Beef – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Great Fabricator

Things get worse for Danny as we see Isaac being released from prison at the start of Beef episode 9. Some lady called the police and told them that it was Danny driving the truck during the road rage incident.

Amy is at Jordana’s coming clean about her road rage incident. She also requests her to give back the Tamago. Jordana is intrigued and understands why Amy lied and also agrees to her request. We see Naomi and Jordana are staying together, they’re partners, meaning Jordana has thrown her own brother under the bus to get his wife. Amy gets the news that June has been taken from George.

Danny brings them back to Paul’s apartment, who is shocked to learn the truth. He is of the opinion they should give them back and Paul agrees. Just then, we see Isaac breaking in with Bobby and Michael and assaulting Danny.

The group gets Amber Alerts on their phones about a missing Asian girl with a husky. Isaac sees June and Luca and gets an idea to blackmail Amy for ransom. He calls her and asks for 500k in cash. Amy says it will take too much time for her to arrange the cash. In her panicky state, she tells Isaac about Jordana’s artefact collection. She calls it worth millions and gives him her address.

Amy asks Isaac to put her daughter in her car outside and promises she won’t call the police. They head toward Jordana’s house. Danny and Paul are tied up but June does not seem to care as she is having a great time. Amy asks George to keep the police out of this for their daughter’s sake. He is stunned and confused about what to do.

Amy tells him to pick up June when she is placed outside in the car. He agrees with her plan. The doorbell rings and Isaac and Michael appear in masks. They tie up the three ladies and ask for expensive stuff worth more than 10k. Jordana nastily says, “everything in the house is worth over that.”

While in the van, Paul is able to free himself and suffocates Bobby while Danny distracts June with a rhyming game. They place June and Luca in the car outside but are caught by Michael. He brings them in and they are placed with the ladies. Isaac asks Michael to put them outside in the courtyard. They force Amy to lie and put the blame on them for the robbery.

As they place them outside, Naomi and Jordana start running for the panic room. Michael throws the Tamago to slow down Jordana but Naomi is way ahead of her. Fearing Michael will catch up and Jordana will not be able to make it, Naomi prematurely closes the door.

Jordana is brutally caught in between the door, which does not have a safety pinch feature and viciously cuts her body in half before closing. Jordana dies on the spot.

As the door closes, gas is emitted into the entire house, blurring everyone’s vision. Isaac takes Amy at gunpoint and asks her to call the police and assign the blame to the brothers. She compiles with his request. Danny boosts Paul over the boundary and he is able to get on top but he cannot get Danny’s hand. As the police arrive, Danny asks Paul to leave but he refuses.

To make sure he abandons him, Danny tells Paul the truth about throwing away his college applications and the house. Paul is heartbroken and jumps over. Just then, a policeman encounters him and Danny hears shots being fired. Paul does not respond to Danny’s voice, indicating he has been shot dead. The police arrive at the house and the situation is resolved. Amy shockingly learns that June has been taken by George and he has switched off his phone. We see Danny has managed to escape through the sewer pipe. He finds a vehicle nearby.

Amy cries reading an email from George’s lawyer saying he has been granted temporary custody of June. She spots Danny, who parks beside her. Reluctantly, he gives her the middle finger and the two ensue in another spiteful chase. But this time, as she tries to drive him off the road, they both fall off the cliff.

The camera pans out revealing a crow watching it go down. Is it the dame crow Danny nurtured back to health when it was injured?

The Episode Review

An action-filled episode 9 almost flew by. The lightning pace at which things unravelled and came to this shocking conclusion was jarring… but it was undoubtedly exhilarating as a cinematic experience. The final duel between Amy and Danny is yet to complete as they run each other off a cliff. That is how far an innocuous-seeming middle finger in a parking lot can go in today’s world. Challenge your fate with caution!

If episode 8 was a little compromised in expediting the overarching plot, episode 9 overcompensates for it in thrilling fashion. Jordana’s shocking death was well choreographed and the final scene with the crow brought back a gush of feelings.

The entire plot has been dishevelled after episode 9’s events. All the probabilities of relationships improving have gone out the door. We only have the final confrontation between our protagonists left.

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