TheReviewGeek Team’s Top 40 TV Shows Of 2022

Best TV Shows of 2022

Welcome to our Top 40 list for best TV shows of 2022! This has always been our most tightly contested and fiercely debated article of the year. Previous winners include 12 Monkeys Season 4 (in 2018), Mr Robot Season 4 (2019), Crash Landing On You (2020) and It’s A Sin (2021). Who will gain the top spot in 2022?

Our team have been hard at work crafting a unique list that should please many people. With our writers hailing from Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, this year’s list has been crafted by the most diverse set of voices than ever before. As with every year, this list combines scripted Korean dramas, anime and TV shows the world over into one “Best Of” article. The only exception to this are documentaries and reality TV, which don’t show up on this list in any form.

As with every year, any show that’s currently still airing and finishing in 2023 will not appear on this list. In the interest of fairness, any potential entries will be considered for 2023 when the series ends.

So without further ado then, we present our top 40 TV shows of 2022.

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40 – The Patient

The Jewish backgrounds of creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg are the heart of their psychological thriller The Patient, generating palpable tension between differing beliefs and family ties; and between surviving and living a meaningful life. 

The Patient, in a nutshell, is about therapy. And therapy is all about developing the good in ourselves over our more destructive tendencies. Even if some themes remain underdeveloped and the show’s extreme optimism is at times hard to swallow, Fields and Weisberg create a thrillingly hopeful drama on that kind of betterment.

39 – Black Bird

Based on true events, Black Bird is a deliciously sinister and well-written prison drama. It’s a show that blends parts of Prison Break, Mindhunter, Mouse and Hannibal together into a delicious cocktail that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Despite some teasing glimpses of a twisty-turny thriller, this one’s pretty straightforward narratively-speaking, but stands out thanks to its sharp writing and strong, believable characters.

the journalist

38 – The Journalist

The Journalist is a very, very good show. This Japanese drama is hard hitting, raw, authentic and absolutely on-the-money. With six self-contained episodes and a consistent hardball approach, The Journalist starts off strongly and maintains that effort right the way through to its suitably ambiguous and hopeful ending.

This series centers on the shocking fact that Japan is 72nd on the press freedom list, and what that entails for those inside the country. The scandal in question revolves around the Prime Minister. Fraud involving a man named Toyoda remains in the periphery of this story, while the First Lady’s dealings with a particular lot of land is the main drive. The suffocating tension this one is consumed in is ultimately what helps it stand out.

37 – Andor

Since acquiring the rights to Star Wars, Disney haven’t exactly handled their IP well, especially after releasing the disastrous Sequel trilogy and one of this year’s biggest stinkers, Obi-Wan.

Tony Gilroy’s show had it all to do going into this. Thankfully, Andor is a big surprise and one of the better Star Wars shows that few people are watching – especially if you count the Nielsen ratings and audience buzz online.

Andor is a slow burn of the highest order, taking place before the events of Rogue One, with its titular character Cassian Andor taking centerstage. With lots of practical effects and a compelling set of characters, this is easily one of the biggest surprises of the year.

36 – Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1 is a beautiful story of friendship and romance. It’s a simple concept in truth, but one that’s executed with panache and style. This is a short but effective Korean drama and one that makes the absolute most of its limited screen-time to leave you wanting more every step of the way.

This is a good gateway into Korean content if you’ve never watched one of these dramas before. With good writing, strong characters and a couple of excellent songs on the OST, Soundtrack #1 stays in-key and delivers its four track ensemble with beautiful grace.

35 – Shining Girls Season 1

Shining Girls is a slow burn of the highest degree, a thriller in danger of becoming a snooze fest and turning off its audience…until it injects itself with a shot of adrenaline. This is one of those shows that works so much better as a binge-watch rather than a weekly series – and another reason why Apple’s model of drip-feeding everything on Fridays, at exactly the same time as all their other content, isn’t always the best move.

