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Not every movie alien is as friendly as ET or as welcoming as the space visitors from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind!

As we have learned from the movies featured in this list, some aliens want to take over our bodies, eat us alive, and blast us into a million little pieces! So, the next time you think you spot a UFO in the sky, let’s hope the pilot is a harmless extra-terrestrial and not a malevolent Martian that means to do you harm!

Do you agree with our picks? Or have we failed to include a scary alien invasion movie that you think deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments below.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

The next time any of your friends begin to behave strangely, let’s just hope they’re having a bit of an ‘off day.’ The alternative could be far worse, as the protagonists of this chilling horror movie discover.

When Elizabeth (Brooke Adams) notices something is amiss with her boyfriend, she has little idea that he has become a pod person, an alien duplicate of the man he was before!

This remake of a 1956 classic is absolutely terrifying, not least because we can never be sure who has (and who hasn’t) been duplicated by one of the invading aliens.

One person who hasn’t been changed is Nancy (Veronica Cartwright), who has somehow managed to avoid capture. When she sees her friend Matthew (Donald Sutherland) at the end of the movie, she thinks she has found a fellow survivor. Has he also become a pod person? We reveal the answer here

The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 film of the same name is an ice-cold classic. It tells the tale of a group of researchers in the middle of Antarctica who encounter a parasitic creature that attaches itself to living things and then imitates them. This leads to quite the dilemma for the team as they never know who or what has been taken over by this shape-shifting alien.

Rob Bottin’s practical effects, which bring to life a head with spider legs as well as other grotesque terrors, haven’t aged one bit so this is still as gruesome and as terrifying as it was at the time of its original release. Another remake was made in 2011 but it failed to match the power of Carpenter’s suspenseful masterpiece. 

The Mist (2007)

Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, The Mist tells the story of a group of people who become trapped inside a supermarket when a thick mist, populated by bloodthirsty alien creatures, descends outside. 

Little is known about these invading monsters, other than the fact that they tear these unlucky shoppers limb from limb when they dare to venture outside of their literal comfort zone.

There’s no happy ending in this creepy tale as the main protagonist, David Drayton, believing he and his son are doomed after trying to make a run for it, does something that many of us would consider quite unthinkable. This is before his discovery of an approaching rescue team who are too late to stop him from making a gut-punching decision. 

Village Of The Damned (1960)

Based on the British science fiction novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham, this black and white chiller from director Wolf Rilla takes place in the small English town of Midwich, where everybody falls into a deep sleep for several hours during the day.

Of course, there’s nothing too mysterious about people wanting to take an afternoon nap. But in this movie, their dozing off is instigated by aliens who impregnate any sleeping woman who is of childbearing age. When the alien-human hybrids are eventually born, they age and grow at a rapid rate, and begin to communicate with one another via a telepathic bond. 

Could these children be responsible for the death of some of the villagers? And what do these pale blonde creatures want with our planet? You’ll discover the answers if you watch this frightening horror classic. 


No One Will Save You (2023)

This latest movie from Spontaneous director Brian Duffield stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, an anxious young woman who has become isolated from her local community because of a terrible act she committed as a child.

When aliens invade her small town, she has to deal with this menace alone, as there is nobody around who is willing to save her. Thankfully, she is courageous and resourceful, despite her anxiety, as we witness during the movie when she battles for survival against the terrifying alien intruders.

No One Will Save You is one of the most entertaining alien invasion movies in recent years and it’s also one of the most unnerving, not least because of the jump scares that occur when blasts of noise from the alien spaceship break up this otherwise quiet movie. 

You can read our review of No One Will Save You here!

Species (1995)

Think twice before choosing to swipe right on the profile picture of an attractive woman (or man) you spot when scrolling through Tinder (other dating apps are available). Sure, you might meet the person of your dreams, be that for a long-lasting relationship or a night of unbridled wild passion. But then again, you might meet a seductive alien creature whose only reason for wanting your body is to harvest it for genetic material!

Roger Donaldson’s movie plays with this premise within its tale of an alien seductress whose sole purpose is to repopulate our planet with her alien kind. Surprisingly, this isn’t as sleazy or as silly as its concept sounds, although it’s certainly not a movie you would want to watch with your parents (or a hot date whose intentions you’re not yet clear about). 

Attack The Block (2011)

Long before John Boyega was fighting battles in that galaxy far far away, he was down on Earth on a London council estate defending his turf from an invasion of savage alien creatures. We are talking about the character he played in this movie, of course, as Attack The Block is not a John Boyega biography! 

Joining Boyega in the cast is future Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, who forms an unlikely alliance with the tough inner-city kids who previously mugged her. What follows is the usual battle for survival as they do their best to fight back against the alien attackers, but this occasionally scary movie stands out from others of its kind due to the urban UK setting and the hilariously funny script from writer-director Joe Cornish (The Kid Who Would Be King).

Nope (2022)

This latest movie from director Jordan Peele tells the story of ranch-owning brother and sister OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald (Keke Palmer) whose father was killed years before by something that fell from the sky. This mysterious happening is related to the extraterrestrial beings that return to their ranch to suck up any passing humans before digesting them and spitting them out of their shape-shifting bodies. 

Nope is much more than a sci-fi horror movie as it plays with themes related to our neverending need for spectacle and the predatory nature of Hollywood. But regardless of the subtexts, this is still a scary and highly entertaining picture from one of modern cinema’s cleverest horror filmmakers. 

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Life (2017)

This nail-biting horror flick follows a team of outer space scientists who discover life on Mars exists. After discovering a tiny alien life form on the red planet they take it back to their laboratory to study. At first, the creature appears to be rather cute, but when it quickly starts to evolve, all hell breaks loose for the unlucky crew when it proves to be more intelligent (and deadly) than they ever expected!

Unlike the other movies on this list, this one is set in the stars rather than planet Earth. But it still classifies as an alien invasion movie because the creature ends up on our planet after stowing away on a rescue pod with one of the movie’s survivors during the closing scene.

Unfortunately, a sequel to Life was never made so we never got to see what the alien got up to after landing on terra firma. But after seeing what it did to the Space Station crew, we can only imagine that its arrival on Earth didn’t bode well for humankind!

A Quiet Place (2018)

This bleak dystopian movie is set at a time when aliens that are hypersensitive to sound have settled on Earth. Those who have managed to survive the invasion have to move around in complete silence in order to avoid the invading threat. If they do make a sound, they need to be quick on their feet before they are hunted down and killed by these vicious extraterrestrial predators. 

A Quiet Place is a smart and eerie movie with a plot device that has rarely been seen on film before. It’s certainly a movie you should show to your noisy neighbours, perhaps by tricking them into thinking it is a documentary, as that will be one way to convince them to cease their incessant bickering and to turn down the volume on their TV sets!

So there we have it, our picks for the 10 scariest alien invasion movies which should whet the appetite for most horror enthusiasts! Do you agree with our choices?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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