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Best Kim Seon-Ho K-dramas

Kim Seon-Ho is a South Korean actor who began his career as a stage actor appearing in various plays before his debut as a screen actor in 2017. His charming smile, dimples, and philanthropic heart are just a few things that viewers find attractive about him.

His talent has seen him gain local and international recognition playing different captivating roles in various dramas. Here is a list of his must-watch dramas as we await his first movie Sad Tropics.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha (2021)

In the series, Seon-Ho plays the character of Hong Du-Sik, an officially unemployed man who is always busy lending a helping hand to everyone in the village. Thus, the villagers refer to him as Chief Hong. Hong is a smart and handsome man, who appears to be good at everything and is always available to assist the villagers who are so fond of him.

Unknown to those around him, Hong Du-Sik was struggling, he held a secret from his experience in the past as a fund manager for YK Asset management, and was suffering in silence until Yoon Hye-Jin showed up, and became curious about him.

Start-Up (2020)

Seon-Ho portrays the role of Han Ji-pyeong, a team leader at his workplace, SH Venture Capital with incredible skills investment. He is a genius at work and hence his colleagues brand him the nickname “the Gordon Ramsay of Investments.” To everyone else around him, he is a sharp-tongued prick but is soft, polite, and humble around Seo-Dal-Mi’s grandmother Choi Won-Deok. 

Ji-Pyeong is an orphan who met Seo’s grandmother at the age of 18, she took him in and helped him out and he holds her dearly in his heart. Thus, he does his best to make sure her granddaughter Seo Dal Mi finds love and happiness. 

100 Days My Prince (2018)

This is a historical drama in which Seon-ho plays the role of Jung Jae-yoon. He works as the magistrate of Songjoo village and he is also the secret advisor of the crown prince. He temporarily suffers from prosopagnosia or “face blindness” and this limits him from recognizing the crown prince Lee Yul who is suffering from amnesia and thinks he is a commoner named Na Won-deuk.

The only person that Jae- yoon can recognize is a lady named Yeon Hong-shim who he has a crush on. However, in a dire twist of events, she is betrothed to the crown prince to save her life.


Strongest Deliveryman (2017)

In this drama series, Seon-ho plays what I think is one of his most challenging roles as Oh Jin-Gyu, a spoiled rich boy. He has no self-esteem and looks for some excitement in his dull life by engaging in frivolities including racing with his fake friends.

He lacks business drive, which disappoints his father, and he is removed from being the head of their family business, Jung Family Seollongtang. At first, he appears stubborn, but after meeting a true friend in Choi Kang-Soo, he changes, learns from his past mistakes, and works to improve himself to become a better person.  

Two cops (2017)

The role played by Kim Seon-ho in Two Cops is versatile and astonishing. He portrays the character Goo Soo Chang, a sly conman with excellent techniques to trick people. He was raised in an orphanage after the death of his father in a car accident.

His father was wrongfully accused of causing the accident that killed him and Soo-Chang had always wanted to prove his father’s innocence. Due to an accident, his soul inhibits the body of detective Cha Dong-Tak. The two find out their fates are intertwined and work together to uncover corruption and dark forces as they investigate various cases. 

You Drive Me Crazy (2018)

This is a mini-series with only 4 episodes but it is worth watching. Seon-ho plays the role of Kim Rae-wan, a 27 yr old man who has been friends with Han Eun-sung for 8 years. One night they sleep together and the dynamics of their relationship change.

Not many friendships can survive a one-night stand and they are forced to deal with their hidden feelings and confront the truth that there might be more than a friendship between them. Also, critics argue that Seon-ho delivered his best kissing scene in this show. The clip of the kiss on YouTube has over 15 million views!

Euchalala Waikiki 2 (2019)

This is the second installment of the successful comedy-drama Euchalala Waikiki. Seon- ho plays the role of Cha Woo Shik. He is helping his high school friend Lee Joon-ki by investing in his Waikiki Guesthouse. He moves into the guesthouse together with a few of his high school friends.

Woo Shik is an aspiring singer and he meets his first love Han Soo-yeon after her wedding is canceled and her family goes bankrupt. She has nowhere to go and ends up living at the guesthouse. 

Catch The Ghost (2019)

In this crime thriller, Seon-ho plays the role of a cop named Go Ji-seok. Go Ji-seok is a capable police officer but he seeks stability and avoids strenuous cases. He is currently the Wangsimni station constabulary chief but his calm life is turned upside down when he gets a new partner.

His new partner Yoo Ryeong is ambitious and determined to catch her sister’s killer. She believes her sister was a victim of a serial killer called the Subway Ghost. In the end, Ji-seok is moved by her plight and offers to help her get justice for her sister.

Good Manager ( 2017)

Seon-ho made his television debut in this slice-of-life drama playing the role of Sun Sang-tae. A cute, nerdy, and charismatic man who is a hopeless romantic. He is the youngest employee in the TQ Group company. 

And there we have it, our list of the best Kim Seon-ho k-dramas of all time!

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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  2. @mariama, i am sad that you are misinformed. I wished you had done a little more research about the entire situation before judging him.

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