Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Behind Your Touch resumes with Ye-bun and Sun-woo in his workshop, checking out one of his new projects. Sun-woo takes out a knife as Jang-yeol rushes in. Sun-woo has an apple in his hand and cuts it with the knife. Jang-yeol still eyes him suspiciously and asks why he was off work on election day. Sun-woo supplies that he was collecting wood and having a drink with Ye-bun.

Jang-yeol drives Ye-bun home and warns her to watch out for Sun-woo. The next day, Ok-hui and Ye-bun go to a flower shop, and Ye-bun buys some marigolds and places them where Ji-suk died. Ye-bun tells Ok-hui that there is another psychic. Ok-hui wonders why the psychic hasn’t killed Ye-bun yet. She suggests that maybe the killer is trying to kill people around her first, and Ok-hui might be the next target.

Ok-hui and Ye-bun find out that Mr. Park’s young son, Justin, has returned from Australia. Mr. Park tells Ye-bun and Ok-hui that he and his wife had a fight, so now his son is going to live with him.

In the police station, Mi-ran (who is an expert at identifying when someone is cheating) suspects that Jang-yeol is investigating with someone else behind the police team’s back. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol calls Ye-bun and Kwang-shik together. Jang-yeol praises Kwang-shik as a better psychic than Ye-bun while putting the facts of the case on a whiteboard.

Jong-mook questions some elderly men about a redevelopment that was supposed to happen in Mujin long ago. There was talk of turning Mujin into a tourist destination, so the men and others bought land expecting to sell it later at a high price, but Mujin’s redevelopment never happened. Ju-man and Yoon Deok-hyeon, a former assemblyman of Mujin, were the only people who benefited.

In the town hall, Mr. Bae promotes the Mujin prawn festival. Some people say that there shouldn’t be a festival because of the serial killer, but others disagree. Ju-man says that the town needs to have a festival to attract tourists, and Sun-woo glares at him.

At the station, Mi-ran announces that they’ve been asked to provide protection at the prawn festival. That night, Jang-yeol formulates a plan to catch the killer at the festival. Kwang-shik can sell his farm’s milk and offer people free foot and leg massages. If anyone doesn’t want a massage, then they are probably the killer. They’ll then lure that person to Ye-bun, who will be concealed somehow.

Ye-bun walks home and stops by Mr. Park’s house. She asks about Justin, and Mr. Park shares that he is frustrated because he can’t speak English, which is the only language that Justin speaks. He tells Ye-bun that Sun-woo is out getting wood for Mr. Park’s stall at the festival. Sun-woo walks up, and Ye-bun asks if she can help him make Mr. Park’s stall.

Jang-yeol sees them talking from his roof and sends Ye-bun a threatening text. She reluctantly tells Sun-woo that she has to go. Later, Ye-bun asks Mr. Park if she can use her ability to help him read fortunes. Mr. Park tells Sun-woo about his plans to modify the booth from palm reading to “The Butt of Truth.”

The day of the festival, Jang-yeol coaches Ye-bun, Ok-hui, and Kwang-shik on what to do. Ju-man kicks off the festival with a speech, and the police team is on the lookout. Ok-hui starts herding people to Kwang-shik.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ok is walking with Dr. Jung when she runs into her ex. Jong-mook comes by and shows off his favor with Dr. Jung by offering to walk with him. After they walk away, Dr. Jung leaves Hyun-ok with Jong-mook.

Jang-yeol sees Hyun-ok and Jong-mook sneaking away for a bite to eat. He tells the team to get them to the Butt of Truth booth, as Ye-bun also came into contact with Jong-mook that night. Ok-hui employs some of her friends, who successfully get them to visit the booth.

Jong-mook sits on the chair, and Ye-bun touches his butt while concealed from the inside. She doesn’t see anything suspicious, but she does see his memory of receiving the case file from Dr. Jung. Ye-bun whispers facts about him to Mr. Park all the while, which he hears through an earpiece and repeats to Jong-mook in order to seem authentic.