This slow burn thriller has a fair few shocking twists too and an impressive degree of control to keep things tense right up to the nail-biting conclusion. Don’t sleep on this one folks, Shining Girls is a bright star that’s very much worth your time.

legend of vox machina

34 – The Legend of Vox Machina

The Legend of Vox Machina is a high-fantasy, action-comedy collaboration between Critical Role Productions, Titmouse, Inc., and Amazon Studios. It chronicles the heroic journey of Vox Machina, a motley group comprising Percival de Rolo, Keyleth, twins Vex’ahlia “Vex” and Vax’ildan “Vax” Vessar, Pike Trickfoot, Grog Strongjaw, and Scanlan Shorthalt.

These seven unlikely heroes are called upon to undertake a dangerous expedition. Soon they are unfathomably recognized as heroes of the Exandrian realm, thus plunging them into an even darker mission: one that involves Percy’s sordid past, powerful necromantic forces, and one city’s brimming revolution.

33 – The Old Man

Jeff Bridges stars as Chase, while John Lithgow (Harold), Alia Shawkat (Emily/Angela/Parwana), and Amy Brennaman (Zoe) play supporting roles in this high-octane thriller. The plot and story are the real heroes here. Creators Robert Levine and Jonathan Steinberg adapt the Thomas Perry novel of the same name with some dramatic and setting changes.

In essence, it is a riveting spy thriller whose tense narrative is not as tightly wound as its genre peers but touches upon fascinating existential questions of identity, human connection, and the absolute truth that is forever deceiving.

32 – Kinnporsche

Kinnporsche feels like a statement to validate how far the Thai BL industry has come. In the show, Porsche finds himself forced to work for the Theerapanyakul mafia family. He becomes a personal bodyguard to Kinn, the mafia heir, and they fall in love.
What sets Kinnporsche apart is the undeniable chemistry between the cast, the cinematography, and the fact that the creators are willing to break the norm and  execute it perfectly. Of course there is also their raw approach to adult scenes that capture the passionate desire between the characters beautifully. Kinnporsche is a breath of fresh air that we didn’t know we need – but definitely deserved.

31 – Black Butterflies

Split across 6 episodes, this psychological thriller is beautifully written, with a haunting tone and a rock-solid screenplay that’ll keep you gripped right to the very end until the shocking climax.

Black Butterflies is one of those shows that will lull you into a false sense of security. On the surface, this looks like a very simple and perfunctory thriller, diving into the darkness of murder and deceit before bowing out without much aplomb.

When you dive a little deeper however, there’s a lot going on and if you stick with this one, Black Butterflies breaks free from its false cocooned persona to display a solid and astonishingly dark thriller.

30 – Under The Banner Of Heaven

FX and Hulu’s Under the Banner of Heaven holds nothing back in its quest to uncover the cruelties women face within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The true-crime drama chronicles the tragically true story of the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her daughter in a predominantly Mormon, Utah town. But it’s a fictional character, detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield), that the limited series follows. With partner Bill Taba (Gil Birmingham), Jeb follows a chilling trail of evidence that will shake his Mormon faith and plunge his community into suspicion.

29 – The Sandman

When Netflix announced in June 2019 that it was adapting Gaiman’s work, opinion was split right down the middle – and you can understand why. Netflix adaptations tend to be quite polarizing between those that are excellent (The Queen’s Gambit) and those that barely scrape mediocrity (Jupiter’s Legacy). The Sandman then is an interesting project because while it does do a lot right, there are also a few wobbles along the way that prevent it from being the best adaptation it could have been.

However, with Neil Gaiman himself serving as one of the executive producers, this is thankfully a very faithful adaptation, elevated further by an absolutely stunning episode 6 that is easily up there with some of the best hours of TV in 2022.

It’s not perfect, and there will undoubtedly be people unhappy with some of the casting choices, but the story itself is engaging and well worth a watch. Whether this is your first venture into the world of The Sandman, or you love the comics, Netflix’s adaptation is a compelling and enjoyable series.

