Be Mine Superstar – Season 1 Episode 1 Review & Recap

The Return of The High School Crush

Episode 1 of Be Mine Superstar starts with Ashi shooting a scene for his series, Prince of Love. The next scene introduces the rest of the cast through a confrontation between the artist managers, Wan and Praew. Wan manages Ashi and Mueang, while Praew manages Title and Vorra. 

Elsewhere, Punn’s younger brother Pai tiptoes into his room while he sleeps and disfigures a wall-mounted photo of Ashi. Pun has various images of Ashi in his bedroom and a body pillow. Punn wakes up and chases his brother out of the room, and they have a confrontation in front of their grandmother, who switches off the tv when he hears them running down the stairs. She was watching Prince of Love. Their mother steps in.

Pai teases Punn to stop chasing false hopes since he will never get to meet Ashi, his favourite actor, in real life. Pun vows that he will make Ashi his, to which Pai replies that he has been waiting to see that happen for nine years. Their mother finally stops their altercation and scolds Pai for teasing his brother about Ashi, and he knows Punn loves Ashi so much. 

Ashi and the Prince of Love cast hold a press session to promote their series, after which Ashi, Title, and Mueang go to a product launch event. 

Punn gets ready to meet his friends Suea, Gus, and Diao. He arrives at the hotel, and it happens to be the same one where Ashi is having the product launch. Suea calls Punnsince he is late. Gus asks him to bring his brother Pai, but Punn rejects the request. Gus is also Ashi’s fanboy and has invited his friends to the same hotel to see Ashi. Punn was running late, and they were waiting for him, making Gus miss the event. 

Punn arrives at the hotel, and as he heads out searching for his friends, he accidentally bumps into Ashi. Instead of finding his friends, he first goes to the product launch event. Punn finally arrives at his friend’s table. He has a big smile but does not tell his friends why. They ask about his internship, and while the rest got responses and shared them in the group chat, Punn did not; they wanted to help him.

Film walks into the coffee shop and notices Gus. She knows Gus and comes to their table to greet them. She was in the hotel shooting Ashi’s product launch. She tells them that she works on the set of Prince of Love. Punn asks Gus to help ask Film to make a follow-up on his internship application, which he sent to the set of Prince of Love.

In retrospect, the cause of the hostility between Praew and Wan is explained. They started an artist management company together, but they disagreed on management styles. Praew would ask for hiked fees on the artists’ jobs but fail to pay the artists. Praew was mistreating the artists in the modelling agency, and Wan left with Mueang and Ashi to start their agency. Title did not go with them since he was scouted by Praew and had to follow her.  

Punn arrives back home to brag to his brother about meeting Ashi. Pai teases him again, saying he was daydreaming. He tells them about his internship. In retrospect, Punn’s love for Ashi is explained. Punn’s crush on Ashi started when they were in high school. One day, Punn got injured, and Ashi helped tend to his wounds. 

Elsewhere, Mueang walks into a bar and notices a handsome and nerdy man, totally his type. He drinks alone at the bar, and Muenag requests to join him. They spend a night together at a hotel. The following day the guy wakes up earlier than Muenag to leave. He gets a call from a clinic; he is a doctor and has to go since patients are waiting.

Mueang tries to get his number to arrange another meeting with him, but he says he prefers one-night stands and walks out of the room. At the end of the episode, Ashi calls Mueang for an urgent meeting with Sopha. She asks Ashi, Mueang, and Wanthey need to work unconditionally with Praew. 

The Episode Review

Nothing much happened in this episode, but it does an excellent job of introducing the series and the characters. It was initially confusing since one could not understand the reason behind the loathing between Wan and Praew or why Punn is so in love with Ashi. 

However, the series did not drag the confusion out for long; they brought retrospect to explain this, leaving the rest of the time to enjoy the episode. The second couple, Mueng and the doctor, are an exciting pair to watch and see if their relationship happens or if the doctor disappears as fast as he came into Mueng’s life. 

Although the plot of the characters being actors in the series, the first episode is promising, and I’m particularly looking forward to diving into this journey between Pun and Ashi with a hint of thrilling curiosity about Mueng and the one-night stand doctor!


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Expect a full-season review when this season concludes!


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