Best. Christmas. Ever (2023) Ending Explained – Does Charlotte salvage Christmas?

Best. Christmas. Ever Plot Summary

On paper, the basic premise plays off that age old adage of “be grateful for what you have”. This is ultimately tested through Charlotte and Rob’s relationship. The former isn’t particularly happy with her humdrum life, and she’s jealous of “little miss perfect” Jackie.

In Charlotte’s eyes, Rob’s ex can do no wrong. Jackie has a hunky husband, a super smart daughter, a philanthropist son and a beautiful house. She also makes it a yearly tradition to send out a holiday newsletter to Rob, Charlotte, Charlotte’s sister Stacey and a whole bunch of other individuals.

Through a bunch of convenient plot tropes, Charlotte and Rob find themselves guided by their satnav to Jackie’s house by accident. When they arrive, they find themselves snowed in and forced to spend Christmas together.

At this point, the usual strained relationship trope pops up, and it’s accompanied by some potential infidelity too. While this last point fizzles out around the halfway point, it’s replaced by the kids engaging in a subplot to find out if Santa is actually real or not.

What is the turning point for Charlotte?

Speaking of truth, partway through the film, after Charlotte wrecks the dollhouse, Rob reveals that he’s been sending his own newsletter around. He knows that Charlotte isn’t happy about his life but Rob loves their relationship and he’s proud of what they have.

This is the turning point for Charlotte, who decides to actually embrace what she has. She and Rob start to be closer together, and on Christmas Eve they make Abuela’s dollhouse again. After a scare with Grant rushing off, Charlotte sees on the news that Startech has imploded thanks to the “vacuum of death” and she’s about to go broke… and that’s right after putting money down for her house.

What is Jackie’s secret?

Charlotte, en-route to “making things right” for Christmas, realizes that Jackie’s life isn’t quite so perfect after all. It turns out her golden boy Daniel actually passed away. Charlotte never realized, even though it’s been hanging there in the background the whole time. She heads back to Jackie’s place, and realizes the truth.

Jackie didn’t send out a newsletter that year because the feelings were just too raw. Jackie realized they needed to create something to keep alive his name, and that’s where the idea for the Foundation came from. All the things they’ve done were in his name. Jackie promises to show Charlotte something – and that happens to be the solar-powered hot air balloon. Around the World in 80 Days was always Daniel’s favourite story and Jackie has gone ahead and honoured his memory by making this balloon a reality. This is also what she saw the first night when they arrived in town.

How is Grant convinced that Santa is real?

The hot air balloon hasn’t been working too well though, so Charlotte agrees to lend a helping hand. She realizes that it’s all linked back to the Vacuum of Death. Apparently, its the Electrostatic discharge. They channel the electron build-up from the dry air and it stops the system from shorting out.

Together, the pair fly over the town and light up the hot air balloon. They go back to Char’s house but accidentally end up clinging on to the Santa sleigh up on the rooftop with the ladder. Char has an idea and decides to increase the speed instead of landing to prove to Grant and Beatrix that Santa is real.

Charlotte climbs down the ladder and into the sleigh herself, donning a Christmas hat. She drops down Monkey Bob to Grant and they make it back to the ground.

How does Best. Christmas. Ever end?

When she does, Charlotte find an old man that looks like Santa Claus. He suddenly disappears from view, while Jackie continues to fly over in her hot air balloon. Then she lands and Jackie ends up singing for everyone in the audience.

The gang finally make it to Stacy’s house for New Year’s Eve after spending Christmas together. Jackie and Charlotte start their own chip-mitt business, and their first client happens to be Mariah Carey so naturally the whole venture takes off. As for Valentino, he helps teach all the kids karate. The gang fly around the world in Daniel’s honor, while Charlotte and the others keep the house and decide to enjoy their splendiferous holiday together.

Ultimately, it’s a happy ending all round, with a rather rushed conclusion but one that does, at least, close out all the subplots and confirm once and for all that Santa is real!


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