28 – Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man was one of the most anticipated anime of fall 2022. Many were excited to see characters like Denji and Makima receive the animated treatment and this series does not disappoint. It’s a show that contains some raunchy humor and brutal fights, split across 12 bloody episodes.

As mentioned earlier, this series had a lot going for it with its strong fanbase, excellent source material, and highly credited studio. Although Chainsaw Man doesn’t slash its way toward a flawless victory, it’s an enjoyable time and certainly one of the best anime this year.

27 – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a harrowing autobiographical crime drama series on Netflix. The show gives viewers a glimpse into Jeffrey Dahmer’s psyche and recounts the horrible crimes he carried out between 1978 and 1991.

Dahmer poses difficult philosophical questions and brings up significant ethical issues for us to think about. It provides us with two sides to many arguments and gives us the opportunity to pick the side we think is justified. It encourages people to think for themselves rather than handing straightforward answers or declaring something as right or wrong on a silver platter.

Dahmer is a well written and thought provoking crime drama and certainly one of Netflix’s best originals this year.

26 – The Last Kingdom Season 5

Out of all the period dramas on TV, The Last Kingdom is up there with the best. Action-packed, historically accurate (for the most part) and full of excellent political drama, this show is really like no other.

Now onto its fifth season, The Last Kingdom returns with a bloody brilliant showcase of everything that makes this show so gripping. Essentially it’s Game of Thrones minus the fantasy elements and disastrous ending. Yes, The Last Kingdom navigates that perilous pit to deliver a compelling and utterly enthralling ending to one of this year’s best period dramas.

25 – Lost Ollie

Lost Ollie has probably the most endearing of stories told through the eyes of a beloved toy. Shannon Tindle, the creator, nails the “KISS” formula – Keep It Simple, Silly. All she has is a story with a clean heart and a determination to let it do the talking.

Not to say that the talent to bind the narrative in a special way isn’t there, but the most basic requirement is fulfilled beyond everything else. Tindle scrapped the earlier plan to make it eight parts long with half-hour episodes and in hindsight, it seems a very good decision.

At just four episodes, the pace becomes Lost Ollie’s valuable ally. Not just in the sense that it helps give the storytelling better shape, it more or less compels directors to follow the KISS formula. Their hand is forced to limit exposition and keep the focus on translating the story from paper to screen without too much glam. Netflix certainly delivers one of its most compelling stories of the year.

24 – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has no right to be as good as it is. Taking inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077, Edgerunners expands on the lore and ideas seen in Night City and fleshes them out into a high-octane, pulsating 10 episode anime. With plenty of violence, gore and deep characterization, Edgerunners is a blast from start to finish.

Whether you’ve played Cyberpunk 2077 or not, there’s enough to like here regardless of your experience with Night City. The characters in particular are nicely defined and there’s a distinct lack of plot armour too, which helps to heighten the tension. Characters are regularly killed off while both David and Lucy have a good deal of history and depth about them, which is explored nicely across the run-time.

This series continues Netflix’s surprisingly good work with animated videogame adaptations, hitting a homerun for the streamers.

23 -Twenty Five Twenty One

A show can live or die by its ending. As we’ve seen with disasters like Game Of Thrones, the quality that preceded a closure can fall to the wayside and amount to nothing if you don’t stick the landing.

While Game Of Thrones plummeted nose-first onto the runway, exploding into a million pieces, Twenty Five Twenty One wobbles, loses a wheel and just about manages to make it down intact, albeit with shaky passengers and a lot of worried looks.

Plane analogies aside, Twenty Five Twenty One could have been the perfect coming of age k-drama, but its ending definitely puts a dent in that 10/10 score.

While Twenty Five Twenty One is a solid coming of age story, it’s also a fun and light-hearted affair for most of the story too. For every tear jerking moment, there’s another laugh out loud segment or a silly quip involving Hee-Do and her friends… the same cannot be said for the ending, which is the only reason this isn’t higher up the list!

