Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Behind Your Touch starts off at the hospital. Seung-gil has just died. Jang-yeol grabs his keys and heads out, ignoring Ye-bun’s protests. The two go to Baek’s place, and Jang-yeol beats him up within a second of seeing him, saying that he killed Seung-gil. Ye-bun stops Jang-yeol and touches Baek’s rear. She sees Seung-gil telling Baek that Seung-gil will return only after Jang-yeol is dead.

Ye-bun tells Jang-yeol that Baek did not kill Seung-gil. A group of policemen from Seoul burst in and arrest Jang-yeol and Baek due to someone making a complaint. Jong-mook visits Jang-yeol in his temporary jail cell and shows him photos of Seung-gil’s body. They show random stab wounds. Jong-mook says that if someone wanted to kill him, they would have struck him intentionally.

One of the Seoul cops asks how Jang-yeol knew Baek was doing drug trafficking, and Jang-yeol says that he has an informant. Jong-mook gives Ye-bun a ride home and asks if she and Jang-yeol are together. She adamantly denies it. Inside, Ye-bun stays up, waiting to see if Jang-yeol will arrive at his home next door. She eventually goes to bed, mumbling about how she is glad he isn’t here.

In the morning, Dr. Jung struggles to pick up tofu with his chopsticks. Later, Ye-bun asks Ok-hui why she likes Jang-yeol, and she tells her that it’s because he isn’t scared of her like most men are. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol observes Seung-gil’s body and promises Seung-gil that he will catch his killer. He walks to Ye-bun’s clinic and asks for her help, while Ok-hui watches suspiciously.

Jang-yeol brings her to the scene of the crime, a sidewalk bench. Unfortunately, the only eyewitnesses happen to be some baby crows. Jang-yeol procures some climbing gear so Ye-bun can reach its nest at the top of an electric pole. She climbs up only to find that the baby crows are not able to open their eyes yet, so they didn’t see anything.

They start looking around, and Jang-yeol spots a snake. Jang-yeol grabs it, and Ye-bun starts looking for the snake’s butt. In its memories, she sees a rain-cloaked figure stabbing Seung-gil. Ye-bun and Jang-yeol walk into a shop and see someone outside with the same raincoat on. The figure turns around, and they see that it’s Sun-woo. Once they start looking more closely, they realize that many of the townspeople have identical raincoats.

Jang-yeol learns that it did not rain the day Seung-gil died, and the killer must have worn the raincoat so that he could easily wipe the blood away. So the crime must have been premeditated.

Ye-bun sees Hyun-ok cutting Kimchi with a decorated knife and remembers Seung-gil’s memories of being stabbed with an identical knife. She grabs it and takes it to the police station. But everyone at the station says they have the same knife at home. Jang-yeol concludes that the killer must be a Mujin resident.

Ok-hui visits Mr. Park and asks him how she can be a shaman like Ye-bun. He tells her she can’t become one but says he can give her a talisman. Ok-hui demands that he use chicken blood to write one. Da-eun’s brother brings them a chicken, and then Ok-hui picks the lock to Jang-yeol’s apartment, putting the talisman in his underwear drawer just before he steps inside. Ok-hui hangs on the ledge outside.

At the clinic, Ye-bun looks at a puppy who saw a dead body (Si-a) on the beach. Ye-bun investigates for herself, sees the body, and then calls the police. The police observe identical stab wounds like those on Seung-gil’s body. Jong-mook gets upset that there are all of a sudden two murders in their small town.

Jang-yeol interviews Si-a’s manager, who says that he has not seen her in two weeks, but that’s normal for their relationship. He interviews Si-a’s boyfriend, who says that he didn’t think of it when she didn’t come see him, as she often changed her mind about things.

Sun-woo says that she bought beer the last day she was alive, and Mr. Park shows Jang-yeol the live stream that he had with her in it. He then visits the auto repair shop where Si-a’s van is. The owner tells him that he was called to get the van, but no one was there when he got there.

Jong-mook interviews hospital staff from when Si-a was hospitalized after her suicide attempt, and the nurse says she saw Si-a get into a fight with Hyun-ok. She says that Hyun-ok seems like a handful. Jong-mook defends her and chastises the nurse. Hyun-ok eavesdrops nearby, hearing everything.

