Be Mine SuperStar – Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Promises of Forever 

The final episode of Be Mine Superstar starts with Mingmuang and Namning visiting Punn at the university after the breakup. Ming wants to know who told Punn about Ashi’s notebook, and he reveals that it is Title.

Ming understands that Title’s purpose is to break Punn and Title up. Regardless, Punn says that what Title said was true, and he saw it in Ashi’s notebook. Whether or not Title wants to sabotage the relationship, he does not want to be hurt by Ashi. Ashi did not want to love anyone; therefore, for Punn, it is over between them. If Ashi does not feel the same, that is up to him. 

What happens to Punn and Ashi?

Both Ashi and Punn are dejected about the breakup. Ming visits Ashi to tell him that Title told Punn about Ashi’s notes. Ashi takes some time off work, and knowing that Punn talks to Ming but not him makes Ashi even sadder. He, however, decides to give talking to Punn a try and drives to his home. He is unable to get inside so he watches him from the door.

Punn notices Ashi hiding but does not go to greet him. He goes up to his room and watches Ashi from the window. Ashi stays around for some time and then drives away. Punn’s mother is worried about them. 

Ashi has to go to Japan to promote the movie. He asks Wan for an indefinite leave from work in Thailand after the promotion to take care of his heart. He will ask Kevin for help with finding an agency in Japan and will stay and work there for a while. He will try it out first and see if it works. If all goes well, he will remain in Japan in the long run.

Ms Wan agrees on the condition that Ashi makes her his agent again if he comes back to Thailand. Ashi hopes long-distance separation might help him get better. Wan and Ming suggest that he say goodbye to Punn before he leaves.

Ashi visits Punn at his house, and his mother welcomes him. Soon after, Punn and Pai arrive, and Punn does not want to talk to Ashi. Ashi insists and tells Punn that what he wrote in the notebook are his true feelings. When acting with Kevin, he felt like it was Punn there with him because that was the feeling from his heart. Ashi loves Punn, and he never uses his affection to trick him. Punn still pushes Ashi away. 

Ashi leaves for Japan but is unable to get over Punn. Back in Thailand, Punn is also unable to get over Ashi. His mother gives him a new perspective on Ashi’s feelings. Ashi loves Punn and does not want to share his love with anyone else; therefore, when acting, he sees Kevin as Punn. Punn decides to go to Japan to surprise Ashi. 

In Japan, Punn visits the temple and wishes that he and Ashi get through their difficulties and get back together. He sits hidden near the statue, and soon after, Ashi arrives at the same temple. He makes the same wish as Punn, to fall in love again. He misses Punn, and his feelings get stronger every day. He loves Punn with all his heart and is the only one.

Punn hears his confession from where he is hiding. He runs after Ashi and, from a distance, sees him kiss their couple’s bracelet. He calls out to Ashi and tells him that he does not have to kiss the bracelet since he is here now. He can kiss him instead. They reunite, running into each other’s arms.

Punn apologizes for misunderstanding Ashi. Ashi and Punn promise to love each other forever and never be apart. On a bridge, under the snow, they seal their promise with a kiss and hugs. 

What happens to Title?

Through Wan’s help, Title manages to get a lead role. He loses his friendship with Ming when he tells him that if Ashi cannot love him, he does not deserve love from anyone else. Wan gets angry that Title sabotages Ashi and pulls him out of the lead role. Title goes to confront Wan, and she threatens to destroy him and his career.

Wan tells him he is selfish and does not deserve to be in the industry. Title almost hits Wan, and she secretly records the confrontation and posts it online. The clips go viral, and Title is unable to get away with the scandal. 

What happens to Mingmuang and Namning?

Ming and Ning get back together and are happy together. Ning agrees to move in with Ming, and Wan is satisfied that Ming has found his soul mate. Together, they try to help Ashi and Punn work on their relationship and even go to Japan with Punn when he goes to surprise Ashi.

How Does Be Mine Superstar end?

The final episode ends with both couples, Punn and Ashi, Ming and Ning, promising to love each other forever while in Japan. Ming and Ning kiss under a tree after a swim, and Ning says that when he is with Ming, he is so happy he is about to burst. Elsewhere on a bridge covered in snow, Ashi promises to love Punn forever and never be apart.

Punn thanks Ashi for choosing him to fulfil his life and promises to love him with all his heart and be the only love of his life forever. 

The Episode Review

The final episode wraps up Be Mine Superstar beautifully, with the couple getting their happy endings. Punn understands the reason why Ashi took Kevin as him while acting, and the realization makes him happy and bold enough to chase after his love.

Ning chooses to love Ming, and the episode highlights just how glad they are together. Title gets his karma when he loses everything due to his selfishness. Ashi gave him a chance and invited him to the fold when his agent was arrested, but he still does not have Ashi’s best interest at heart.

He needed to be taught a lesson, and Wan did exactly that. Overall, Be Mine Superstar is a fun watch, but definitely not for everybody.

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