Best Korean Reality Shows Of All Time

Among the good, the bad and the ugly are some Korean shows that stand the test of time and can be regarded as some of the best ever created. Here, we’ll be showcasing and celebrating our favourite Korean reality shows 

Of course, do feel free to comment below if we’ve missed any noteworthy entries and we’ll be sure to review it and see if it makes the list!

So without further ado, TheReviewGeek team present our picks (in no particular order!) for the best Korean reality shows!

His Man

This is South Korea’s very first gay dating reality series where a group of eight hot, sexy, free and single gay men share a house where they are to live, interact and open up to each other in their quest for “true love”. The show is already gaining popularity both locally and internationally with many fans enjoying the authentic interactions between the cast.

My Little Old Boy

This is one of the funniest reality shows which features Korean celebrities and commentary from the celebrities’ mothers as they watch the footage of their sons and or daughters’ daily activities. The interactions between these celebrities are top-tier and the mothers are good at roasting their sons. They know how to tease each other and there is never a dull moment in this show.

2 Days 1 Night

This is one of the oldest reality shows in Korea but it continues to top ratings and engage audiences from all over the world. The show follows a group of six men (the cast is made up of well-known celebrities in Korea) as they travel, they enjoy the country’s beautiful nature and tourist attractions, while playing fun games.

Things will get chaotic but that is the fun of it. This show is mostly celebrated for the way it continues to promote South Korea as an amazing travel destination and educate viewers on the rich Korean culture and history.


This is the second oldest variety show in Korea and its popularity remains unbeaten. The show is considered one of the best game variety shows and with cast members and the guests playing various games and completing missions. The cast’s chemistry is one of the biggest reasons why the show has remained successful even after 12 years. Their light banter, pranks, jokes, and betrayals always give viewers a twist and keep us glued.

Merry Queer

This is another ground-breaking reality show in Korea that will focus on stories of queer couples on their “coming out” journeys, whether it be revealing their “unconventional” relationships to families, friends, or the world. So far, the episode released has shed light on some of the social issues faced by the queer in South Korea.

Transit Love

This is a reality dating show with a new messy twist that pushes the cast out of their comfort zone from the beginning. The show follows ten couples who are exes, they get to live in one house while deciding to either rekindle the old flame or start a new relationship with a fellow cast member.

The twist is no one can reveal who their ex is. It is fun seeing the awkwardness and trying to guess who dated who and whether they still have feelings for each other. Imagine openly dating in front of your ex!

Change Days

If you thought Transit Love was juicy then you will enjoy Change Days. This show features real-life couples who are on the verge of breaking up. The couples go for a romantic getaway to try and mend the relationship but as always there is a twist. Their ideal type is part of the cast and they go on dates to see if new flames may spark.

This show knows how to test the trust in a relationship. Would you trust your partner to not give up and fight for your relationship especially when it is at its lowest moment?


BTS is the biggest boy band in the world but take them off-stage and see the chaos that ensues when you make them play a game against each other. Run BTS has many game concepts that are entertaining and the members always do their best to win. Run BTS is one of the best ways to get to know the band but it is also a serotonin boost. The members’ close relationship is always put to the test and you will get to know who is the king of betrayals in the Bangtan world. Can you guess which member it is?

The Game Caterers

This is one of the most engaging shows in South Korea right now. A business trip program with PD Na Young Seok. He will visit official events and entertainment programs that require various games. In this show, viewers get to see their favorite actors, singers, and other celebrities play games and win prizes. It helps to bond the celebrities and promote their upcoming schedules. PD Na Young is ruthless and that makes the show even more entertaining.

Paik Class

This show is meant for people who enjoy cooking or want to learn how to cook Korean dishes. Baek Jong-won, a renowned South Korean chef, holds a class for six trainees wherein he teaches them Korean dishes and shares tips. His easy-going manner and his pure love for cooking are exuded in each episode and make the viewers interested in learning more about Korean dishes and how to prepare them.

Sixth Sense

This show has an amazing cast of celebrities that know how to make a variety show. The show follows the sixth sense members as they try to distinguish one false among others only by the given clues and their instincts in different settings every week. The interaction between the cast is less conservative compared to other shows but what do you expect when you cast Lee Mi-Joo and Jessi in one show?

Seeing Lee Sang -Yeob, Yoo Jae-Suk and the guests flustered over their antics is one of the best parts of the show.

Single’s Inferno

Netflix just announced season 2 of this hit dating reality show. The new season will have 10 episodes instead of 8 and promises a “hotter and sexier” second season ~littered~ with drama. The show is about 9 drop-dead gorgeous and sexy young Korean singles searching for love on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples for date nights on their new island paradise. This is the time to catch up if you have not watched season 1 because the trailer for season 2 looks hot!

And there we have it, our picks for the best Korean reality shows! We’ll periodically update this page as we watch more and work through any requests you guys may have for us as well.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Also I appreciate your response…but it did not come via email…it just somehow popped up when I visited this page today…can you ping me on email? Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Christine: no idea who hosted. Broadcast here in US on DISH TV or other K cable channel at that time. I believe the bachelor was a K-Pop star or other celebrity. The bachelorettes went through a process of elimination after each round of dates. Dates could have been zip lining, dinners, day trips, etc. It was not subtitled, but the English title was “Love Camp”. Had to be Malaysia. I offer reward for info leading to details of this show. I know it exists on tape, because episodes were aired more than once. Thanks!

  3. Hi, @Jim.I am really sorry, I have gone through this list of Korean and Japanese dating shows but I have not found the show you have mentioned. Do you perhaps remember who hosted the show or the synopsis of the show? I have attached the link I went through below. I won’t say I am a K-reality expert but,I do find Two Days One Night enjoyable. You might also like New World, Physical 100 and Siren: Survive the Island. They are available on Netflix. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  4. I am trying to find a Korean reality TV dating show that is at least 10 years old. It was filmed at a beach resort in Malaysia . I believe the title was “Love Camp”. Any ideas how I might find info on this show? If you don’t know, can you recommend an expert on K-reality?

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