Deok-hee finds out that assemblyman Cha Ju-man sent Si-a money for doing a promotional video with him. Later, Deok-hee looks at Si-a’s livestream comments for suspects. Officer Mi-ran privately deletes a comment that she wrote, which says, “You have a boyfriend, don’t you? Hypocrites like you must die!”

Jang-yeol updates Ye-bun about the case and tells her that the body is Si-a and that she was in a car accident. Ye-bun reveals that she saw Kwang-shik getting into a car with Si-a when she touched his butt the other day. Kwang-shik tells Jang-yeol that he gave Si-a a ride and tries to touch Jang-yeol’s leg, but Jang-yeol brushes his hand away, saying that he needs to get to the station.

Jang-yeol suggests to Jong-mook that whoever killed Si-a killed Seung-gil, and Jong-mook gets angry and starts ranting about how news of a serial killer would destroy Mujin. The townspeople start to get fearful and speculate that the killer must be an outsider. Mr. Park listens nearby and voices that a rite should be held to prevent any more killings.

Ye-bun walks into the convenience store, and Sun-woo offers to walk her home. He tells her not to walk around at night alone and offers to accompany her again if she needs to go out at night. Ye-bun’s heart soars with hope, thinking that he likes her. But it crashes to the ground a moment later when he sees Hyun-ok walking home alone.

Jong-mook asks Jang-yeol what the killer’s motive might be, and Jang-yeol confesses he doesn’t know. Jong-mook still grants him permission to investigate both murders with the presumption that there is only one murderer.

The next day, the townspeople have a village meeting to decide whether they should hold a rite. Hyun-ok says that CCTVs would be better. Ju-man promises that if he is elected, he will install CCTVs on every street. Sun-woo pipes up, saying that Ju-man is only there to get more votes. Dr. Jung tells Sun-woo that he has no say because he is an outsider. After some arguing, it’s decided that a rite will be held.

Ye-bun walks outside, and Jang-yeol chastises her for walking alone at night. He tells her to come somewhere with him because he needs her help anyway. Ok-hui watches with jealousy. As they walk, Jang-yeol tells Ye-bun to touch everyone in Mujn. Ye-bun gets to work by pretending to be a tough girl, and she pats down some teenage thugs for “cigarettes.”

Ok-hui asks Mr. Park for a talisman that will make things not work out between two people. Mr. Park says he can give her one, but it will bring bad luck to her later if she uses it. But later, Ok-hui, apparently disregarding Mr. Park’s advice, leaves the talisman on Ye-bun’s pillow. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol is making people line up in front of a cardboard box with a hole cut in it so Ye-bun can touch people’s butts from the inside.

The same night, Ok-hui and Hyun-ok make wishes on shooting stars. Ok-hui wishes for someone to like her, and Hyun-ok wishes to be 21 again.

Ok-hui suddenly comes into Ye-bun’s room when she is sleeping and takes back the pillow. She tosses the talismans to the wind. One of the talismans blows onto Da-eun’s brother’s car, and he crashes it. He gets outside the car and is about to slip when Ok-hui catches him. The other talisman blows on her back. She starts talking to him in French, and he replies romantically—also in French. Fireworks suddenly go off overhead.

The next day is the rite. Mr. Park dances around while everyone claps. Hyun-ok’s ex appears and greets Dr. Jung, who slaps him. Jong-mook sees this and runs over. Jong-mook asks him why he is there, and he says he is trying to get back with Hyun-ok.

Suddenly, Mr. Park stops dancing and stumbles toward Jang-yeol, possessed. He holds his waist and says that it hurts so much and that he is cold. His voice changes, and a female’s voice says, “Get me out of here.” Mr. Park looks around, and the voice continues, saying that the person who killed her is here. Then Mr. Park passes out.

The Episode Review

They finally got to Si-a’s body, thank goodness. And now that Ok-hui has found herself a new man, this finally frees up Jang-yeol and Ye-bun’s inevitable romance, which is sure to be amusing.

The plot definitely showed its face in this episode, with the strong murder connections, and the resumption from Seung-gil’s death. The characters are becoming more and more familiar, too. Though Sun-woo and Ju-man remain mysteries.

The way this series frequently switches to different people, places, and events that happen on the same day is really nice. It keeps everything lined up and makes the viewer feel like they’re one of the Mujin townspeople, watching the days’ events unfold. Hopefully, the next episode will continue with this suspenseful stuff, and won’t have too many irrelevant story fillers like episode six and other previous episodes.

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