22 – Heartstopper

Heartstopper is not like other teen dramas and it’s all the stronger because of it. We’ve seen a whole wealth of titles in recent years come along and throw the same old clichés in. Teen gets drunk; teen slips into a drug addiction; a big love triangle embroils three people who should perhaps just communicate better – the list goes on.

Heartstopper bucks all those trends to deliver a solid and well written romance. It’s a heartwarming journey of acceptance and love, wrapped up in a ball of feel-good warmth and enticing visual flair. This is definitely not one to miss and easily one of the best shows of the year.

21 – Kleo

There have been a litany of revenge thrillers over the years, especially those told from a female perspective. From Kill Bill and Hard Candy through to Carrie and Killing Eve, this genre has been mined to death. This automatically puts Netflix’s new German thriller, Kleo, on the backfoot. Somehow though, this show manages to both feel refreshingly new and overly familiar at the same time, taking a simple but effective formula and spinning that into a bloody, twisty-turny thriller.

Kleo is definitely one of the dark horse contenders this year for great shows. The visuals are fantastic, the humour well placed and the story has enough twists and turns to keep you watching until the end. This one’s a must-watch folks!


20 – Yellowjackets

In its simplest form, Showtime’s latest drama plays out as a blend of Lost, Lord of the Flies and a murder mystery whodunit. This delicious blend of ideas works wonderfully across the 10 episodes, with a split focus between two different – and equally important – timelines.

The main storyline centers on a female football (soccer) team called the Yellowjackets. With their captain Jackie calling the shots, they board a plane but crash-land in the middle of nowhere.

Aside from a few plot contrivances, Yellowjackets is a solid mystery thriller. Sporting plenty of intrigue, mystery and unexplained phenomena, this is one of the better mysteries to be released in quite some time. Just be prepared to be sucked in for quite the rollercoaster ride once you start!

19 – The Devil’s Hour

The Devil’s Hour is one of the biggest surprises this year. On the surface, this looks like a very simple psychological thriller, taking elements from Netflix’s Criminal series and throwing in a smattering of investigative drama to track down the culprit behind a series of gnarly crimes. However, it soon becomes apparent that The Devil’s Hour is so much more than that.

Amazon Prime’s latest thriller demands that you pay attention to the minute details, and with a string of clues along the way, the narrative throws up several big reveals that completely change the game

The Devil’s Hour is a well written and devastatingly effective psychological thriller. It manages to do a great job with its characters and tone, eventually leading to some pretty shocking reveals. This is a show you really need to pay attention to and if you do just that, Amazon’s newest show will reward you in kind with one of this year’s best thrillers.

18 – Reacher

In an increasingly saturated world of TV, Reacher is a breath of fresh air. It’s a no-nonsense, action-packed romp that has its heart in the right place and does so by paying tribute to the source material it’s adapting.

Amazon’saction series, split across 8 episodes of increasing tension and drama, is based on the novels written by Lee Child. For those unaware, the stories revolve around the exploits of brooding, moody Jack Reacher.

A mountain of a man, Reacher is a capable fighter with intelligence and strength, roaming across the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations. His latest hotspot takes him to Margrave, Georgia where he’s quickly suspected of murder. If you’re in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned action thriller, Reacher is an absolute must-watch.


stranger things season 4

17 – Stranger Things Season 4

Given the torrent of bad TV that’s been released this year from big name franchises, it’s refreshing to find a show like Stranger Things break that mold and deliver an amazing season of TV.

There’s an awful lot going on this year so it’s of no surprise to find the runtimes for most of these episodes exceeding 70 minutes. While that would ordinarily cause the show to drag on, the different plotlines help to keep things fresh across the 9 episodes. Stranger Things delivers a season of panache and excellent characterisation, showing that it still has the chops to deliver the storytelling goods.

