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Best Rowoon K-dramas

Everyone’s favourite giant idol actor Rowoon is picking up eye-catching projects left right and centre and has no plans of slowing down. Ever since he shot to fame as the shy and loveable Haru in Extraordinary You, Rowoon has been a fixture in the K-drama scene.

This multi-faceted talent also happens to be a vocalist and dancer of the K-pop boy group SF9 so when you are busy missing him on your silver screen, you can spend your days listening to his angelic voice. Well, here are some of the best Rowoon K-dramas while we wait for his much-anticipated law procedural drama This Relationship Is Force Majeure.

Extraordinary You (2019)

Many of his fans have learned of Rowoon either through SF9 or Extraordinary You and both are good avenues to do it. Extraordinary You is his first major lead role where he plays Haru, an extra in a comic book. Quiet and reserved, he ends up becoming Eun Dan-oh’s only hope of escaping the comic book and creating her own fate.

The fantasy high school drama is a fun and hilarious adventure as the side characters of the comic book try to break from the roles assigned to them and in turn break the fourth wall.

Tomorrow (2022)

Tomorrow deals with heavy subjects like comfort women, mistreated war veterans, bullying, depression, sexual assault and more. The K-drama uses comedy, adventure and fantasy to bring light to otherwise taboo topics and spread awareness.

Rowoon is cast as the goofy and clumsy Choi Joon-woong who gets into an accident and goes into a coma while meddling with a grim reaper’s mission to save a suicidal person. He is given the chance to work as a grim reaper who stops suicides to redeem himself and wake up from his coma.

The King’s Affection (2021)

It seems that Rowoon has an affinity for picking dramas with serious subjects as this time The King’s Affection uses comedy and coincidence to talk about bisexuality and even transgender to an extent. The historical drama follows King Lee Hwi who is actually the twin sister of the king who was murdered in his childhood.

While trying to hide her secret, she starts getting close with her teacher, the charismatic and clever Jung Ji-woon, portrayed by Rowoon who in turn falls head over heels for his King.

She Would Never Know (2021)

A corporate melodrama, Yoon Song-ah is the marketing manager of a successful brand and hopes to launch her own line one day. A simple drama with a straightforward ending, one of its charms is the fact that it is realistic and relatable.

The other attraction, of course, is Rowoon as the stubborn Hyun-seung who experiences love at first sight and ends up working with Song-ah who rejects him since he is younger than her. A hopeless romantic, he struggles between his love and friendship for Song-ah after learning of a secret that could break her heart.

Where Stars Land (2018)

A romantic melodrama, Where Stars Land follows the different relationships of the employees and the passengers at Incheon Airport. While each of the characters has their own secrets and stories, they all come together to form a sort of airport family.

We get yet another hopeless romantic from Rowoon as he is cast as Eun-sub who has a crush on Yeo-reum. We get unrequited love and secret pining as we hope for Rowoon to somehow end up with the female lead.

School 2017 (2017)

This high school rom-com follows high school students like the energetic Eun-ho and Tae-woon, a troublemaker who are the polar opposite of each other. They constantly clash and are at each other’s throats till one day an incident changes everything for Tae-woon.

Rowoon plays the K-pop idol Issue who has just transferred to their school. He immediately steals the hearts of Sa-rang who has been a fan of his for a long time. She defends him from gossipmongers and follows him around while he finds her endearing. The two were pretty much the cutest second-lead couple of 2017 K-dramas.

Click Your Heart (2016)

You know you’re in luck when your K-pop group is managed by a production company. This is why SF9 and Rowoon were lucky enough to star in their very own K-drama, Click Your Heart. In the high school drama, Mi-na, the new girl at school with bad luck catches the eye of four boys.

Ro-woon, the star athlete of the school is confident that he will get the girl till he realises he has to compete against his classmates — Da-won, the #1 student, Ju-ho, the thug and Cha-ni, the K-pop idol. However, the interactive drama allows viewers to choose their own endings depending on which boy they want for Mi-na.

And there we have it, our list of the best Rowoon K-dramas of all time!

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch K-dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The first ever kdrama I watched was King’s Affection. Blown away by that drama and have watched EY, tomorrow n she would never know since. Have loved Rowoon in everything. Love his music too. And he comes across as a wonderful person!!!

  2. My favorite has to be She Would Never Know. He was the perfect boyfriend. A close second is King’s Affection, he looked really good in hanbok. Excited for his next project.

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