Hyun-ok sits on the chair, and Ye-bun sees Ye-bun’s mom protesting something (probably the redevelopment). She asks Hyun-ok to make sure Ye-bun eats something. Sun-woo visits Kwang-shik’s stall and refuses a massage. Kwang-shik insists and starts to touch his leg, but he holds his arm away and solemnly refuses.

Kwang-shik feels Deok-hee’s leg and sees his memory of the day of the meteor shower. He was in one of the cars during the meteor shower traffic jam. Ye-bun sees another townsperson’s memories of watching Sun-woo follow Ju-man in a park and pulling something out of his bag. Mi-ran was also right behind him.

Ok-hui and Kwang-shik convince Mi-ran to visit Ye-bun’s booth, and Ye-bun sees that she was trying to give Ju-man a flyer. She also sees her deleting the comment she made about Si-a on her livestream. Da-eun’s brother (whose actual name is Yong-myeong) sees Ok-hui and tells her that he signed them up for a singing competition. She tells him that she needs a break from dating.

Later, Ok-hui sees Yong-myeong performing a song about love and…prawns. The temptation to join him is irresistible. Then, Hyun-ok starts to perform a love song, and Jong-mook cringes and runs away. She runs off the stage after him. Ok-hui and Yong-myeong end up winning the singing contest.

Later, Jong-mook tries to win a stuffed bear at a carnival game. He tries to hit his mark with an airsoft gun, but each pellet bounces off and hits Hyun-ok’s face. When Jong-mook gives her a ride home, she finds the case file about her sister in the car. The case contains an article about the redevelopment, the last article that her sister (a journalist) wrote.

Jang-yeol gives a drink to Dr. Jung, and Dr. Jung’s hand shakes as he drinks it, spilling it on himself. Jang-yeol convinces him to get a leg massage. Kwang-shik sees Dr. Jung’s memories of recording Ju-man at a park at night. He is talking with someone else, who says that Jeon Dong-yeol, Kwang-shik’s father, is at a barn. The group meets later, and Kwang-shik reveals what he saw, saying that Ju-man must have been the person at the barn.

Ok-hui convinces Ju-man to take a seat on the chair. Ye-bun sees his memories of meeting Dong-yeol, who tells him that he will not sell his land as he is giving it to Kwang-shik. Ju-man says that if he builds a resort there, it will bring success to Mujin, but Ju-man was not the person in the barn. Ye-bun sees Mr. Park in the background of the memory.

In another memory, she sees her mom looking lifeless in a parked car. She recalls that Ju-man was there when her mom’s car was pulled from the water.

Mr. Park tries to read Kwang-shik’s palm, but he avoids it and “reties” Mr. Park’s shoelaces for him. He touches his leg and sees Mr. Park’s memories of praying to General MaCarthur on a hill the night of the meteor shower. He falls down the hill and wanders into Kwang-shik’s barn. Mr. Park sees Sun-woo standing in the barn in the spot where Ye-bun and Kwang-shik saw a stranger in their memories.

The Episode Review

So it appears that Sun-woo is the other psychic, but what are the motives for his crimes? 

This episode is not quite as funny as prior ones, and there is not any romantic buildup between Ye-bun and Jang-yeol. It seems that rather than the main actors, Ok-hui and Yong-myeong’s romance may be the most entertaining. And Ye-bun, still naive as ever, still thinks that Sun-woo is pure.

We really needed the information provided in this episode. Hopefully, the killer will be confirmed soon, and they won’t keep us hanging until episode 16. But a lot of the major plot elements have been unpredictable so far, so who knows? Sun-woo seems to be the killer, but they keep throwing us off. There might be some kind of twist coming.

What do you think of this series so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Umm, the key is not important because it is her key. Ae-Ran made two – one for herself and one for Ji-Suk. That’s why Ji-Suk’s key is irrelevant because during the investigation of Ae-Ran’s fake murder, they already talked about the keys.

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