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K-dramas and Movies starring Woo Do-hwan

Over the last few years, fans have grown to love Korean dramas and actors, especially Korean male actors, who are seeing immense popularity. One such name is Woo Do-hwan who is seeing global recognition with his latest Netflix release, Bloodhounds.

After making a debut in 2011 with a guest role in the K-drama, ‘Come, Come, Absolutely Come’, Woo Do-hwan soon garnered a lot of attention with his first lead role in the 2017 drama, ‘Save Me’, along with his performances after that.

Now as fans rave over his recent performance in Bloodhounds, you may be interested to watch other shows he’s done. Well fret not, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Woo Do-hwan movies and TV Shows to watch.


One of Woo Do-hwan’s breakout performances was the 2018 K-drama, Tempted (also known as The Great Seducer). The show has a well-decorated cast of Red Velvet’s Joy (Park So-young), Moon Ga-young and Kim Min-jae along with Woo Do-hwan as the main leads. The show follows the story of rich and privileged twenty-somethings, uncovering their true motives and reveals their depravity while playing a dark and dangerous game.

Set on revenge, popular player Kwon Shi-hyun makes a bet with friends claiming that he can seduce Eun Tae-hee, a naive girl who believes those swayed by love are foolish. Due to the time they spend with Tae-hee, Shi-hyun starts reassessing his views on love.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Woo Do-hwan plays not one but two supporting roles in this time-travel fantasy K-drama. The show follows the story of King Lee Gon, the third Korean emperor of his generation. His citizens regard him as the perfect leader. But behind this flawless appearance, Lee Gon hides a deep wound. Lee Gon’s bodyguard is Jo Young.

When he was eight years old, Lee Gon’s father was murdered before his eyes following a coup. Today, instead of respecting his filial duty, he prefers to escape the palace to attend university conferences. During one of his escapades, he sees himself propelled into a parallel world where he meets Jeong Tae-eul, an inspector with whom he teams up to defeat the criminals but also close the door between their two worlds.

Joseon Attorney: A Morality

One of Woo Do-hwan’s more recent appearances comes from playing the lead role in this 2023 period drama. It follows the story of Kang Han-su, a devious lawyer who meticulously plans his lawsuits and exploits the emotions of his clients for personal gain. However, as he unintentionally gains a reputation as a hero and problem solver among the common people, he begins to see the value in seeking true justice.

Over time, Kang Han-su matures into a just and ethical lawyer. One of his clients, Yi Yun-ju, initially hires him to seek revenge but ultimately becomes a supporter of his mission to uphold the law and defend the innocent. This transformation impacts Kang Han-su’s growth as a legal professional.

Mad Dog

This 2017 show follows the story of Choi Kang-woo, a former police and leader of Taeyang Insurance’s investigator’s team. Kang-woo decides to create his own investigation team, after an airplane crash that took the life of his wife and son.

He then meets Kim Min-joon (played by Woo Do-hwan), a genius former swindler whose brother was also a victim of the crash, thus beginning their rivalry and cooperation. The drama portrays the reality of South Korea through the diverse insurance crimes that are prevalent in the country. 

Save Me

One of Woo Do-hwan’s first K-dramas sees him playing the main lead in 2017’s Save Me. It follows the story of Sang-mi, a young girl who, following the failure of her father’s business, moves to Muji-gun with her family. There she meets four young men, Han Sang-hwan, Seok Dong-cheol (played by Woo Do-hwan), Woo Jung-hoon, and Choi Man-hee.

When Sang-mi and her family face some trouble, Spiritual Father Baek Jung Ki of Goosunwon offers to help them. However, her family is slowly getting sucked into the pseudo-religious cult, and the four young men try to save her.

My Country: The New Age

Set during the end of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon period, this drama follows the story of two friends, Seo Hwi and Nam Sun-ho, who aim their swords against one another due to differences in opinion about their country. Seo Hwi is a warrior while his father Seo Geom is a famous commander. Seo Hwi does not compromise when it comes to injustice. His life devolves into a hellish existence, but he still holds a smile.

Nam Sun-ho (played by Woo Do-hwan) is smart and a talented figure. Because his mother was born into the lowest class, Nam Sun-ho is looked down upon by other people. He wants to pass the military service examination. Due to a corruption scandal involving his father, Nam Sun-ho loses his dream. Making things worse, he comes into conflict with Seo Hwi over a misunderstanding.

The Divine Fury

The 2019 movie follows the story of Yong-hoo, a young man who lost his father in an accident when he was a child. Ever since then, he has distrusted and resented people. Now, he is a champion in martial arts. He meets Priest An (played by Woo Do-hwan), who is an exorcist. They get involved in a case and must fight a powerful evil.

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful

Another movie from 2019 starring Woo Do-hwan is The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful where he plays a support role as Loner. The movie follows the story of Gui Soo, a master Go player who loses his teacher Heo Il-do and vows to take revenge on the dark world of Go that took his master from him.

Let’s Go To Rose Motel

One of the oldest projects starring Woo Do-hwan is the 2017 movie, Let’s Go To Rose Motel. The movie is rated 18+ due to its sexual and profane content. The movie follows the story of Seong Soo (played by Woo Do-hwan) who hasn’t had any sexual contact with his girlfriend after being together for 6 months.

One day, Seong Soo finally convinces his girlfriend Min Ae to go to Rose Motel for their first hook-up. However, when he is about to shower, Seong Soo discovers a small hole in the wall leading to the next room and watches the couple there having intercourse. Seong Soo continues to watch out of curiosity but realizes he just watched celebrity Sa-ra giving sexual favours to a big-shot politician.


An obvious entry on this list is the 2023 Netflix original K-drama Bloodhounds which follows the story of Kim Gun-woo, a reserved rookie boxer who befriends another boxer – Hong Woo-jin. Together, the two get involved in the world of loan sharks after Gun-woo’s mother is conned by a loan shark – Kim Myeong-gil.

Together, Gun-woo and Woo-jin do everything in their power to make Myeong-gil pay for his wrongdoings. The pair ends up working for a generous money lender whose foster daughter is dead set on taking down the loan sharks.

So there we have it, our 10 K-drama and Movies starring Woo Do-hwan.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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