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The Best Shoujo Manga of All Time

Although many people cherish watching anime, they often forget that most anime serve as adaptations of the original source material. While there are some instances where the anime is better than the manga, those instances are few and far between.

With the amount of manga released on a daily basis, it could be hard to cut through all those books to find the “Best of” for any chosen topic.

Well, we’re here to help celebrate and shine a spotlight on some of the latest, greatest, and unforgettable manga through the years. For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best manga, we’d like to highlight the best shoujo manga of all time. From happy-go-lucky Cardcaptor Sakura to the fashionable Nana, there’s a good choice to whet your appetite.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll get them added on!

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You – Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You is an exceptional shoujo manga that captivates readers with its genuine storytelling, endearing characters, and exploration of the complexities of teenage romance. The manga follows Sawako, a sweet and gentle high school girl who struggles to overcome her reputation as a misunderstood loner. 

What makes Kimi ni Todoke a phenomenal shoujo series is its compelling romantic storyline. The manga beautifully depicts the slow-burning and tender romance between Sawako and her classmate, Shouta. Their relationship is filled with heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, as they navigate their feelings, insecurities, and the challenges of young love.

If you’re after a story that examines the highs and lows of teenage romance, check this one out. 

Dengeki Daisy – Kyousuke Motomi

Dengeki Daisy is an exceptional shoujo series that combines romance, mystery, and suspense to captivate readers from beginning to end. The story follows Teru, a high school girl who finds solace in her mysterious online guardian Daisy. What makes this manga a fabulous series is its ability to mesh together different genres.

It combines elements of romance, mystery, and suspense, creating a gripping narrative that keeps readers hooked. Motomi weaves together plot twists, emotional segments, and intense action scenes to maintain a perfect balance among each genre.

Moreover, this tale features well-developed and relatable characters you’ll end up falling in love with.  

Cardcaptor Sakura – CLAMP

Maid-sama – Hiro Fujiwara

Ouran High School Host Club – Bisco Hatori

Ouran High School Host Club is a fabulous shoujo series with stellar comedy and drama. The story follows Haruhi, a student who stumbles upon his school’s Host Club and gets mistaken for a boy. After knocking over an expensive vase, Haruhi joins the club to repay the boys. Now acting as a male, Haruhi must participate in the club’s affairs, which leads to many humorous and compelling situations. 

One of Ouran High School Host Club’s best aspects is the humor. Bisco Hatori’s storytelling and comedic timing are impeccable, offering a perfect balance of wit, slapstick humor, and situational comedy. Each Host Club member brings a unique personality to the tale, resulting in many funny interactions and misunderstandings.

In addition to having a protagonist that challenges the traditional views on gender and appearances, you’ll enjoy Ouran High School Host Club. 

Kamisama Kiss – Julietta Suzuki

Kamisama Kiss is a charming and enchanting shoujo series. It offers a nice blend of romance and supernatural elements and a refreshing take on god-human relationships. The story follows Nanami, a girl who becomes a deity after inheriting the role of the Earth god from a mysterious being. Kamisama Kiss’s plot is fast-paced and dynamic. 

Nanami faces multiple challenges as the newly appointed deity. Each obstacle delivers a sense of excitement and anticipation with each chapter. Julietta Suzuki’s ability to balance lighthearted moments with intense plot develops keeps readers engaged and eagerly turning the pages.

With its excellent character development and slow-burn romance between Nanami and Tomoe, you don’t want to miss out on reading this supernatural romance story. 

Nana – Ai Yazawa

Nana is an emotionally charged tale, known for its take on relationships and for having flawed characters and compelling themes. The story follows two women named Nana who forge a deep connection with each other over time. The characters in this series are fleshed out and have distinct goals, personalities, and designs.

Ai Yazawa explores their strengths, weaknesses, and flaws, allowing readers to foster a connection with her characters. The manga features platonic and romantic relationships. Yazawa delves into the complications and triumphs that can occur within both forms of companionship. She strikes a perfect balance between heartwarming moments and heart-wrenching twists to keep readers excited. 

Blue Spring Ride – Io Sakisaka

Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride) is a captivating shoujo manga. It features relatable characters, fabulous artwork, and a beautiful narrative about growth and second chances. The protagonist, Futaba, is a refreshing departure from typical shoujo heroines. She’s not overly naive or innocent. She serves as a real representation of a teenager grappling with complex emotions. 

From her struggles with fitting in and understanding love, you’ll adore the amount of depth Io Sakisaka gave to her. Moreover, she has a wonderful dynamic with the male lead, Kou. You’ll adore seeing them interact with each other and get into mischief. The story delves headfirst into the pros and cons of teenage romance, giving readers more reasons to keep up with the tale.

Coupled with stunning illustrations that bring out the characters’ raw emotions, Blue Spring Ride is a must-read for shoujo fans. 

Yona of the Dawn – Mizuho Kusanagi

Yona of the Dawn is an epic shoujo series with a gripping plot, fantastic cast, and political intrigue. It takes readers on a thrilling journey filled with adventure, romance, and personal growth. The story follows Princess Yona, who witnesses her father’s demise and is forced to flee her kingdom. With companions at her side, she sets out to find the Four Dragons who’ll aid her in her redemptive affairs. 

This manga delivers a tale brimming with exhilarating battles and heart-wrenching moments. It offers the perfect balance between action and character development, enticing readers to continue flipping the page. Yona and her allies develop wonderfully throughout the tale and achieve compelling feats in organic ways.

If you’re looking for a tale that’ll motivate you to face your problems head-on, check this one out. 

Orange – Ichigo Takano

Orange is a fantastic sci-fi tale with hints of romance. It explores concepts like friendship, loss, and the bittersweet nature of life. With its mind-numbing narrative and emotional depth, Orange promises readers will walk away from it satisfied.

The manga follows Najho, a girl who receives a letter from her future self. Her future self warns her of a future classmate’s demise. With this newfound knowledge of the future, Naho will strive to secure a destiny that’s beneficial for herself and others. This narrative masterfully blends romance, friendship, and time travel together to create an intricate and well-crafted tale.

The story contains incredible complex twists and turns you won’t see coming. Orange compels readers to reflect on their own lives and seize opportunities at a moment’s notice. Coupled with the fantastic development Naho and her friends receive over time, this shoujo series is a must-read. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best shoujo manga through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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