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Episode 6

Episode 5 of Behind Your Touch starts with Hyun-ok and some other women realizing that their underwear is going missing.

Jang-yeol gets a call about a woman who died of a drug overdose. She has a butterfly tattoo, and Jang-yeol says that she must have been killed by someone named Baek. The man on the other end says it doesn’t matter if they find any evidence to support that because Baek has some kind of hold on higher-ups in the police force.

Ye-bun starts walking to visit Kwang-shik, and Jang-yeol sees her and gives her a ride. Ye-bun texts Ok-hui that she is going for a ride with him and tells her not to get the wrong idea. Ye-bun falls asleep and wakes up to realize that Jang-yeol intentionally drove past her stop and didn’t wake her up. He takes her to Seoul and makes her touch a suspect’s butt, a man named Baek.

She sees that Baek bought a lot of fishing boats. Jang-yeol lets her wander off to buy something with money she borrowed from him while he asks Baek some questions. He checks him for a butterfly tattoo, but he doesn’t have one. Then he asks why he bought so many fishing boats and if they are for smuggling, but the man says nothing.

After Jang-yeol leaves, one of Baek’s goons comes in, Seung-gil, who is also the man from Jang-yeol’s memories in Episode 1. Baek says that they better kill Jang-yeol. On the drive home, Jang-yeol asks Ye-bun if she saw anything else besides boats in Baek’s memories, like the man she saw in Jang-yeol’s memories long ago. She says that she didn’t see anything else.

Ye-bun gets home to find Ok-hui waiting for her. She tells Ok-hui the truth about the day’s events, but Ok-hui warns her not to have any more exchanges with Jang-yeol.

Hyun-ok is angry that Ye-bun never visited Kwang-shik and makes her go to his farm at night. When she gets there, Kwang-shik shares that his power has been really useful with dating and encourages her to use her power as much as she can because they don’t know how long they’ll have powers. She asks to touch his butt, and sees that he has been on many successful dates. After Ye-bun finishes her work, he drives her to town.

Ye-bun sees Mr. Park exercising outside the convenience store, and Sun-woo walks out to say hi. She gives him some raw milk that Kwang-shik gave her, and he bends over to set it down. The wind blows a piece of paper onto his butt, and a hopeful Ye-bun reaches out to take it. But Mr. Park takes it off first and then drinks Sun-woo’s milk. Ye-bun pouts, but Mr. Park suddenly gets diarrhoea. She mutters, “Serves you right,” before walking home.

Jong-mook calls the team together to investigate some “disappearances”—of underwear. He proposes doing a stakeout to catch the pervert. That night, the team waits for a thief to arrive, and Mi-ran sees her cheating husband walk by with a woman. The team holds her back, but just then the thief comes and grabs some pants from a nearby clothesline.

They start chasing him, but the thief disappears, and then something gets thrown at Jang-yeol’s head, and that puts an end to it. The next night, they wait for the pervert to strike again. When he comes, Jang-yeol chases the thief again, and it’s a repeat of the night before. Jang-yeol, now thoroughly pissed, is determined to catch the culprit and starts giving everyone orders.

Then, Jang-yeol and Jong-mook eat inside a convenience store and see a man bend over right in front of the window, wearing women’s underwear. They chase him, and the man says that Mr. Park gave him the underwear. They go to interrogate Mr. Park, who says that he gave them to the pervert to change the man’s energy. He confesses that he actually wore the underwear himself and that he bought them from someone.

A man announces through speakers in the town that a pervert is on the loose and that Jang-yeol failed to catch him twice. Ye-bun and Ok-hui suddenly realize that they need to buy underwear that wouldn’t be embarrassing if stolen and then found by the police. They quickly buy some oversized undergarments and then get back to whatever they were doing.

Ok-hui asks if Jang-yeol is hungry, but he barely acknowledges her and keeps walking. Ok-hui decides to help Jang-yeol catch the thief and calls her gang to help her. She times all of their speeds to see who is fast, and the one guy in the group (known as Da-eun’s brother) who is always trying to prove his worth runs like the wind.

Meanwhile, Hang-yeol asks Sun-woo if he has seen any strangers, and he says that Jang-yeol is the only one he has seen. Sun-woo steps outside, and Ye-bun takes out some chewed gum to stick on Sun-woo’s butt and then “wipe off,” but Jang-yeol whacks her hand away and makes her look like a weirdo in front of Sun-woo yet again.

Jang-yeol takes Ye-bun inside the station and tells Ye-bun to touch his buttocks. He wants her to look in his memories to see if there is anything important to the pervert case that he has missed.

