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Best Movie Jump Scares Of All Time

Jump scares have become a staple in the horror genre, causing viewers to jump out of their seats and sometimes even scream. The bits are meant to build suspense and deliver an intense and scary climax that makes the film that much more exciting.

Some of these sudden moments of terror can make even the bravest of viewer feel uneasy. But this thrilling feeling in unparalleled, and that’s why we like to go back to such scenes. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best movie jump scares of all time that will have your heart racing in excitement. As usual, let us know what you think about our picks in the comments below:

Best Movie Jump Scares

Psycho (1960) – The Shower Scene

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a classic horror film that stands the test of time. The shower scene is one of the most iconic moments in film history, not just in the horror genre. The audience is lulled into a false sense of security as Marion Crane takes a shower, with the sound of the running water creating a calming effect.

Suddenly, the shower curtain is pulled back, and Norman Bates, dressed as his mother, attacks Marion with a knife. The suddenness of the attack, the stabbing sounds, and the violent movements of the knife make an electricity of discomfort run through the body.

Best Movie Jump Scares

Jaws (1975) – The Head Popping Out of the Boat

Jaws can be credited with changing the way people think about sharks. The movie has many notable moments, but one of the most shocking is when Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) discovers Ben Gardner’s head in a sunken boat.

The sudden appearance of the decapitated head is enough to make anyone grab the armrest of their chair. The scene is made even more effective by the build-up of tension as Hooper is scouring the boat, not knowing what he might find.

Best Movie Jump Scares

Alien (1979) – The Chestburster Scene

Alien is a science-fiction horror film that has built a reputation for its ability to stir tension and suspense. The chestburster scene is one of the most well-known parts of the film, as the crew of the Nostromo try to save John Hurt’s character, Kane.

As they try to help him, an alien bursts out of his chest, splattering blood all over the crew. The suddenness of the attack and the gore make it a standout jump scare. The scene is made even more effective by the build-up of tension as the crew tries to save Kane, not knowing what is about to happen.

Best Movie Jump Scares

Halloween (1978) – Michael Myers Standing Up

Halloween is a classic horror film that introduced the world to Michael Myers. The movie is known for its suspenseful and scary plot, with Michael Myers being a looming presence throughout the film. But one of the most effective jump scares comes when Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks she has defeated him, only for our antagonist to suddenly sit up and attack her.

The fact that Laurie thought it was over pours in a temporary sense of relief. The best part is that the audience similarly thinks the movie is over, and the tension is released… only for it to come back suddenly.

Best Movie Jump Scares

The Exorcist (1973) – The Spider Walk

The Exorcist is a classic horror film that keeps getting better with the passing time. The movie is famous for its shocking and unsettling moments, and the spider walk scene is one of the scariest. Regan (Linda Blair) walks down the stairs upside down like a spider, with her body contorted in unnatural ways.

It’s a bizarre scene as it allows us to imagine what possession might entail. What makes this jump scare really work is the build-up of tension as the audience is waiting for something to happen.

Best Movie Jump Scares

The Ring (2002) – The TV Scene

The Ring tells the story of a cursed videotape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later. Though there are several memorable moments in the film, the TV scene is an absolute standout. As Rachel (Naomi Watts) watches the cursed videotape, the phone rings, and a voice ominously whispers “seven days.”

The main piece of this moment is the uncomfortable curiosity it generates regarding the cursed videotape’s final moments. Overall, the TV scene in The Ring is a perfect example of how to create an effective jump scare that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Best Movie Jump Scares

The Conjuring (2013) – The Clap Scene

The Conjuring is a modern horror film that has become a classic in its own right. The clap scene is arguably the most widely known moment in the film, as it plays on the audience’s fear of the dark and the unknown.

As the Perron family is settling into their new home, they hear clapping coming from an empty room. There is no logical explanation for the voice, and that’s what makes it truly terrifying.

Best Movie Jump Scares

It (2017) – The Projector Scene

It tells the story of a group of kids who are haunted by an evil entity that takes the form of a clown. Out of many scary scenes in the movie, the projector scene is arguably the most intense due to its detachment to reality.

As the Losers Club is watching a slideshow, Pennywise suddenly appears on the screen, attacking the kids. The creepy nature of Pennywise and unexpectedness make the projector scene an insane jump scare moment that continues to horrify you for the seconds that follow.

Best Movie Jump Scares

The Babadook (2014) – The Pop-Up Book Scene

The Babadook is a horror film that explores the theme of grief and loss. The pop-up book scene makes the horrifying slant of the film come to life as it takes advantage of the audience’s fear of the book’s eerie nature itself.

As Amelia (Essie Davis) reads the book to her son, the Babadook suddenly pops up on the page, attacking the characters. It takes us a few moments to process the scene as it sends pure chills down our spine.

Best Movie Jump Scares

Hereditary (2018) – The Car Scene

Hereditary explores the theme of grief and family secrets. What embosses the uneasy nature of the film best is the infamous car scene that makes us uneasy irrespective of how many times we watch it.

As Peter (Alex Wolff) is driving his sister home, she suddenly sticks her head out of the window, decapitating herself on a telephone pole. The graphic nature of the scene and overall sense of how quickly situations can go beyond the worst make it a real difficult scene to watch.

There we have it, our list of 10 best movie jump scares. What do you think about our picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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