16 – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an extraordinary K-drama with an ordinary ending and cliched moving parts. Boasting exemplary acting, some solid cases and a lovable group of characters, this K-drama exploded in popularity over the weeks that it aired. Starting with a measly 0.9% share of nationwide watchers, Attorney Woo ended its final episode with a 17.5% share, not to mention staggering numbers of people watching around the world thanks to Netflix.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo isn’t the best law drama out there but Woo Young-woo is one of the reasons this works as well as it does. The aforementioned acting is off the charts and there surely must be Baeksang Award nominations in store for Attorney Woo!

15 – Reservation Dogs Season 2

In a much-anticipated return, Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi’s ensemble comedy-drama Reservation Dogs delivers a more heartfelt and witty story than ever for its second season

In season 2 of Reservation Dogs, Harjo and Waititi connect generations within the reservation. As more is revealed about the adults on the reservation, we see that these stories are circular. They have struggled against the same injustices; have been guided by the same spirits; have held on by the strength of the same community; have wondered the same questions about identity, purpose, and home.

Through this subtly building drama, Reservation Dogs contains a gentle urging to both rely on and support those who have come before you.

14 – Blind

Blind is the best thriller this year, which is ironic given it’s probably a show you’ve never heard of. With a twisty-turny script, sharp writing and a great ensemble of characters, this is a blindingly good drama and an absolute must-watch.

From the opening of the first episode through to the intense climax in the finale, Blind takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the world of crime thrillers, teasing its audience with an array of leads, suspects and ideas before turning all of that upside down. And then it turns it back the right way up for fun. The point made here is that you won’t be able to predict which way Blind is turning.

Blind is a blinder of a K-drama; a pulsating thriller that’s absolutely addictive and a series that’s very difficult to put down. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely one of the best dramas released this year.

13 – Our Blues Season 1

Our Blues is a 20 episode K-drama that essentially works as an anthological slice of life series. The different episodes are broken up into different two or three parters, following residents on Jeju Island as they go about their day.

What’s particularly interesting here though is just how varied these stories are. Not everything works – including a pretty tepid three-parter to get things started – but the sheer amount of diverse storytelling at play is why Our Blues works so well. Tackling topics like Down Syndrome and teen pregnancy through to domestic violence and estranged mother/son relations, Our Blues tackles all of these difficult topics with both sensitivity and confidence.

This is a beautifully written drama, with great acting, good storytelling and show-stopping visuals. Just be ready to go into this one with a pack of tissues because Our Blues 100% lives up to the ‘blues’ part of its name!

12 – Bocchi The Rock

Anime that revolve around adorable girls doing music-related things isn’t a new concept. There have been many series that have tackled this idea before and from different angles. From the well-acclaimed K-On to the music idol series Love-Live! School Idol Project, there is a boatload of shows that offer unique experiences. Enter Bocchi The Rock, a newcomer series that’s gained a cult-like following since its arrival – and it’s easy to see why.

The story is well written, the characters incredibly likable and the way this show tackles social anxiety is absolutely on the money.

Bocchi The Rock is a surprising masterclass of a work. Boasting excellent music and superb animation, despite the strong competition this season, Bocchi The Rock gives viewers a superb performance they’ll remember for years to come.

11 – This Is Going To Hurt

Smart, funny and topically on-point, This is Going to Hurt is a solid and oftentimes heartbreaking look at the trials and tribulations of our criminally overworked and underfunded NHS staff. Based on the book of the same name, This Is Going To Hurt plays out as part social commentary and part dramedy to brilliant effect.

The story is pretty straightforward and revolves around a labour ward doctor called Adam, who finds himself overwhelmed by the stresses of work. This is only compounded further by trying to balance that with his increasingly estranged relationship with partner Harry.

With junior doctor Shruti by Adam’s side and a medley of midwives, nurses and patients arriving with a never-ending array of requests and needs, this 7 episode series pulls absolutely no punches in showing the grueling reality of life on the wards.


10 – 1883

1883 is a special show. Styling itself as a western drama, 1883 combines elements of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Yellowstone with a dash of tension, romance and drama for good measure. Sure, the show has its dips – most notably a questionable teen romance midway through – but beyond that, 1883 manages to capture a very distinct, bleak period of history so accurately that few other shows have managed.

