Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Behind Your Touch picks up with the team regrouping at the festival. They conclude that Sun-woo must be the killer, but they don’t have any evidence. They’ll have to get him to visit the Butt of Truth booth.

Ok-hui comes up with a plan to lure Mr. Park away so that Sun-woo can watch the booth for him. Jang-yeol comes along and tries to make Sun-woo sit on the chair. He refuses, and Jang-yeol asks him a few questions. Sun-woo picks up on his intent and alleges that Jang-yeol is incompetent for not catching the killer, and he lets him know that he knows that he does not have any evidence yet.

Later, Ye-bun looks crestfallen (because Sun-woo is probably the killer). Jang-yeol asks if she is okay, but she shrugs it off. Hyun-ok is at home having a drink when Ye-bun arrives. She drunkenly tells Ye-bun how she is proud of her, and they make a plan to visit Ye-bun’s mom’s grave the next day.

At the gravesite, they have a conversation about Ye-bun’s mom (whose name is Jung Mi-ok), and Hyun-ok tells Ye-bun that her mother was very passionate and caring. Ye-bun doesn’t understand why she would have committed suicide, especially since she didn’t leave a letter. Hyun-ok also reveals that Mi-ok apparently told Ju-man that she was not doing well and that Ju-man used to have a crush on Mi-ok.

At the police station, Jang-yeol enters and dismisses a lot of citizens that the other cops are interviewing, upsetting Jong-mook. His tirade is interrupted by the police chief, who wants him in his office. The chief threatens that he will kill Jong-mook if he doesn’t make progress on the serial killer case and kicks him in his bad knee.

Jong-mook visits an older woman and asks about the victims of the redevelopment case. The woman says that she remembers one victim in particular—a single mother—but she has gone missing.

Ju-man visits Dr. Jung and asks him if there is anything he can do for him since he is his number one contributor. Dr. Jung insists he doesn’t want anything. Ju-man leaves, and Ye-bun follows him outside. She asks him if he knows why her mom committed suicide. Ju-man says that she was suffering from depression and was on medication. Inside, Hyun-ok asks Dr. Jung why he is collecting Mi-ok’s articles. Dr. Jung tells her that Mi-ok did not kill herself.

That night, Jang-yeol sneaks into Sun-woo’s room at Mr. Park’s place. He finds a journal with an old photo of a little boy in it just as Mr. Park comes in. Ironically, Jang-yeol asks him why he is sneaking into Sun-woo’s room. Mr. Park says that Sun-woo scolds him too harshly in his English lessons, so he is trying to cheat. Mr. Park realizes that Jang-yeol must suspect Sun-woo.

Kwang-shik is out in town and sees Sun-woo riding his bike. He decides to follow him to his work shed. He texts Jang-yeol about what he is doing and tells him that Sun-woo fell asleep and he is going to check on him. Jang-yeol texts back that he should leave because Sun-woo is dangerous. Kwang-shik enters the shop anyway.

Kwang-shik touches Sun-woo’s leg. Sun-woo suddenly wakes up, and Kwang-shik gets startled. He backs up onto some shelves and becomes buried in wood. Jang-yeol rushes to the hospital, approaches a body covered in bandages, and emotionally cries over him, shouting that he told him (Kwang-shik) to stay put. Someone comes and taps him on the shoulder.

It’s the actual Kwang-shik, who is fine but suffered some damage to his hands. He explains that it was all an accident. Sun-woo offers to drive Kwang-shik home, but Jang-yeol insists on doing it himself. Kwang-shik apparently did not see into Sun-woo’s memories.

Ye-bun calls Ok-hui to have a drink with her, but she declines as she is working. Ok-hui hangs up and asks her team of recruits to defend her family and Ye-bun. Yong-myeong appears and asks Ok-hui to take the prize that they won together—a TV. They childishly fight about it, apparently still broken up.

Meanwhile, Ye-bun is having a drink alone when Sun-woo shows up. He puts his jacket around her and asks her what she is thinking about. She says that she is thinking about her mom. Sun-woo reveals that he used to hate his mother for leaving him behind when he was young, but now he just misses her.

Sun-woo walks her home. Once they reach Ye-bun’s doorstep, she happily watches him walk away when Jang-yeol appears. He makes fun of her and scolds her for hanging out with a suspect. She insists that Sun-woo is too nice to be the killer, and Jang-yeol tells her what happened with him and Kwang-shik earlier.

