Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Episode 15

Episode 15 of Behind Your Touch resumes with Sun-woo fighting for his life as he struggles with the rain-coated serial killer. He does his best to push the killer off of him, but the murderer lands a final stab with his knife, and Sun-woo says something in Arabic before he passes.

Ye-bun, armed with a shovel, comes looking for him. She cries over his body, and the killer watches from nearby before leaving.

Jang-yeol and authorities arrive, and Ye-bun slaps Jang-yeol and screams at him, “What are you going to do now?” Detective Kang leads her away, and Jang-yeol tries to touch her arm, but she shakes his hand away.

The rest of the police team finds Mr. Park in Sun-woo’s shed with his face covered in blood. He claims that someone suddenly struck the back of his head, and he didn’t see who it was. The team tells him about Sun-woo, and he runs outside, falls to his knees, and sobs.

Meanwhile, Detective Kang interrogates Ye-bun. He asks her why Kwang-shik walked to her clinic instead of the hospital the day he died and shows him the footage of her snaking in to see Mr. Park while he was arrested. She numbly gives basic replies. Jang-yeol comes in and tries to get Detective Kang to stop interrogating Ye-bun. They get into a fight, and Jang-yeol punches him before some men come in and carry him out.

Mr. Park and the townspeople talk about Sun-woo’s funeral. Mr. Park says that he will hold a funeral rite.

The police chief gives Jang-yeol a one-month suspension from work. Jang-yeol goes home and sits on his floor all night, mulling over the day’s events.

The next day, Ok-hui brings food for Ye-bun, but Ye-bun ignores her and stays in bed.

Jang-yeol steps outside his apartment to find the police team waiting for him. Jong-mook was able to get Jang-yeol unsuspended. Jang-yeol heads off to Seoul’s National Forensic Service HQ.

Ok-hyun pays Mr. Park a visit. She gives him some money for Sun-woo’s funeral. Later, townspeople come and give food for the rite.

Meanwhile, Ok-hui checks on Ye-bun again. Ye-bun hasn’t eaten and won’t get out of bed. Ok-hui brings up Jang-yeol. Ye-bun gets angry and tells her not to talk about Jang-yeol in front of her. Hyun-ok steps in and tells Ye-bun about the rite. Ye-bun remembers that Sun-woo was missing a shoe when she found him.

In Seoul, Jang-yeol meets with a forensic scientist to learn if they found anything about Sun-woo’s case. The scientist tells Jang-yeol that the only thing that Sun-woo had on him was a cellphone. The phone is locked and useless without a passcode. Detective Kang comes in and yells at Jang-yeol for getting involved in the case again.

Outside the forensic building, Jang-yeol figures out the killer’s black-out trick when he gets in his car. The killer creates blackouts by looking through tinted glass, probably sunglasses. That’s what Kwang-shik was trying to say when he died. Ye-bun couldn’t see what happened in the blackouts because she didn’t look closely.

Ye-bun buys some shoes for Sun-woo’s rite and then runs into Jang-yeol on her way home. She tries to ignore him, but he stands in front of her and shares what he discovered. Ye-bun tells him that it’s no use; he can’t catch the killer. She tells him to consider her a stranger from now on, and then walks to Mr. Park’s.

She walks inside, and there’s Mr. Park wearing sunglasses. She immediately touches his butt and sees memories of all of the killings. Mr. Park lifts up his shades and asks Ye-bun if she understands now. Mr. Park’s eyes flash. He can see her memories by looking into her eyes. He reveals that Sun-woo figured out that he was the killer, and that’s why he killed him.

When Mr. Park put his hand in a pickle jar to check for the murder weapon, he wasn’t checking to see if it was there because Sun-woo put it there; he was checking if it was still there, but Sun-woo had taken it. Sun-woo also ran into Mr. Park after he killed Kwang-shik, and that’s why he had blood on his hand that night.

Mr. Park says that he won’t kill Ye-bun because he never meant to kill her grandpa, and she can’t prove that he killed anyone.

The next day, Ok-hui spies on Ye-bun’s room from the rooftop. Jang-yeol finds her, and she explains that she is watching out for Ye-bun.

Ye-bun opens up the clinic, and Jang-yeol tells her that he is worried about her, but Ye-bun thinks he is just saying that so he can use her for her powers. Mr. Park walks up and looks into each of their eyes. He says they must be in an argument, and he’ll be on his way. Jang-yeol turns back to Ye-bun and says that he knows he ruined everything, but they still need to catch the killer. Ye-bun says that she never should have helped him, and she doesn’t want him to come back again.

Later, Mr. Park walks into Ye-bun’s clinic. He tells her that he came there to say that he gave Sun-woo’s sneakers to him. Ye-bun knows that he is only there to keep an eye on her.

Jong-mook pretends to be drunk and complains to Detective Kang about keeping information from him, while Jang-yeol sneaks into Kang’s office to get Sun-woo’s phone.

Ye-bun remembers Sun-woo’s last words, which were in Arabic, and puts together that he was saying her birthday. She gives Jang-yeol a note that says Mr. Park is the killer and gives her birthdate as the passcode.

Detective Kang arrests Mr. Park and shows him Sun-woo’s unlocked phone. Sun-woo had recorded Mr. Park killing him in his coat pocket. Mr. Park smiles at Jang-yeol as he gets escorted to the police car.

Detective Kang interrogates Mr. Park. He lays out all of his victims and tells him that they also found out that his wife in Australia was killed too. He refuses to speak until he sees Jang-yeol.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun sprinkle Sun-woo’s ashes into the ocean. Ye-bun apologizes for taking her anger out on Jang-yeol and reveals that she also suspected Sun-woo at times. They both admit self-hatred for everything that happened. Jang-yeol gets a call from Kang.

Mr. Park tells Jang-yeol that he fell down a hill into Kwang-shik’s barn during the meteor shower. The cow had turned its head and looked at him in the eyes when the meteor hit. So that’s how he got his psychic gift.

He admits that he strangled his wife because she cheated on him. He reveals that most of his murders had themes of betrayal, but he really just killed for fun. He got addicted to seeing people’s last memories. He says that if Jang-yeol doesn’t let Mr. Park go, then someone else will die.

Jong-mook rushes into Ye-bun’s home and looks for Hyun-ok. She is there, and she’s fine, but Deok-hee can’t find Ok-hui. He tells Ye-bun, and the two start getting scared. Ye-bun rushes into the interrogation room and demands Mr. Park tell her where Ok-hui is. She touches his butt and sees that he nabbed Ok-hui and drove her somewhere remote. But he closed his eyes after that, so Ye-bun couldn’t see where he put her.

Mr. Park realized that Sun-woo had given a hint to Ye-bun through his memory by speaking Arabic. That’s why he planned one last murder—just in case he got caught. He tells them to find her quickly because they are running out of time.

The Episode Review

Well, it looks like Sun-woo knew something after all. And he must have really liked Ye-bun to have her birthday as his passcode. But finally, we have our killer, and I’m glad the guessing game is over now. There was a hint about Mr. Park in a much earlier episode when he was getting coffee. The spirit of General MacArthur supposedly took over, and he muttered something about the killer having a gold badge.

What happened with Ok-hui and Yong-myeong, though? If he doesn’t show up in the last episode, I will be really surprised and sorely disappointed. Hopefully, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun will find Ok-hui and put the case to rest for good.

Some of the things that happen here are a little silly, like the sunglasses thing (I mean, really?) or predictable, but otherwise the series has been great so far. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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