The story itself is pretty straightforward and centers on a caravan moving through the Great Plains, with its inhabitants eager to reach Oregon and find a new home.

That caravan is fronted by Shea and Thomas, two hardened cowboys who know the way the world works and enact a strict “our way or the highway” approach. Together, they lead a rabble of immigrants across the land – but they aren’t alone.

1883’s slow pace works beautifully to drink in the scenery and allow for a very quiet, thought provoking slice of western drama. For those who can go in with an open mind and some patience, this is easily one of this year’s best small screen offerings.

9 – House Of The Dragon

Created alongside George R.R. Martin (Because honestly, George will do anything but write Winds of Winter at this point) House of the Dragon depicts the bloody history for the Targaryens, 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen.

King Viserys I is on the throne, and he’s desperate for a son to take over his succession. However, he doesn’t get one, so instead his daughter Rhaenyra grows up with the potential of inheriting the throne. That is, until Viserys marries Alicent Hightower, Rhaenyra’s good friend, and the pair have children together.

House of the Dragon plays out like a very complicated fantasy period drama and if you’re looking for a fast paced action flick, you definitely won’t find that here. While it won’t make up for the ending to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is a fine example of a series exceeding expectations and focusing exclusively on its narrative and story beats rather than attempting to wow with flashy spectacles and empty worldbuilding (hello Rings of Power). House of the Dragon is well worth watching.

8 – Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a gripping, well-written period drama. It’s a K-drama with a great understanding of character and uses that to propel its lead cast into a really solid story.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella does falter a little with how it writes the supporting characters, but that’s easy to overlook with such a solid hook. Under the Queen’s Umbrella is one of the best period dramas this year. The story is incredibly well written, its protagonist the perfect embodiment of how to create a strong female protagonist who’s also very likable, along with a lot of political scheming, mystery box mechanics and a solid dose of romance too.

This is easily one of the best K-dramas this year, which is pretty astonishing given this is screenwriter Park Ba ra’s first drama!

7 – Alice in Borderland Season 2

Alice in Borderland’s comparison to Squid Game was always going to come, especially given how the Korean juggernaut took over the world last year. But ironically, it wasn’t even the best K-drama that dropped on TV! Alice In Borderland meanwhile, felt like the oft-overlooked younger brother punching above its weight.

Well, fast forward to 2022 and Alice In Borderland doesn’t just come back stronger, it knocks Squid Game out the proverbial ring, delivering a knock-out blow of epic proportions. The second season of this Japanese drama is bigger and more lore-heavy than ever before, yet it still delivers a litany of different games to keep the general themes and ideas it played with the first time alive. The ending is absolutely phenomenal too, recontextualizing everything that’s come before and rounding out an epic season of TV oozing with panache.

6 – Pachinko

For those confused by the name Pachinko, the title echoes back to an allegory for the Korean people trying to eke out a living in Japan back in the 1930’s.

The game of Pachinko is one of luck, hoping that you’ll get lucky and win big. The thing is, the machines have been rigged to make sure you never win – just like the claw machines at the arcade. It’s worth bearing this in mind because we’re even given this exact explanation early on – but it’s unlikely to click on first viewing without realizing what these characters come up against.

Pachinko is a beautifully written, tragic, epic period drama that’s not just one of the best Korean dramas this year, this is an absolute must-watch and a definite highlight on AppleTV’s growing list of shows.

5 – The Bear

Christopher Storer’s and Joanna Calo’s fast-paced drama The Bear got us thinking not only about good food, but also moving themes of grief and familial relationships. The FX drama follows Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) as he leaves his job at a famous restaurant to take over his late brother’s struggling Chicago eatery. With help from chefs like newcomer Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), Carmy fights to keep the sandwich shop afloat–but some, like his cousin Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), are resistant to change.

