Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 16 Recap & Review, & Ending Explained

Episode 16

Episode 16 of Behind Your Touch kicks off with Ye-bun seeing Mr. Park’s memories of kidnapping Ok-hui, but Ye-bun can’t see her exact location because Mr. Park shut his eyes for that part of the memory. Ye-bun holds a knife to Mr. Park’s throat and forces Mr. Park into Jang-yeol’s car. The other police try to stop her, but she tells them to let her do it because it’s the only way she can save Ok-hui. She tells Jang-yeol to drive, and the other police jump in their cars to follow.

In the car, it becomes clear that this was Mr. Park’s idea. He wouldn’t tell them where Ok-hui is but would show them if they let him out. They take him to the area where he says she is. When they get out, Mr. Park stalls until Mr. Baek and his men arrive and nab Jang-yeol and Ye-bun.

Do Ye-bun and Jang-yeol escape capture?

The men take them to an abandoned warehouse sort of set-up and then beat Jang-yeol up very badly. Ye-bun gets her hands tied with a cable tie. Jang-yeol tells Ye-bun to look at his memories of the police academy. When she touches his butt, she sees his memories of how to break a cable tie.

Meanwhile, Mr. Baek and Mr. Park talk. Mr. Park saw Jang-yeol’s memories and turned him into Mr. Baek. Mr. Baek tells Mr. Park that he has arranged a way to smuggle him to China, but it will cost a lot of money. Mr. Park tells him about Ye-bun’s powers.

Meanwhile, men come and drag Jang-yeol away. One of the men comes at Ye-bun with a needle. She grabs the needle and injects it into him. He passes out, and she sees his memories of where they took Jang-yeol. She sneaks her way into where he is. He is lying on an operating table. The man who is about to operate on him sees Ye-bun and comes toward her, but she grabs a metal pipe and beats him with it.

Suddenly, Jang-yeol gets up and stops her. They walk out to see Mr. Baek and all of his goons standing there, but the two of them take them all out. Only Mr. Baek is left standing. He surrenders to Jang-yeol.

Ye-bun calls Jong-mook and tells him where they think Ok-hui is. Yong-myeong and the other Mujin police stand by Jong-mook, looking concerned. Detective Kang drives up and asks where Jang-yeol is, but Jong-mook doesn’t answer.

What happens to Ok-hui?

A group of motorcyclists drive up (Da-eun and her friends) and give the Mujin police team rides. They arrive at the spot where Ye-bun told them. Yong-myeong calls Ye-bun, who says that she doesn’t have any more hints as to where Ok-hui is. Yong-myeong shares that he sometimes focuses on small sounds when he teaches and asks Ye-bun to see with her ears when she recalls Mr. Park’s memories of hiding Ok-hui.

She does what he asks and hears wind chimes this time. Yong-myeong looks around and sees a chime hitting a light post. Meanwhile, Ok-hui struggles to scream through the duct tape covering her mouth. It looks like she is in a silo or at the bottom of a well. Ye-bun reveals that she also heard a fluttering sound like a banner. Da-eun sees some clothes fluttering on a tree. Ye-bun says that next she heard a thump.

Da-eun starts footing around and finds a covered door to a cellar in the ground. He jumps down and takes Ok-hui’s tape off. She is unresponsive, so he starts to do CPR, but she stops him by putting a hand over his mouth. When the ambulance comes, he tries to hold her hand, but she crushes it. He only feels relief that she is okay.

What about Mr. Park?

Now with Ok-hui safe, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun’s attention turns to Mr. Park. They get Mr. Baek to tell them where he is. They arrive at a fishing port, and Ye-bun gets some kids to play a game with her so that she can touch them to see where Mr. Park went. She sees that he is hiding out in a house nearby. They enter the house, and Mr. Park grabs a knife before exiting through a window.

A man walks by Mr. Park, and Mr. Park stabs him and looks into his eyes. Jang-yeol and Ye-bun find the man lying on the road, and Ye-bun touches him. Mr. Park left a memory message for Ye-bun: “If you keep coming [after me], I’ll kill the next person for real.” Jang-yeol and Ye-bun still pursue him and come across what looks like another stabbed victim. Jang-yeol runs for aid while Ye-bun looks at the victim. It’s actually Mr. Park wearing someone else’s coat.

Mr. Park takes Ye-bun to a boat, and Jang-yeol arrives shortly. Mr. Park presses a knife into Ye-bun’s throat, threatening to kill Ye-bun if Jang-yeol comes near them. Jang-yeol tells them that he has a superpower, and catches Mr. Park off guard. He kicks him on his back and handcuffs him, saying that that is his superpower.

Park taunts Ye-bun by saying that his arrest doesn’t matter because he’ll have it easy in jail. She angrily pokes his eyes and bites his head while Jang-yeol tries to pull her off.

After everything has calmed down, Jong-mook visits Hyun-ok to ask her to take a trip with him to see a wedding—their wedding. They start to awkwardly kiss when Mi-ran bursts in, looking for Ye-bun. She needs something—or rather, someone—neutered. Her husband, of course.

Later, Deok-hee and Jong-mook say goodbye to Jang-yeol at the bus station. He is going back to Seoul. The bus starts to leave, and Jang-yeol looks around sadly for Ye-bun.

Ye-bun runs to the station but doesn’t see him anywhere. She turns around, and there he is standing there. He says he’ll catch the next bus or the non-existent night bus. They tentatively talk about seeing each other in the future.

How does Behind Your Touch end?

Eight months later, Ye-bun is featured on a dog talk show as an expert animal communicator. After the show, Ok-hui drives Ye-bun home while she talks to Yong-myeong in a baby voice on the phone. Yong-myeong still calls her “Sis.” They drive by the Seoul police station, and Ye-bun makes Ok-hui stop the car.

Ye-bun walks up to Jang-yeol with weird neon-bright lipstick, just as Ok-hyun did to Jong-mook early in the show. She flirtatiously asks to have dinner with him. They go to a restaurant, and Ye-bun tries to tell Jang-yeol her plan for the future, but his phone keeps going off. He says that his case is taking up a lot of his time, and she offers to help him. He refuses, saying that he doesn’t want to put her in danger. She keeps asking, and he gives in.

Jang-yeol puts her in a women’s prison to touch a perpetrator. Ye-bun pretends to be a prisoner and volunteers to be a goalie on the women’s soccer team. But instead of blocking the ball, Ye-bun lunges for the woman’s butt. The woman turns around and is about to head-butt Ye-bun when the goalie steps in and stops her. It’s Jang-yeol. He tells her that he has been watching over her, and they happily leave to go on a date as the prisoners angrily chase after them.

The Episode Review

That’s our Behind Your Touch finale, and it’s bittersweet. And at long last, the three couples are official. But I can’t believe that the police cars didn’t follow closely enough to be near Jang-yeol and Ye-bun when they were driving away with Mr. Park. They even had time to catch up with Mr. Park stalling. It’s just too ridiculous. I think the K-drama’s creators took too much creative liberty in that aspect.

Everything that happened with Sun-woo is so sad. Episode 16 of Behind Your Touch didn’t contain any nods to his character or any of the others that passed previously, like Ye-bun’s mom or grandpa. Sun-woo’s death in particular is something that is going to linger throughout Ye-bun and Jang-yeol’s whole lives, but they don’t portray that here as I would have expected.

The residents of Mujin are so likeable that it’s hard to see their time on the screen come to an end. We’ve got to hand it to the show’s creators for being so original. This is a really fun and intriguing drama that will not be forgotten by those who’ve seen it…but we’ll have more on that in our season review. So keep an eye out for it!

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