Berserk of Gluttony – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review


Berserk of Gluttony Episode 10 begins with Lady Roxy being informed about a loss of contact with a force sent toward the Great Ravine. They prepare to head out and rescue the force. Fate inquires with someone regarding the scabbard for greed and is informed he needs a special kind of magic crystal. Fate sets out in search of these crystals.

On his journey, Fate comes up against a few orcs and defeats them. Lady Roxy’s compass isn’t functioning, and it’s too cloudy to determine direction from the stars. They decide to follow the trails of orcs considering the population is most dense toward the south.

Fate tries to get some rest but has a strange nightmare. He sees a strange girl in white, and suddenly everything turns red. Some of the enemies he had killed emerge from underground and pull him in. He quickly wakes up and senses a few crowned beasts approaching him. Greed recognizes them as salamanders. Fate attacks them, but they realize something is controlling them.

The salamanders attack Roxy and her team. Just as they get cornered, Fate emerges and puts an end to the salamanders. They notice a strange symbol on their foreheads. Roxy thanks him, and they head their separate ways.

As Fate ventures out, he sees a lush green patch with monster statues all around. He also sees Eris in the wilderness and realizes she has something to do with the happenings. He also spots a coreless chimera lying in the wilderness.

Just then, he sees a huge explosion in the direction Roxy was heading. He once again swoops in to help them. He tells Roxy to target the core, and they manage to defeat the chimera. However, the chimera opens a huge hole in the ground, causing them to freefall into the deep pit.

Fate grabs Roxy to protect her from the fall. After the fall, he finds his mask has slipped off. He quickly puts it on before Roxy wakes up. As they converse, Roxy reveals that he reminds her of someone back in the Capital.

Just then, the gluttony kicks in, turning his eyes red. He runs away and looks for the monster he had sensed and is attacked by the chimera. He once again slays the chimera and finds a similar symbol on the forehead of the monster, reminding him of Eris.

A huge structure of crystals, which Fate is looking for, falls in front of them. Roxy reunites with the others after exiting the cave. The scene then switches to a mysterious masked warrior at the end of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 10.

The Episode Review

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 10 delivers the much-awaited team-up between Fate and Roxy and presents a display of action-packed scenes that only feel wholesome because of them. Roxy also catches a glimpse of Fate’s personality in Corpse, so the revelation is going to be interesting to watch.

Furthering the storyline, we also catch a hint of Eris, and the monsters make it clear they are being controlled by the same entity. For now, there don’t seem to be any other foes, and it will continue to be a game of hide and seek between Fate and the others, including Eris.

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