The Bear’s flawless staging, tense pacing, and complex characters make for an incredibly compelling watch. The hectic kitchen setting is so apt a metaphor for the mess and anxiety of Carmy’s own life, and so riveting that you won’t be able to look away.

4 – The Rehearsal

Nathan Fielder’s reality show The Rehearsal is full of absurd scenarios: a covert baby-switch through the window of a newly-constructed farmhouse; a silent birthday party populated only by people miming their interactions; a fake death. 

The purpose of the show is simple, even if its execution is anything but. By hiring actors and replicating relevant settings, Fielder helps people rehearse for big moments in their lives. But the question of preparing for life by perfecting a likeness has trickier implications than Fielder expected.

In the end, The Rehearsal’s messages are positive ones. Live the life you want to live. Seize each moment. Forgive your mistakes, and learn to move on. It may seem overcomplicated to arrive at such conclusions through a complex facsimile of authenticity–but Fielder’s delivery makes every deduction feel so fresh and revelatory, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more hilarious show with as many creative and poignant reflections. 

3 – Severance

In the words of Dolly Parton: “Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living.” But imagine if instead of work being a means to make money, work was just… it. Endless loops of working 9-5 without leaving, engaging in weekend breaks or holidays. Ad infinitum. If the sound of that just filled you with existential dread, welcome to the world of Severance, AppleTV+’s mind-bending, genre-hopping gem. With thought provoking ideas about work/life balance, a very well worked mystery and a host of talented actors across the board, Severance is an excellent series.

But beyond that, Severance is a fantastically enjoyable season of TV. The 9 episodes are masterfully paced, the narrative interesting and themes are both topical and thought provoking.

2 – Better Call Saul Season 6

The saga of Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill/Gene Takovic, spanning almost a decade, takes its final bow with season 6. Initially, viewers saw it as a spin-off to AMC’s crown jewel, Breaking Bad. It was merely a follow-up with the potential of creating something special.

One of the most remarkable features of season six comes from the handling of the duality for Jimmy’s personality. Two episodes were dedicated to indicating how, first, Jimmy became Saul and vice versa.

Season six, has, like all the other seasons of the show, exemplary acting on display. Rhea Seehorn, Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks lead the charge, with the former two especially, should be given nods for the upcoming awards season. They truly gave a season where every dollar was worth it and in the end, the show manages to do a great job tying into Breaking Bad.

1 – My Liberation Notes

On paper, My Liberation Notes should be another JTBC misfire. Hot off the heels of Green Mothers Club, Forecasting Love and Weather and Thirty Nine (which were all subjectively bad), My Liberation Notes looked to follow suit and slip into uneventful mediocrity. With a super simple premise, a very slow pace, not to mention a stacked weekend slew of shows to compete against, it seemed the chips were stacked against this one.

Like the battle between David and Goliath, sometimes the most unexpected outcome occurs. And thus, that’s exactly what happens here. Carefully constructed, walking a tightrope between slice of life and character drama, My Liberation Notes is a special series and an astonishing example of how to tell a simple story exceptionally well.

Once this one gets going, it turns into an unstoppable juggernaut. The themes this show plays with, and the way it cleverly weaves that into the story of three ordinary siblings, is nothing short of excellent. This is a great series, an absolute must-watch for K-drama fans and easily one of the biggest surprises this year.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, our picks for the top 40 TV shows of 2022. Crafting this year’s list has been incredibly challenging, with so many heavy hitting shows and amazing international IPs battling it out for supremacy. This year our team has grown more diverse, and as mentioned earlier our writers from all corners of the globe have lent their voice to the crafting (and placement!) of the titles here.

With lots of new shows on the horizon, we truly are in the golden age of television and as always, our team at TheReviewGeek will be there every step of the way to celebrate the best – and despair at the worst!

From all of us here though, thank you for your support and comments across the past 12 months. 2022 has been an amazing year and a lot of that has been thanks to you guys reading our articles! See you in 2023!

Do you agree with our list? What was your favourite show of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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