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Best Prachaya Ruangroj Dramas

Prachaya Ruangroj, most commonly known as Singto, is a talented Thai model, singer and actor. He is charismatic, charming and versatile which has landed him various different roles since his debut in 2016. Then, he played the role of Kong in SOTUS the series, before moving onto other projects. In our latest article we break down the best Prachaya Ruangroj dramas. How many have you seen?

Sotus (2016)

Singto plays the role of Kongphob Suttilak, nicknamed Kong, a freshman at the Faculty of Engineering. He stands up against hazing when the first years undergo the SOTUS system due to the harsh methods implemented by head hazer Arthit Rojnapat (played by Krist Perawat).

The Sotus system stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit. It is a tradition for the university freshman to undergo the process to earn the Gear, which is the symbol of the Engineering faculty. The series follows the strained relationship between Kong and Arthit as the head hazer is misunderstood to be stubborn and cruel. As they continue to interact, their relationship evolves into something more.

Sotus S (2017)

The second season of Sotus the series happens two years later, Kong is in his third year, and Arthit works at Ocean Electric. Kong has to balance between being a considerate hazer and ensuring the freshmen follow the orders of the seniors and respect the seniors. He later joins Ocean Electric for an internship, which strains his relationship with Arthit who wants to keep their relationship secret. Kong is disturbed and almost gives up on the relationship.

Friend Zone (2018) and Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area (2020)

Singto Prachaya plays the role of Earth, an office employee who seems to have a perfect life. He has a boyfriend, a doctor named Sam, played by Nat Sakdatorn. To the outside world, they seem to be in a very loving and passionate relationship but the reality is they are struggling just like all the other characters in this series.

They struggle with trust and honesty between each other, along with grappling faithfulness, temptations, and forgiveness.

He’s Coming to Me (2019)

In this BL series, Singto plays the role of Mes Wongsakorn Thanarunsiri. Mes died on his birthday and lived as a ghost for 20 years, trapped in the world of the living. He met a young boy 20 years ago whom he felt could see him but the boy initially pretended not to as he was hiding his ability to see ghosts.

Mes is a lonely ghost forgotten by the world since no one visits his grave. He meets the young boy 20 years later, now a University student called Thun, played by Ohm Pawat and together they try to solve the mystery of his death. In doing so, the pair end up developing an unusual affectionate relationship. They work to help Mes regain his memories in the hopes he will get the closure he needs so he can move on and be reincarnated.

Turn Left Turn Right (2020)

He stars in this series as Gun, a 26-year-old musician with relationship troubles. He yearns for a good, happy, and romantic love but after he finds it he is in a dilemma. He is troubled about whether to choose love over a life of stability and pursuit of his dreams. He is among three other troubled casts Tai, played by Nanon Korapat and Pat played by Beam Kawee. A chance meeting brings them to a mysterious bar where the owner, Singto Numchok, offers them a chance to alter time and do what their hearts desire.

I’m Tee, Me Too (2020)

In this slice-of-life comedy series, Singto takes up the role of Maitee. Maitee is a student studying food science and living in a rental house near the university owned by Watee (Krist Perawat).

Six students all nicknamed Tee live in the house and all the characters have a strange phobia. Maitee’s is that he is afraid of good news. He is the eldest of all the Tees in the house and loves to cook. The series later reveals that he and Watee (Kris Perawat) have a history because they were childhood friends.

Baker Boys (2021)

Singto stars as Weir, with excellent baking skills and nicknamed “God of Pastry.” Weir is gay and very flirtatious and he prides himself in the belief that he can easily seduce any man. He has history with his new employer Punn, played by Lee Thanat as they went to the same high school. Weir had confessed his feelings for Punn but was harshly rejected as a result. Regardless, they work together and successfully runs Punn’s new bakery.

Romantic Blue (2020)

In this remake of the 1995 movie of the same name, Singto plays the character of Mhen. He and Mai played by Ohm Thitiwat are brothers who fall in love with the same girl Pond played by Namtan Tipnaree. Mhen is a high school student who is impulsive and immature. He has a serious illness in addition to serious issues with anger management.

Paint with Love (2021)

Singto’s versatility as an actor is portrayed in this series as he takes up a more professional role of an executive. He plays Poramaze Nateenart, simply known as Maze, an uptight but very successful CEO of an event planning and marketing agency. He does not shy away from going to any lengths to achieve his business objectives, gaining both the respect of his employees for his business tactics, and criticism as a stressful boss. He is shrewd, ruthless, a control freak, and a workaholic.

Girl Next Room: Midnight Fantasy (2020)

In this romantic comedy, Singto plays the duo role as the host of the show Midnight Fantasy, DJ Titan, and university student Tan. It tells the love story between Tan and fellow university student Mimi. Mimi is afraid of ghosts and living away from her parents for the first time aggravates that dread, making her unable to sleep.

The Midnight Fantasy show running from the wee hours of the night to early morning becomes her solace as Dj Titan makes her feel safe. At school, she encounters Tan after they are both caught sleeping in class and forced to work together. Tan and DJ Titan have very different personalities despite being the same person. DJ Titan sounds warm and kind while Tan is rude and mean.

And there we have it, our list of the best Singto Prachaya dramas of all time!

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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