Berserk of Gluttony – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

To Galia

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 5 begins with Hado facing off against Fate. Hado deploys his warriors to attack Fate, but Fate defeats them with ease and the rest run away. Fate then faces Hado.

Fate reveals his face and shocks Hado. Hado uses the holy sword attack, but Fate dodges it. Fate consults Greed before slicing Hado’s sword. He confronts Hado about all the turmoil he brought to innocent people before slamming his face into multiple trees.

Fate then uses his special attack to blow Hado to pieces, leaving only his body. Fate questions him about Roxy’s mission. Hado pleads that he will cancel the expedition if his life is spared, but Fate drives a sword through his chest and kills him.

Roxy prepares for her trip to Galia and leaves assuring them that she will meet them in 3 years. Fate also leaves the job at the House of Hart to become a warrior. Haru gives him his pay for the days he worked as well as severance pay before he leaves. Roxy arrives to give a speech to the warriors accompanying her to Galia and meets Miria and Mugan.

Rinae conducts research on the monsters slain by the Corpse. They realize they aren’t normal arrow wounds, but instead wounds inflicted by magic arrows cast by the black sword. They contemplate the ability of the powers it holds.

On his journey, Fate arrives at Tetra city. He inquires about a ride to Galia, but is informed to return the next day. He decides to do his research and have food during his wait. Entering a restaurant, he sees a man pleading with the warriors to help with their monster problems, but they end up bullying him. Fate teaches them a lesson and recognizes the man to be Set.

He recalls his moments in the village and how Set used to bully him. He also recalls Set’s father kicking him out of the village after the death of his father. However, on Set’s request, he agrees to help the village fight the monsters.

Arriving at the village Fate is met with animosity from Set’s father. His father suggests they’d rather sacrifice Set to the monsters and buy time for more warriors. Set, however, vouches for Fate and takes him home.

Set claims to be a changed man after the birth of his daughter, and renounces his father’s ideas. He tells Fate about the monsters, giving him an idea of how to fight them. Following that, Set’s daughter plays with him and offers him candy.

Later when they sit for dinner, Fate abruptly faints. Set questions him about eating anything suspicious. His daughter reveals that she offered him candy given to her by her grandfather. Set is afraid his grandfather is serious about offering Fate as a sacrifice at the end of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 5.

The Episode Review

The anime finally delivers the face-off between Fate and Hado. Unfortunately, Fate completely overpowers Hado. I expected more of a fight from Hado, considering he is a Holy Knight, but we don’t get to see one.

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 5 continues with Roxy’s assignment to Galia, and Fate also leaves the House of Hart to become a warrior and help her. The expedition is expected to bring a lot of epic battles, and maybe some that will actually pose a threat to Fate.

At the moment, the episode leaves us on a cliffhanger as the village he is protecting drugs him to sacrifice him to the monsters attacking them.

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