn’t hold back with its brutal take on magic.

If you’re looking for a darker storyline with an emphasis on magic or wizardry, check this out. 

Umineko When They Cry – Ryukishi07

Umineko When They Cry is a fantastic manga adaptation of Ryukishi07’s work of the same name. Set on a secluded island during a family gathering, the story follows Battler as he confronts the existence of witches and their powers. Through its masterful storytelling, intricate cast, and mind-bending puzzles, Ryukishi07 creates a world that’s original and full of wonder. 

This manga is known for its “whodunit” approach, giving readers a series of twists and murders that require them to speculate. As Battler and other characters confront the evil witch Beatrice and her magic, readers travel through a rollercoaster of suspense, surprise, and intrigue.

Visually, Umineko When They Cry is amazing to the eye. The manga beautifully captures the eerie and suspenseful ambiance of the secluded island setting, offering artwork that ranges from hauntingly beautiful to shockingly gruesome. The use of paneling, perspectives, and visual symbolism further enhances Umineko’s storytelling, pulling readers into the manga’s mysterious world. 

Witchcraft Works – Ryuu Mizanagi 

For those looking for a fun romantic comedy with an emphasis on witches and wizards, Witchcraft Works should entertain you. This manga explores the relationship between a high school boy named Takamiya and his classmate Kagari, who happens to be a powerful witch. The manga beautifully balances their relationship’s development with Kagari’s intense magic bouts. 

The manga seamlessly weaves together themes of love, sacrifice, and the complexities of power, keeping readers hooked until the end.  The world-building is equally interactive and rich. From the motifs of familiars to the various magical clans that get introduced through its tale, you’ll adore the attention to detail that went into crafting it.

In addition to having stunning artwork, Witchcraft Works will leave you in awe. 

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro – Satoko Kiyuzuki

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro is a fantastic manga with a unique premise and captivating setting. The manga follows Kuro, a young coffin-carrying girl who travels through a desolate society in search of a certain witch. As Kuro discovers landscapes and characters, the manga slowly unravels a mysterious narrative that keeps readers hooked with its melancholic atmosphere and intrigue. 

Although this world’s eerie setting may send chills down readers’ spine, the manga subtly explores ideas like loneliness and friendship. Kuro’s silent but expressive demeanor and the interactions she has with characters throughout the tale evoke a profound sense of empathy and reflection.

With its wondrous visual storytelling, fascinating lead character, and engaging settings, Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro delivers a fully realized world for fans to get lost in. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best manga about witches and wizards through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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