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The world of anime is expansive and offers many unique stories with compelling characters, engaging plots, and epic moments. While some anime come and go, many deliver unique and memorable experiences. Those types of anime typically contain well-written storylines and characters.

We want to highlight the best anime about small-town life. From cozy anime like Non Non Biyori to those with a hint of mystery like Hyouka, these anime should satisfy your lust for small-town life shows. 

Feel free to leave your comments about our choices below. If we happen to miss one of your favorites, let us know in the comments. We’ll be sure to get them added soon. 


Barakmon is a fantastic anime series with an endearing cast, an excellent small-town setting, and a glorious atmosphere. The story follows Seishu, a calligrapher who is forced to reside in a remote location due to getting into a heated confrontation with an art critic. By interacting with the village’s residents, Seishu learns to appreciate the simple joys of rural life. 

The villagers receive incredible characterization in this series. Fans will enjoy learning about their values, and lifestyles, and seeing how they lead Seishu toward a brighter and more meaningful direction. In addition to having fantastic visuals that’ll put viewers’ minds at ease, Barakamon’s exceptional work that’ll entice everyone to travel to a minuscule and comfortable environment. 

Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru

Moving from one location to another can be a difficult pill to swallow for most folks. Figure 17’s protagonist Tsubasa has trouble adjusting to the rural area she and her family move to. However, by interacting with its locals and establishing connections with specific individuals, Tsubasa inevitably develops deep admiration for the place. 

That said, Figure 17’s rural town captures the joyous feeling one would hope to obtain from a small town locale. The residents of Tsubasa’s town display excellent charm and compassion. Additionally, Tsubasa will partake in many festivities and activities, allowing her to learn more about her newfound environment and its people.

With its peaceful atmosphere and harmonious scenarios, Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru will make you feel warm inside.  

Silver Spoon

Kids On The Slope

Everyone loves music, but only a few like it as much as our protagonists in Kids On The Slope. Despite focusing more on its lead character’s music-themed journey, this anime expertly showcases the wonders of small-town life. Our story follows Kaoru and his friend Sentarou and their goal to spread joy to everyone through music. 

Through their friendship and activities, fans will develop an admiration for tight-knit communities and the joy that can arise from living in one. Moreover, this series exceptionally delves into several townsfolk’ lives, giving our character’s hometown an authentic touch. On top of having beautiful visuals, backed by a glorious soundtrack, Kids On The Slope is worth watching. 

Sakura Quest

Sakura Quest offers an engaging tale full of humor and joy. In it, we follow Yoshino, a woman who becomes the queen of a small rural town called Manoyama. By making ideal changes and interacting with its residents, the anime captures the joys of small-town life through Yoshino’s eyes. That said, Yoshino endures many challenges and rewards that come with her position. 

Many activities are coated in humor while others can get entirely emotional and introspective. It’s this unique mix of scenarios that keeps Sakura Quest fresh and exciting to watch. Therefore, if you adore anime with fascinating locations, endearing characters, and amusing sequences, check this out. 

Non Non Biyori

Based on the cover photo above, fans are in for a treat with Non Non Biyori. This anime is adored by many because of its enjoyable cast, compelling comedy, and excellent portrayal of small-town life. Our tale is about four girls who must navigate through the joys and hardships that arise in their countryside environment. 

Through their heartwarming conversations and amusing antics, fans will remain invested in this piece from beginning to end. With its excellent handling of time, vivid and pleasant imagery, and comical child-like mishaps, Non-Non Biyori is a must-watch for those looking for a basic, feel-good anime.

Hanasaku Iroha

Studio P.A. Works is known for working on countless anime that wreak drama and pleasentness. Hanasaku Iroha follows suit with that trend but offers fans meaningful and compelling scenarios within a tight-knit community. In it, we follow Ohana, a girl who moves to a rural town called Yunosagi to work at her grandmother’s traditional inn. 

Ohana meets many colorful individuals during her time at the inn. Through her interactions with Yunosagi’s townspeople, the anime exceptionally showcases the relationships and wonders one could obtain by residing within a small ecosystem like Yunosagi. In addition to exploring this area’s lore and everyone’s struggles, Hanasaku Iroha provides enough content to keep viewers hooked. 


Who doesn’t love a good mystery series? Hyouka is one of Kyoto Animation’s finest works and one that promises to keep viewers invested until its conclusion. This anime examines the daily lives of a group of high schoolers as they navigate through their town, looking for new mysteries to solve.

While the mysteries in this show contain great twists, some viewers will adore Hyouka for its strong attention to detail concerning its locale’s history and culture. Many will admire the landmarks and traditions present in Hyouka as it helps make our characters’ home feel more lively, realistic, and well-developed. Coupled with exciting character interactions and sensational turns, it’ll be tough for some folks to walk away from this anime.

Flying Witch

If you love magical characters and cozy storytelling, then Flying Witch might be up your alley. This anime is brimming with enough lighthearted scenarios and meaningful themes to brighten any viewer’s day. In it, we follow Makoto, an aspiring witch who moves to a peaceful town to improve her skills and spread joy. 

Although this environment has its complications, Makoto is determined to make the best out of her situation. This series is beloved by viewers for its friendly atmosphere, charming dialogue, and focus on everyday life. Whether Makoto’s assisting someone or simply spending time with her family, every scene evokes a tranquil aura that’s often present in small-town locales. 

While this anime has its flaws, it’s worth checking out, especially if you need something that’ll relax you. 

Ghost Hound

From a pleasant anime about witches to one that’s downright creepy and mysterious, we’d like to recommend Ghost Hound. This anime presents viewers with a fascinating ghost-hunting plot revolving around three characters named Makoto, Tarou, and Masayuki. Each situation they indulge themselves in gets creeper and more complex than the last.

While its creepy visuals aren’t for everyone, others will admire this work for its excellent use of ancient folklore, modern technology, and spirituality. Additionally, our characters experience relatable and horrifying phenomena one would associate with a small-town location, giving the story an authentic touch. Coupled with a distinct atmosphere, this anime offers an immersive yet haunting depiction of small-town life that everyone should see. 

So, there we have it, our picks for the best anime about small-town life!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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