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The expansive anime universe offers many different tales with compelling characters, engaging plots, and epic moments. While some anime come and go, many deliver outstanding and memorable experiences. Those types of anime typically contain well-written storylines, characters, and events that will excite people for more.

For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best anime, we’d like to highlight the best anime from the 2000s. From Monster to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, we’d like to recognize the greatest anime to air during that decade.

Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorites, feel free to comment below and we’ll add them when we can!


Monster is an incredible mystery anime with intelligent characters, a gripping plot, and amazing twists. It follows Dr. Kenzou Tenma on his quest to bring a man named Johan Liebert to justice. This anime won’t appeal to everyone as it’s a slow-paced show that likes to gradually build up to its powerful moments. Nevertheless, you can expect many scenes to shock and excite you.

Furthermore, this anime features a marvelous cast of well-rounded characters. Everyone from the supporting cast to the background characters feels lively and memorable. You’ll adore seeing what new ideas they bring to the table and seeing them interact with Tenma and Johan respectively.

Johan is one of anime’s best antagonists despite not receiving as much screen time. Every time he appears on screen, you’ll feel chills rushing down your spine as he speaks. For those looking for a great crime thriller, check out Monster.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

If a viewer needs an anime that motivate them to pursue their goals, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann should do the trick. This anime features highly-stylized animation coupled with rich character designs and epic mecha battles. It centers around the journey of Kamina and Simon, two boys who grew up in an underground society.

After finding a robot they deem Lagann, they travel to the surface world and meet a girl named Yoko. Yoko explains the surface world’s been tormented by an evil person named Lord Genome. Simon and Kamina vow to overthrow Lord Genome’s hold over this world.

This anime highlights great themes concerning heroism and personal growth. Through Simon and Kamina’s battles with Genome’s fleet, you’ll learn that you can overcome anything in your way if you’re bold and determined enough. Furthermore, this anime’s rich visuals, glorious settings, and marvelous music will get you excited for what’s to come down the pipeline.

If you’re searching for an anime with motivational speeches and epic confrontations, watch this one.

Clannad After Story


If Clannad After Story sounds too depressing for you, then K-On is a great anime to check out. This anime popularized the concept of “cute girls doing cute things” and contains a likable female cast with different quirks and goals. This series follows a group of female high school students who start a music club. From the cheerful Yui to the serious Mio, each character offers something unique.

K-On also instills positive and uplifting messages through its storytelling. It emphasizes the importance of friendship and pursuing your goals, and viewers are left feeling inspired and motivated after watching it.

This anime’s music is another notable highlight of its production. It has catchy songs and demonstrates how music is a powerful tool that can bring people together. In addition to having a comfy tone and vibrant world, K-On!’s an incredible anime from the 2000s era.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is an underrated psychological gem. While it’s not a series everyone can get into, its thought-provoking content and deep lore will make viewers think twice about writing it off. It’s set in the alienated city of Romdo, where humans cannot go past its walls. To counter this, Romdo’s scientists create AutoReivs (robots) to help humanity with their issues.

One day, the AutoReivs turn against humanity. This forces two people named Iggy and Re-1 Mayer to investigate the matter. During their expedition, Re-1 uncovers a hidden conspiracy surrounding Rombo’s situation, which will make their job more challenging.

This anime explores concepts like identity, society, and what it means to be human. It’s a series that will make you feel uneasy through its dystopian locales and dark atmosphere.

The animation style is gritty and realistic. The anime’s fight scenes are well-choreographed and intense, adding to the anime’s cinematic aspects. The characters are interesting to follow from Re-1 Mayer’s strong female persona to the flawed Vincent Law. This is a must-watch for anyone craving a story with depth and captivating visuals.

Code Geass

Code Geass is a popular anime from the 2000s with a captivating storyline, excellent cast, and thrilling mind games. It follows Lelouch, who possesses the power to control people’s minds. He uses his power to lead a rebellion against his father’s empire because of the terrible way he treated him and his sister.

Lelouch’s character arc is incredible. He starts off feeling self-centered and manipulative but gradually becomes a selfless leader over time. The supporting cast receives significant growth alongside Lelouch, making the story feel more dynamic and compelling. Furthermore, this anime has jaw-dropping animation and beautifully choreographed mecha battles.

Although the anime’s cherished for its protagonist’s wit and the epic battle of wits he endures with his foes, you can expect the robot fights to be equally mesmerizing.

Death Note

Death Note is a thought-provoking classic from this era. It’s beloved for its clever writing, intelligent characters, and strong tension. It revolves around Light, a high school student who discovers a supernatural book called Death Note. This allows Light to kill anyone whose name is written on its pages. He uses the book to accomplish his sense of justice under the moniker Kira.

However, his actions attract the attention of a clever detective named L. Thus a battle of wits occurs between them to see whose side of justice will prevail in the end. This anime’s plot contains enough twists and turns to keep viewers guessing until the end. The cat-and-mouse games between Light and L are exhilarating, as they constantly outsmart each other.

The anime’s dark art style will appeal to many viewers as it adds to the show’s atmospheric tension. The anime’s dramatic soundtrack is also worth acknowledging, as it heightens the suspense and drives the anime’s various scenes. This is a must-watch for anyone that enjoys excellent crime-themed stories with a supernatural twist.

Higurashi When They Cry

Higurashi When They Cry is an incredible psychological horror anime with an immense following. It follows Keiichi, a new resident at Hinamizawa Village. He meets and befriends many locales and attends the village’s annual Wataganashi Festival. After the event, strange things start happening. It’s up to Keiichi and his friends to uncover the mysteries surrounding this village’s bizarre happenings.

One of Higruashi’s greatest strengths is its psychological aspects. The anime knows how to make viewers feel anxious with its dreadful imagery and uncertain scenarios. You’ll wind up not knowing who to trust while watching this anime’s events unfold before your eyes. The anime’s nonlinear structure also adds to the show’s overall sense of uncertainty.

You’re provided with few answers but many questions that won’t get resolved into the follow-up season. The show’s characters are likable and distinguishable. They all carry dark secrets and flaws that are steadily revealed throughout the tale. Give this a watch if you’re looking for a creepy show with an enticing plot.


Nana is an incredible drama anime known for its distinct art style and portrayal of young adults. It follows two women named Nana, who meet in Tokyo and become friends. One desires romance while the other wants fame. We examine their growing relationship and the complications that arise during their respective journeys.

This anime explores themes such as love, growing up, and loss. It examines these ideas in an authentic manner. The characters are well-developed and complex. Each has a different personality, motive, and set of struggles that help them stand out. Many viewers love this anime’s handling of real-world issues concerning the music industry and the complexities that arise in modern life.

In addition to having an alluring gothic art style, Nana is a must-watch for anyone that’s looking for a complex anime with great romance and drama elements.


Genshiken is a beloved comedy that centers around a college club dedicated to anime, manga, and other hobbies. The show is known for its satire on otaku culture and the ways that it influences the characters’ lives. This anime has surprising depth, as it explores themes like identity, self-discovery, and growing up in relatable and compelling ways.

The show’s ensemble cast is diverse and well-rounded. They each bring something unique to the narrative with their respective traits and passions. The anime’s humor will appeal to those who adore witty anime and manga references and self-aware comedy. While it likes praising otaku culture, it’s not afraid to poke fun at it. The animation style isn’t as stylish as other slice-of-life shows. Overall, Genshiken is a must-watch for any comedy enthusiast.

So, there we have it, our picks for the best 2000s anime of all time!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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