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Best Isekai Manga of All Time

Although many people cherish watching anime, they often forget that most anime serve as adaptations of the original source material. While there are some instances where the anime is better than the manga, those instances are few and far between. With the amount of manga released on a daily basis, it could be hard to cut through all those books to find the “Best of” for any chosen topic.

Well, we’re here to help celebrate and shine a spotlight on some of the latest, greatest, and unforgettable manga through the years. For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best manga, our attention this time turns to those with an isekai theme. From overpowered protagonists to compelling romances, there’s a good choice to whet your appetite.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll get them added on!

Magic Knight Rayearth — CLAMP

Magic Knight Rayearth is a beloved isekai manga that follows the adventures of three teenage girls named Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu, They’re transported to a magical world called Cephiro. This manga offers a splendid blend of fantasy, action, and a heartfelt message about the power of friendship. One of this manga’s greatest strengths is its artwork.

This manga contains CLAMP’s distinctive art style, which features highly detailed character designs and intricate backgrounds, creating a vivid and immersive world. The manga’s use of color and shading help convey the mood of each scene, whether, it’s a lighthearted moment between the three protagonists or a dramatic battle against evil forces.

The characters are another highlight. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu all have distinct personalities and motivations that make them relatable and endearing. They’ll meet many colorful characters and many are explored in detail, adding depth and nuance to the story. From its beautiful artwork to its great handling of action, drama, and humor, Magic Knight Rayearth is worth your time.

Inuyasha — Rumiko Takahashi

Inuyasha is a timeless Isekai manga with a simple premise. Our story follows Kagome, a girl who gets transported 500 years in the past and arrives during a time when Japan was flooded with violence. She gets into a squabble with a demon and causes a wish-granting jewel to shatter into multiple pieces. To make amends, Kagome befriends Inuyasha, a human and canine hybrid, and asks him for help.

Together, they venture to find the jewel’s multiple shards to prevent others from obtaining it. While the story sounds like it lacks depth, Rumiko Takahashi implements enough lighthearted and mature obstacles in our characters’ ways to keep the story afloat.

You’ll adore seeing how Kagome and Inuyasha’s relationship develops over time too. The action is well-drawn and will help keep readers invested. For those looking for a story with compelling romance, comedy, and supernatural elements, Inuyasha is worth your time.

The Eminence In Shadow — Daisuke Aizawa

Mysterious Play — Yuu Watase

Mysterious Play transports readers to a fantasy world filled with magic, adventure, and romance. The story follows Miaki and Yui, two friends who stumble upon a bizarre book in a library. The book sucks them into a universe where they meet Tamahome. Yui gets transported back to the human world, but Miaka remains trapped in this fictional world.

Forced to become a priestess, Miaka must complete missions to reunite with Yui. This manga offers exceptional world-building as Yuu Watase creates a fully realized and immersive fantasy universe that feels unique and believable. The universe in which the story takes place is well-crafted, complete with its own mythology, history, and politics.

Miaka and her companions receive great character development and have distinct personalities, motivations, and character arcs. The relationship dynamics between the characters are also well-written, and the romantic subplot between Miaka and Tamahome adds an extra layer of depth to the story. This is a must-read for anyone looking for a thrilling and emotional isekai-themed journey.

Uncle From Another World — Hotondo Shindeiru

Uncle From Another World is a great isekai manga that steers toward comedy. After falling into a deep coma, our protagonist’s uncle awakened from it. Takafumi, our protagonist, notices something off about his uncle. He had been transported to another world as a hero. Takafumi must help his uncle fit in with society while monitoring his superpowers.

This is one of the isekai manga that offers a comedic spin on the fantasy formula. Readers can expect our cast to have exaggerated facial reactions to situations that are comical and weird. Although Takafumi’s uncle’s situation sounds grim, Hotondo Shindeiru adds enough humor to make it appear more comical than it should. If you’re searching for a manga with a strange yet sufficient twist on the isekai formula, this one’s worth reading.

Yakuza Reincarnation — Takeshi Hatsuhara

Yakuza Reincarnation is a strange isekai manga that follows a former yakuza boss who is reincarnated as a princess in a fantasy world.  This series blends elements of fantasy and the yakuza in a fascinating way, creating a compelling story that will delight fans of both genres. While this tale offers some degree of magic, it doesn’t offer a skill or level system like other isekai works.