Ye-bun sees his memories of greeting a nun and memories of a teenager named Seung-gil who likes to drink and bully people. It is obvious that Jang-yeol cares for him. Then Ye-bun sees what she saw the first time she touched Jang-yeol’s butt: Jang-yeol was fighting some goons and then saw Seung-gil and asked him, “What are you doing here?” Then someone knocked Jang-yeol out with a metal pipe.

In another memory, she sees the pervert’s reflection in a street mirror as he runs from Jang-yeol. Ye-bun says it is one of her clients, and the two sneak into his residence that night. The man bolts out of the house, and Jang-yeol pursues, but Da-eun’s brother suddenly appears, zooming past him. He brings back the perv, leaving Jang-yeol far behind.

Jang-yeol finds himself in a wooded area and sees a shadow, thinking that it is the perv. But it is Seung-gil. Ye-bun watches them from nearby. Seung-gil suddenly stabs a knife into Jang-yeol before running away. Ye-bun runs to him, and Jang-yeol says not to call the police before passing out. She calls for help, but when the police team asks her who stabbed him, she says she doesn’t know.

After a successful surgery, Ye-bun peppers Jang-yeol with questions, but he doesn’t answer. They’re interrupted by Ok-hui playing the accordion outside his window. He tells Ye-bun to take Ok-hui with her when she leaves.

Then, Sun-woo and Mr. Park visit Jang-yeol, and Sun-woo observes that the knife went just by his spleen. Jang-yeol glances at Sun-woo with suspicion and says that he must know a lot about human anatomy. Sun-woo says it’s “just something I picked up,” and Mr. Park hands Jang-yeol some talismans.

Deok-hee comes in with a group of guys who seem to be hoping for Jang-yeol’s death so that they can eat funeral food. Deok-hee translates what they say for Jang-yeol, who seems flabbergasted.

At the station, Jong-mook sees some bloomer-like underwear and asks where the pervert grabbed the old lady panties from. The man is about to reveal that they are Hyun-ok’s. But she stops him by banging a binder on his head and yelling that he is a sick bastard for stealing pants from the elderly.

When she starts to walk home later, Jong-mook calls her to stop and hands her a gift sack. She accepts it with a huge smile and looks down to see that it is her own old lady underwear. Jong-mook says, “I didn’t mean to look at them. But when you were 21, you only liked pretty things.” He walks away, and she sees that under the old underwear is a new pair that he bought, and her hope returns.

Ye-bun and Cha Ju-man coincidentally meet at the hospital to see Jang-yeol, just as Sun-woo, Mr. Park, and Jang-yeol’s other visitors come down the elevator. Sun-woo says that he has never met Ju-man before, but his face reveals that he has.

As Ye-bun is about to go up the elevator, Seung-gil steps inside. When they get to Jang-yeol’s floor, he tries to make an exit through the stairs. She quickly calls Jong-mook and tells him to come to the front of the hospital. She follows Seung-gil down the stairs, and he asks her why she is following him and how hurt Jang-yeol is, as if he is worried.

Ye-bun asks why he stabbed Jang-yeol, and he doesn’t answer. He knocks her to the ground, and she manages to grab his buttocks. She sees his memories of being in a hospital with a nun lying on a bed, unconscious. Baek comes in and says that he is a friend of Jang-yeol’s, and he knows that Seung-gil needs money for the nun’s surgery. He makes Sueng-gil murder a guy for him.

In another memory, Jang-yeol tells Seung-gil that Baek stabbed him before, and he had his spleen removed, so if he gets stabbed there again, he won’t die. Ye-bun tells Seung-gil that she knows that he stabbed Jang-yeol to save him and that she never reported him. He tells her to shut it and runs away.

Jong-mook arrives, and Ye-bun says that she was mistaken about the culprit. Ye-bun visits Jang-yeol and tells him what she saw. Jang-yeol says that it doesn’t matter because Seung-gil is still a criminal. Sudeenly, Seung-gil comes in, drenched in blood. He tells Jang-yeol he is sorry, and Ye-bun touches him, seeing his happy memories of Jang-yeol and someone hitting Jang-yeol with a pipe, before he passes away or passes out (it isn’t 100% clear which).

The Episode Review

This is not the excitement that I was anticipating with this episode. They have totally left us in the lurch as far as what happened to streamer girl Si-a. Someone would have reported her missing by now, right? But then again, she never had any concerned friends or family about the previous kidnapping. It seems like each episode just unearths ten more questions. There is just so much going on.

So far, the characters are consistent, and Jang-yeol and Ye-bun have shown their expected growth. The comedy is there too, per usual. But what’s up with Sun-woo? We always knew there was more to him, but what that has to do with Cha Ju-man, I can’t tell. Even though we know who Seung-gil is now, there is still a lot of ambiguity. Stuff is not really coming together, and I just hope they give us some more meat in the next episodes.

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