Be Mine Superstar Season 1 Review – Weak plot nearly ruins palpable chemistry between leads

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Be Mine Superstar is a Thai Boy Love drama series that follows the story of Punn, a third-year film student who has had a crush on a big-time star, Ashi, from back in high school. Punn lands an internship opportunity at the filming of Prince of Love, a Thai Lakorn whose lead character is Ashi. The opportunity gives Punn a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be close to his crush and possibly express his love. 

The script of Be Mine Superstar does not take itself seriously since it leans into the overacting in Thai Lakorn. The acts within the Prince of Love are melodramatic, and any viewer who takes them seriously will get irritated and furious. However, understanding the intended comedy makes the watch fun since the script lets viewers in on the joke.

There is the theme of fights and sabotage between agents in the entertainment industry, where one prioritises her artists while the other prioritises making money by exploiting the artists. The plot is comedic as much as it is sexy. It gives both fun, fluffy love scenes and hardcore sexy moments to the main and the support roles.

In the lead role, there is Punn and Ashi. Punn is a comedic goofball who is unafraid to make fun of himself. He is loving, caring, and protective of his lifetime love. The love story begins in high school, and it is more of a first-time puppy love becoming a reality. Punn’s goofiness and immature tendencies perfectly portray the love between an idol and his fan.

On the other hand, Ashi is an idol who is mature, humble, and caring. He does not look down upon the people he works with and does not hold himself on a pedestal. He is principled and faithful despite having many of his peers interested in him and expressing their love. 

Like Ashi, Ming is also humble and caring. He takes Punn under his wing and helps him pursue his crush. He is also persistent, forgiving and understanding, especially when pursuing his one-night stand. He is protective of Ashi and Punn and easy-going. 

Ning is his exact opposite. At first, he is tense, serious, cold, stubborn, and inflexible. However, Ming melts his ice-cold demeanour, and he becomes affectionate, caring, loving, and expressive of his love. He is also protective of Ashi and Punn, helping Ming help them through their relationship. 

Title is the epitome of selfishness and narcissism. He is manipulative and jealous, thinking that if the person he loves does not love him, then he does not deserve to be loved by anyone else. He is also stalkerish and devious.

His agent, Sompriao, shares his selfishness and cunning behaviour. Sompriao is also selfish and greedy and will go to any length to achieve her devious goals, including using blackmail and sabotaging her opponents. She is also manipulative and gets Bank to do all her dirty bidding with a promise of a role in a TV show.

Unlike Sompriao, Wan is a caring agent. She looks after her artists, and she is protective. She prioritises her artist’s preferences and supports their choices in work and relationships. 

Other supporting characters include Punn’s family. His brother Pai is the little brother we all want to have. He is annoying just as much as he is adorable. He is caring and protective of Punn and is always concerned about his crush on someone out of his league. He is also supportive of his brother’s seemingly unrealistic desires. Punn’s mother, father, and grandmother are, similarly, loving, caring, and supportive. They do not belittle Punn’s love for an idol and encourage him to be brave and follow his heart.

Punn’s university friends Suea, Diao, and Sugas are the typical goofy, chatty, funny, teasing, and nosy bunch. 

Overall, Be Mine Superstar is a fun, breezy watch without significant plot twists, but it is overstretched. The conflicts in the last two episodes between Punn and Ashi are pointless, which makes these episodes excruciatingly hard to watch. The plot is weak but to be fair, it features some fantastic actors, amazing chemistry, and excellent love scenes. 

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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