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The world of anime is expansive and offers many unique stories with compelling characters, engaging plots, and epic moments. While some anime come and go, many deliver unique and memorable experiences. Those types of anime typically contain well-written storylines and characters.

For our ongoing series of articles depicting the best anime, we’d like to highlight the best anime musicians of all time. Whether they’re adored for their phenomenal personalities or for their stellar skills, these musicians deserve to be recognized for their efforts and impact on their respective storylines.

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Yui (K-On!)

K-On is an entertaining “moe” anime filled with a compelling cast, incredible slice-of-life scenarios, and alluring music. Yui Hirasawa is a fan-favorite character from that series because of her sheer talent and infectious behavior. Like many you’ll find on this list, Yui is a skilled guitar player. While she’s not proficient with the instrument at first, she’ll quickly develop vast expertise with the device.

Yui’s exceptional singing voice provides perfect harmony with her guitar-playing style. This girl’s dedication and creativity make her a fabulous musician to follow too. She regularly comes up with neat songs and melodies throughout the series, making her somewhat of an inspirational figure to aspiring songwriters.

In addition to being a supportive person in her group, Yui deserves to be here among the other fabulous musicians in the anime world.

Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi The Rock)

Bocchi The Rock was a surprising hit near the end of 2023. It delivers an excellent stance on social anxiety, and its protagonist Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi) became an instant fan-favorite because of her relatable persona and passion for music. Bocchi has a unique playstyle that sets her apart from other anime musicians. She utilizes fingerpicking and strumming techniques to create a sound that’s harmonious to one’s ear.

Bocchi’s songwriting skills are excellent. Most of her songs express her inner emotions in ways that connect with her listeners. They reflect her internal struggles, allowing fans to resonate with her more. While Bocchi’s not the bravest person in her group, she’s extremely passionate and hardworking and is willing to step out of her comfort zone for her allies’ sake.

While her journey in the anime realm’s just started, Bocchi’s proven she has the potential to be a great musician in the anime sphere.

Masami Iwasawa (Angel Beats)

Souichi Negishi (Detroit Metal City)

Detroit Metal City is another music anime with a comedic spin. Our protagonist, Souichi Negishi, known as Johannes Krauser II, is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the death metal band, Detroit Metal City. He’s an excellent guitarist with a powerful singing voice that complements his band’s preferred genre well.

Unlike most on this list, Souichi detests his death metal presence. He’d rather live a mundane life than continue his path of stardom as Johannes. Despite having a deep resentment for his on-stage life, Souchi can’t deny his incredible talent at the craft. His songwriting skills are excellent and contain enough crude and disturbing lyrics that match the tone and content you’d find in realistic metal songs. His ability to channel his humble and chaotic emotions makes him interesting to watch.

On top of delivering phenomenal performances with his crew, this heavy metal guitarist deserves a spot among the best musicians in anime.

Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April)

Your Lie In April delivers an emotional experience you’ll never forget. Kaori’s one of the show’s protagonists in this show and is the first violinist to appear on this list. For starters, Kaori has an excellent understanding of her instrument and craft pieces that express a wide range of emotions. Her playstyle is free-spirited and she likes adding unique spins on classic pieces to make them her own.

Kaori likes using music to communicate with her listeners. These pieces often stem from her personal struggles and feelings. Kaori comes off as a determined and passionate individual in Your Lie In April too. She likes to dedicate time to perfecting her techniques and learning new pieces. Her hardworking nature will inspire many viewers to strive for better, regardless of the challenges that are set in front of them.

In addition to being a source of inspiration for Kousei, Kaori’s an incredible musician whom viewers shouldn’t forget.

Maki Nishikino (Love-Live! School Idol Project)

Love-Live! School Idol Project is one of the most popular idol-themed anime out there. This show delivers a charming atmosphere, a remarkable cast, and catchy songs that will never escape your mind. Maki Nishikino is one of the series’ female leads and her talent, dedication, and passion for music are evident throughout this series, making her a beloved character by many fans.

Maki’s musical talent is unparalleled. She serves as the group’s primary composer and pianist. She has incredible piano skills and uses her knowledge of music to craft heartfelt, catchy, and beautiful hits for her group. Her music has the power to resonate with audiences and helps u’s set itself apart from other idol groups.

Maki’s dedication to her craft shouldn’t go unnoticed either. She spends many hours sharpening her piano skills and sets high benchmarks for herself and her companions. Her drive to put effort and passion into her creations will resonate with folks who feel the same way. This alone makes Maki a fabulous musician.

Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana Osaki is one of two Nanas in the series Nana. With her marvelous talent, fervent performances, great lyrics, and great character development, Nana is one of the most unforgettable musicians in the anime world. She serves as the lead vocalist for the punk rock band Black Stones (Blast). Her voice captures her group’s powerful and rebellious spirit.

Nana loves pouring her heart into her performances and creates an electric atmosphere that’ll motivate crowds to support her group. Nana’s songwriting skills are great too. Her lyrics reflect her personal experiences, struggles, and dreams. Her music helps her fans connect with others who share similar feelings.

Through her lyrics, Nana creates a sense of unity and understanding, touching the hearts of her bandmates and fans. Despite being a talented individual, Nana undergoes personal growth and faces countless challenges in her life. These obstacles will shape her as an artist, pushing her to evolve and find her identity as a music artist.

Sentaro Kawabuchi (Kids On The Slope)

Sentaro Kawabuchi has enough talent, passion, and growth to be declared a great musician amongst the others here. As a jazz drummer, Sentaro possesses a natural gift for rhythm and improvisation. His energetic and precise drumming adds depth and richness to his music and performances. His rhythmic beats are captivating and will draw viewers closer to his music.

Sentaro’s overly enthusiastic and joyous whenever he plays music. His infectious behavior rubs off on his friends Kaoru and Ritsuko and helps them embrace music with the same zeal. Sentarou has his own hurdles he’ll need to overcome. While fighting his issues head-on, Sentarou’s drumming becomes more nuanced and expressive too.

On top of having high adaptability and a willingness to push boundaries, viewers will adore observing his and Kaoru’s journey in Kids On The Slope.

Koyuki (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

Koyuki from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is a remarkable anime musician who embarks on a music-themed quest for self-discovery and growth. Although starts off the series being a shy fellow, his life takes a dramatic turn when he meets Ryusuke. After watching Ryusuke play his guitar, Koyuki starts learning the instrument and becomes infatuated with music.

He’ll continue to sharpen his guitar skills and become a stronger person. His journey from a novice to a talented guitarist will inspire many aspiring musicians to pick up and learn an instrument for themselves. Like the others mentioned in the list, Koyuki has the power to draw crowds to his music. He puts a lot of heart into his music, allowing him to leave a lasting impression on listeners and viewers alike.

Basara Nekki (Macross 7)

Basara Nekki is a great musician in the Macross series due to his powerful vocals and inspirational nature. Basara argues music should be used to express oneself and connect with people on deeper levels. His rebellious nature and belief in the power music has on people will inspire many musicians to craft pieces that are unforgettable and emotionally charged.

Basara’s vocals convey mixed emotions ranging from perseverance to vulnerability. His ability to convey his feelings through music will leave his listeners and bandmates astonished. Basara’s willing to go to great lengths to entertain his listeners too. He’ll put in hours of practice to refine his kills, making him motivational and enjoyable to observe. Thus, Basara’s undying passion for music and vocal talent makes him one of the best musicians in anime.

So, there we have it, our picks for the 10 best anime musicians through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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