Behind The Curve – Netflix Documentary Review


A Growing Movement Around The World

Sometime around 500 B.C., in the heart of the Ancient Greek society, a theory was proposed that the Earth was in fact round. 150 years later, Aristotle shared this hypothesis and, based on observations around constellations, set to work to prove this theory. Without any technology and using what little resources they could, people begun to believe this notion until science slowly caught up and proved, thanks to physics and math, that the Ancient Greeks were correct. Skip forward to the 21st Century, during the heart of our technologically advanced era, and an alarming number of people have begun believing the world is flat.

Fueled by far-reaching conspiracy theories and a distrust of government and science in general, Behind The Curve looks at this phenomena in more detail through the eyes of some of the more passionate and intellectual members of this community. Through face to face interviews, dome models, questionable science and archival footage, this documentary looks in more detail at the men and women who vehemently believe the world is flat and N.A.S.A. have fooled everyone into believing otherwise.

For most of the run time you’ll find yourself equally maddened and incredulous at the tall claims made by people unchallenged in their beliefs. The bias toward airing these views with little in the way of evidence or a voice of reason on the other side of the coin does make for quite the frustrating watch at times as these views are left unchecked.

While many will watch this with a raised eyebrow and take these ideas with a pinch of salt, the problem with this lack of balance within documentary format is that it’s likely to bring more people into the cause.¬†Whether you choose to believe the world we live in is a large dome surrounded with 200ft. high ice walls or not, Behind The Curve is a fascinating documentary nonetheless, even if it is a little biased and shaky in its execution.

With such a massive platform like Netflix airing this sort of content, Behind The Curve is designed to stir up controversy and challenge conventional thoughts to a broad audience. Despite being an absorbing and eye-opening look at this conspiracy theory, there’s far better content available on YouTube surrounding this. One in particular was sent to me several months ago which I listened to out running; a 3 hour debate between Flat Earthers and scientists. Compared to that, this is a little light on content but interesting nonetheless. Still, if you’re up for a far-out documentary, you can’t really go wrong with Behind The Curve which is well made despite its questionable execution.

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  • - 6/10

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  1. This review is just as bias as the documentary. The documentary appeared to be very poorly edited and seems to string clips of interviews together in order to create that which was never said. I’m not a flat earther but this level of slander is infuriating.

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