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Be My Favorite is a Thai supernatural romantic television boy love series that depicts the theme of time travelling. It tells the story of Botkawee, a 30-year-old man with plenty of regrets in his life. One of his biggest comes from him being too cowardly to chase the love of his life. However, life miraculously gives him a chance to travel back in time and change everything through a magical crystal ball. 

The plot of the series portrays the life of a man in a mid-life crisis who failed to live up to his potential despite his hard work. He travels back in time with this notion of what his life should have been and tries to make changes by being more open and outgoing, saving lives, and putting himself out there. In doing so, he realizes that life is not always as we think it should have been.

There is not much one can change, even with the chance to go back in time and relive moments, so the best is to live a life without regrets. As early as in its first episode, the series indicates that it has so much more to give aside from its romantic plot. It embodies the concept that even when one is in a mid-life crisis after accumulating so many regrets, there is always that one chance to re-evaluate one’s life, reimagine one’s sense of self, recalibrate values, and reassess choices which can make tremendous differences moving forward. 

Botkawee is an introverted and shy person afraid of criticism which makes him not put himself out there in his previous life. He regrets not fighting for his first love. He gets the chance to travel back in time with a solid plan but realizes life will always surprise you and he has to rise to the occasion.

He is the centrepiece of the series and is a joy to watch. He portrays vulnerability at the beginning and conveys the character’s behavior in his past life perfectly. In the second half after the time travel, the duality of the actor is expressed when he shifts to being daring, extroverted, and overall just hilarious to watch. 

Pisaeng appears mysterious, perfect, and cocky before one gets to know him, making Botkawee initially dislike him. However, Pisaeng is humble, caring, vulnerable, and highly troubled. In addition to the strained relationship with his mother and his friends, he has a deeply hidden secret about his sexuality.

There are cracks in his cool exterior too, showing he is not just a pretty boy but a person with immense depth in personality and warmth. He is only himself when he is with his favorite person, Botkawee. 

The supporting character, Pearmai, is kind, caring, and considerate. The writing of her character is rich enough in the series giving her a life outside of romance interests with her family and personal struggles. Pearmai is neither an obstruction to the main love story nor is she nothing more than a springboard to the main love story. The rest of the supporting cast is also well-written to accentuate the story plots and themes.

Despite its non-linear storyline, the series’ script storytelling is clear and easy to follow. The script gives enough exposition at the start of the series and continuously reveals vital information beat by beat most effectively, and the story never drags. There is a bit of comedy that leaves the audience cracking and enough drama to tug at the heartstrings. Despite the supernatural time-travelling plotline, the story is relatable.

At one time, people feel like they have failed to live up to their potential, lack confidence, and end up sabotaging every shot at experiencing true love, joy, and fulfilment. If you are looking for a Thai BL to binge watch, you won’t regret watching this one!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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