This story features multiple arcs that offer neat ideas. The pacing never feels rushed and allows folks to soak in the information it presents you. The narrative does a lot of showing rather than telling, which is great for those who’d rather take in the information naturally than be spoon-fed intel via multiple manga panels.

The side characters aren’t as defined as the story’s protagonist Ryuu. Ryuu feels like a formidable foe in this world despite being a fish-out-of-water type of protagonist. Takeshi Hatsuhara adores putting Ryuu in violent situations to make his character look astonishing and strong. For those looking for a thrilling, action-packed isekai manga to read when you’re bored, check out Yakuza Reincarnation.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime — Fuse

Life can be a nuisance when you least expect it. Even if you received a chance to live a better life in a magical world, there’s no guarantee that your life will turn out better. This is the type of situation Satoru Mikami finds himself in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. He was once a salaryman in his world, but he finds himself teleported to a fantasy setting as a slimmer after getting murdered.

This manga offers a fun approach to worldbuilding. It takes place in a fully fleshed-out fantasy world that’s populated by multiple races, creatures, and people who have distinct customs and histories. The detailed world-building helps immerse readers in the tale and makes the manga feel like a fully realized universe. Satoru’s unique abilities add an additional layer of complexity to the world too.

Satoru is a funny and likable protagonist who grows throughout the story. He finds himself in many challenging circumstances where he’ll need to use his wit and strategies to overcome his enemies. The supporting characters are also well-developed and readers will find many characters to resonate with. Between its alluring relationships and fun action elements, this manga’s a must-read for isekai fans.

Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun — Osamu Nishi

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun combines the best elements from the genre with a fresh twist. The story follows Iruma Suzuki, a deeply indebted and overworked boy who is sold by his parents to demon parents. Iruma gets transported to the demon world where he enrolls in a demon school and must navigate his new environment full of dangerous creatures and demonic powers.

Despite his initial fears, Iruma quickly befriends the demons and excels in his studies, using his wit and intelligence to overcome many problems. One of the manga’s best qualities lies in its character development. Iruma is a lovable protagonist who embodies the virtues of kindness, bravery, and determination. His interactions with the cast are heartwarming and hilarious.

The demon world is vividly portrayed, with its own unique customs, history, and politics that add depth and intrigue to the tale. This is a great on-going manga that blends humor, heart, and adventure into a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.

Ascendance of a Bookworm — Miya Kazuki

Ascendance of a Bookworm is a beautifully crafted story that explores themes of perseverance, determination, and a love for literature. The manga follows Motosu Urano, a book-loving girl who is reborn as a frail child in a medieval-like society devoid of books. The plot explores Urano’s determination to pursue her passion for books, despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles.

This manga focuses on character development and has a strong attention to detail in world-building. The manga presents a fully-realized medieval setting that is vividly portrayed through its detailed environments and inhabitants. The world is unique in terms of its lack of literature and the importance that novels play in the story.

Urano can be a mixed protagonist for some due to her obsession with books. Nonetheless, her journey is one of diligence and many readers will find themselves rooting for her. The side characters are well-developed and offer a unique perspective on the society in which they live. This is a refreshing isekai story that many will appreciate for its cast and universe.

Overlord — Kugane Maruyama

Overlord is an amusing isekai manga that takes place in an RPG-like environment. It centers around Momonga, a human who finds himself trapped inside a fantasy game before it shut down. He seeks help from nearby players, but they’re no longer in control of their avatars. Therefore, Momonga must accept his fate and plans to rule this world as his defined avatar.

This manga offers splendid world-building, artwork, and characters. Momonga’s journey is entertaining. Although he’s an overpowered protagonist, the story gradually reveals the unexpected complexity of Momonga’s motivations and past. As he navigates the virtual world, he becomes intertwined with its inhabitants, leading to challenging moral and ethical issues.

Yggdrasil, the land this story takes place in, is expansive and complex. The story’s game-like mechanics add an extra dimension to the world and the plot. This creates a sense of tension and unpredictability. Additionally, the story is filled with references to classic RPGs, letting it appeal to a wider audience. Give this a read if you’re looking for a hilarious and deep isekai manga to read.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best isekai manga through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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