Best Thai BL Kissing Scenes Of 2022 (So far!)

The Best Thai Drama Kisses Of 2022 (So Far!)

Viewers are always excited to see the relationship between two characters grow. The ever-so-thrilling anticipation for the characters’ first kiss and love confession keeps you glued to the screen throughout. When it comes to Thai BLs, there are a number of hot and steamy kisses that have stood out.

In our latest list, we look at the best kissing scenes we’ve seen in Thai BLs released in 2022. Which kiss left you blushing?

Kinn and Porsche in KinnPorsche

Our bread and turbulence couple left us in awe of the steamy moments in the Mafia drama KinnPorsche. One of their best kissing scenes was the first time they kissed while they were outside Yok’s bar. It was beautiful to see Kinn letting his guard down and Porsche kissing him back softly. At that moment, Kinn was being honest about his attraction to Porsche. 

Another amazing kissing scene was in episode 10, after the storm that was Vegas and Tawan passed. Kinn was feeling salty that Porsche ran away with Vegas while Porsche was angry that Kinn brought his ex to the house and locked him up. Porsche is also angry that Kinn failed to let him in on his plan and accuses Kinn of not trusting him. In response to this, Kinn suddenly grabs Porsche and gives him a fiery hot kiss. There were no words, the kiss conveyed his emotions of the deep love, trust, and desire he has for Porsche.

Vegas and Pete in KinnPorsche

After the untimely death of Vegas’ beloved pet aka Mr. Hedgehog, he was understandably distraught and this gave Pete the perfect chance to escape. However, Pete being the empath that he is, decided to stay back and console Vegas. Well, emotions ran high, one thing led to another and before viewers could grasp what was happening, Pete was hungrily kissing Vegas who kissed him back with the same fervor.

The closing scene of the series gave the audience one of the softest VegasPete scenes. After surviving his gunshot wounds and waking up from a coma, Vegas gave Pete a chance to leave. He felt undeserving of Pete’s love and affection. Pete decided to stay because he wants to follow his heart. Vegas is moved by Pete’s words and pulls him in for a sweet, deep kiss.

Lian and Kuea in Cutie Pie

The chemistry between these two characters throughout the series was enough to make everyone feel single. The kissing scene in the kitchen is a fan-favorite and it is easy to see why. This scene is natural and perfectly captures Lian’s desire to get close to Kuea. He is assuring him through the kisses and removing doubts that linger in Kuea’s mind.

In every kissing scene within Cutie Pie, Lian asks for consent and this is so refreshing. It is about time that Thai BLs understand that consent is sexy. The effortless chemistry makes every kissing scene perfect and leaves viewers feeling butterflies in their stomachs.

Yi and Khondiao in Cutie Pie

Yi is doing his best to look after Khondiao but still, keeps a distance between them. He blames himself for an accident that wiped out Khondiao’s childhood memories. He thinks he is doing the right thing by denying his feelings for Khondiao but once they kiss, it becomes even harder.

Their first kissing scene shows their hidden desire and love for each other. It helps them start the conversation and Yi gets the courage, to be honest about why he is taking care of Khondiao. 

Vee and Mark in Love Mechanics 

Vee and Mark started on the wrong foot and this made their relationship a bit messy. The kissing scene in episode 7 was Vee finally making it clear that he wants to be with Mark. It was the first time he said I love you too, and Mark is understandably elated. It gives him a sense of security that Vee is choosing him and the clarity gives him peace. This is one of the few moments we see both of them being vulnerable and openly defining the status of their relationship. 

Nine and Daonuea in Check Out 

Nine and Daonuea had an instant attraction to each other from the beginning of the series. Their passionate and explosive chemistry in their first kiss had perfect tension. In episode 2, upon Nine’s return to Daonuea’s life,  they can’t deny their attraction to each other.

Even though Daonuea does his best to ignore Nine, he can’t stop thinking about him. Nine is determined to make Daonuea admit that he still has feelings for him. The kiss they shared was proof that they still have lingering feelings and Daonuea had to choose between Nine and Vee.

Nott and Pan in War of Y

In the jaw-dropping episode 4 of this series, Pan decides to end his life but luckily Nott saves him. Nott takes Pan to their secret room and once again confesses his love for him. Pan is going through a hard time and feels alone. Pan is about to lose his career and Nott failed to be there for him. Nott apologizes and promises to be there for Pan. He seals that promise with a sensual and heartfelt kiss, it is his way of asking him to choose to live.

Theo and Akk in Enchante

Akk finally finds out the truth about the identity of Enchante and it turns out to be Theo. Theo has been in love with him for a long time and he gets his chance to confess his feelings.  He then asks permission to kiss Akk and they share a beautiful kiss confirming their mutual feelings for each other. 

Nawee and Aioun in Tuxedo

Aioun is trying his best to assure Nawee that he has no feelings for Chanjao and he admits that he has fallen for Nawee.  He kisses Nawee softly before asking him to spend the night with him. Aioun wanted Nawee to understand that he wants to be with him through the kiss.

And there we have it, our picks for the best Thai drama kisses of 2022 so far! We’ll periodically update this page as the year progresses.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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