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Every Joker has a unique style of winning and losing, and each one of them is bound to be hysterical. According to some Impractical Jokers stats, Sal and Murr are the least successful Jokers while Joe has been the most successful. No matter whether the Joker has been a winner or a loser, the IJ code is such that no Joker can’t head home without making a joke out of themselves (winners during challenges, losers during punishments).

With this piece, we take a look at the best Impractical Jokers moments where Sal, the nervous guy, has stolen the show. As usual, if you feel we omitted one of your favourite bits, let us know in the comments below:

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

Wedding Crasher

As a punishment, Sal is to deliver a speech at his friends’ wedding reception. The speech, written by the instructing Jokers, is anything but safe to read. Sal, of course reluctantly, kicks off his speech which has people raising eyebrows after just the first few statements. The words are so crude that people in the hall begin to whisper like bees, and Sal gets the fat sweats. Nevertheless, he finishes the speech and sneaks out before people get his collar.

 Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

“You Got All This Swag Thing Going On”

Jokers believe Sal is the only one among them with some style and flair. And, the man is often asked to put his rhythm on display. While Sal is taking orders at the Lucky’s, he is asked to be super sassy. The customer, a girl, quickly gets it that the man behind the counter is trying to act cool.

Sal starts with a sob story that his boyfriend has sex with his girlfriend. Later, he asks the girl for her name and number. He gets the name, but not the number.

Best of Sal - Impractical Jokers
Enough is enough

As a dutiful, amicable manager at a restaurant, Sal is roaming through the dining area making sure people are enjoying the food. While at a table, Joe asks Sal to shut down an imaginary man. All Sal has to say is ‘enough’ while looking in a direction where there is nobody.

Bewildered, people look at Sal with a sense of amazement. Worse yet, Sal is asked to sit at the empty table, talk to the same imaginary man and ask people in flesh and blood to keep it low. People burst out in laugher when Sal smooches his invisible friend.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

The big man accident

Hands down, the straightest punishment in Impractical Joker’s history, Sal peeing his pants was as cringey to watch as it was to do for the man. Sal’s locked in a riddle room with a bunch of strangers whom he needs to collaborate with in order to get out.

However, before they can figure out the riddles, Sal pees his pants while everybody looks in amazement. Though surprised, people continue with the task and Sal gets more participative than ever. After they successfully complete the game, Sal goes to hug them. And, of course, they bolt off.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

Stuck in elevator

In a surprise punishment, Sal is trapped inside an elevator with a sick man and a lady with a cat – all the things Sal wholeheartedly despises. A fake rescue team arrives to present a picture that recuse effort is going on while Sal is going crazy inside.

He asks the man to cover his mouth while coughing more than multiple times. However, soon he notices the camera on the roof of the elevator which makes it clear to him that it’s a punishment underway.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

Opening for Imagination Dragons

For a double punishment, Sal and Joe are the opening act for an Imagine Dragons concert. The guys with no music experience whatsoever are dressed as though they are going to rip the stage.

Joe is behind the drums while Sal is the voice. Sal does a terrible worm before performing a stage dive with nobody to catch him. One of the Imagine Dragons members remarks, “It was worse than our Imagination Dragons.”

Best of Sal - Impractical Jokers

I put my hand in your shirt

Touching a man’s chest from under the shirt is what Sal needs to do in order to win a challenge. Impossible, right? But Sal has got a plan to pull off the bizarre task.

He ad-libs a song with only one line which goes, “I put my hand in your shirt”. While buzzing his stupid song, he goes from one man to another trying to get his hand into their shirt. Of course, all he got in his hand was a loss.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

Sal got issues

A running joke on the show, other Jokers regularly take the mickey out of Sal using his own fears. The tiniest things can put him off and that’s what his friends use to their advantage. Especially Murr has this strange fascination with messing with Sal. He will  sneeze in front of him, eat food in a makes-Sal-uncomfortable way, step on his sneakers, and much more.

And, more often than not, his punishments also involve garbage, dogs, dung and cats. In one of the punishments, the Jokers barge into his house and render it as untidy as possible. In another one, he has to clear some elephant faeces. Sal’s bad set of friends!

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Sal

Short on patience

In this rare event where a task turns into punishment, a child actor is entrusted with testing Sal’s patience. The little kid is asked to do his job wrong, and Sal gets increasingly annoyed.

Even the guys behind the camera are surprised to witness Sal’s short fuse. In the end, Sal angrily walks off to the production unit where he is informed the bit was planned.

Kid’s talent show judge

Sal is one of the judges in a kid’s talent show. Kids are talented, but Sal, the judge, has to ridicule their skills. One after other, several kids come with a variety of impressive talents, but Sal has only got harsh words for each one of them.

At Jokers’ instructions, the man orders a bag of chips during one of the performances and eats it as loudly as possible. Though he savages the performers, he doesn’t have the courage to look people in the eyes who are understandably fuming.

There we have it our list of 10 best Impractical Jokers moments featuring Sal. Did we include one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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