The topic turns to how Jang-yeol is too much of a detective for Ye-bun to talk to. She argues that he has way more psychopathic tendencies than Sun-woo. She gives him some true statements to respond to, and he fails each test, proving her point. When she tells him that she wants to know why her mom committed suicide, he awkwardly pats her shoulder. She tenderly shows him how to do it properly.

The next day, Hyun-ok tells Jong-mook that Mi-ok did not commit suicide. Jong-mook heads inside the police station and instructs the team to go over all of the killing cases again. Later, he drives Hyun-ok to the old redevelopment site and reassures her that he will find out what happened to Mi-ok.

Jong-mook says that the site wasn’t even considered for redevelopment by investors. Mi-ok was the only person who wrote articles about the adverse effects of the redevelopment plan. Hyun-ok insists that they should look for the redevelopment victims.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jung visits Mi-ok’s grave and tosses aside a bouquet that was placed there by Ju-man, unaware that he is standing right there. When Dr. Jung sees him, he claims that he thought someone else had left the bouquet there. Ju-man tells him that he knows he was the one who took the donor list but realizes that it must have been because of Dr. Jung’s poor eyesight. Ju-man insists that he let Dr. Jung give him a ride home.

Jong-mook and Hyun-ok find out that Ju-man is the owner of nearly all the redevelopment land. Only one other person owns a plot, and they head off to visit him. At his house, the man says that the land that he and others bought had very low value once the redevelopment plan dropped.

Ju-man showed up and bought all the land at a slightly higher price. The man didn’t want to sell to such a deceptive person. He also says that the chairperson of the emergency committee (the single mom who is likely Sun-woo’s mom) was friends with Mi-ok but turned out to be a crook and ran away to Seoul.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol finds the location where Sun-woo’s old photo was taken. He asks Ye-bun if he ever lived in Mujin before, and she tells him that he said he hadn’t. Jang-yoel knows he lied.

Ju-man drops Dr. Jung off at home, and Ye-bun is there when he arrives. Ju-man leaves, and Dr. Jung starts to fall over. Ye-bun walks him inside. Hyun-ok’s ex-husband watches from afar. Later, Hyun-ok and Jong-mook go find the runaway woman in Seoul, but she isn’t at her house. The neighbor says that she went on a trip and will be back tomorrow, so they decide to go to a hotel together.

After they each separately shower, Hyun-ok tries to get Jong-mook to sleep next to her. He protests, and she handcuffs him to the bed and throws the key out of the window. She starts to kiss him when a fire alarm goes off. With Jong-mook unable to escape, they’re in trouble. The couple eventually escapes with Jong-mook attached to the bedframe.

Jang-yeol, also in Seoul, visits Sun-woo’s university. A secretary tells him that Sun-woo suddenly dropped out of grad school. He tells Jang-yeol that Sun-woo had hung up posters about Ju-man’s visit to the school in 2019 and hands him one. Jang-yeol finds a video of Ju-man’s lecture. Ju-man was promoting the prawn festival and talking about how it would create jobs.

Hyun-ok and Jong-mook visit the residence again, and the owner tells them that the woman who lived there was not the crook that the other man said she was. She says that she was penniless and lived a hard life. She asked the owner to watch her son for a few days, but then she disappeared. The owner sent the boy to a children’s home.

That night, Ju-man walks into his work building, and Ye-bun follows behind him, but she isn’t the only one. The killer is there too, garbed in a raincoat and wielding a knife pointed toward Ju-man. It is Mr. Park.


The Episode Review

Well, just as we’ve predicted since episode one, Ye-bun’s mom appears to have not died by suicide. And if Mr. Park is the serial killer, they’ve done a good job of disguising his motives.

Ok-hui and Yong-myeong only had a little bit of screen time, which is a little disappointing as their scenes have consistently carried a lot of comedy in the last several episodes. Though, it still had its comedic moments, predictable as they were (especially Kwang-shik’s “surprise” hospital appearance in front of Jang-yeol),

And there are also a few moments that evoke an eye roll. Like the university secretary happening to have a 6-year-old useless poster (of Ju-man’s lecture) located in the cabinet next to him and other over-the-top coincidental moments.

On the bright side, we’re slowly getting more answers, and Ye-bun and Jang-yeol are starting to warm up to each other. Hopefully, episode 12 shows us whether or not Ye-bun’s mom’s death has anything to do with the current serial killings.

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