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After the events of the last episode, we directly jump eight months forward. Episode 7 of Beef opens with a scenic view from Amy and George’s new vacation home. It seems like the deal with Jordana was closed and Amy ransomed her life for another five years to run Koyohaus.

Danny has been elevated to lead the Praise Team and mesmerizes everyone with his angelic singing voice. Edwin is nowhere to be seen near the stage. He is right at the back row holding his newborn as Veronica joins in the singing. Edwin looks miserable and jealous. Esther and Danny are now a couple and his life is truly perfect.

Edwin and Veronica have been having marriage troubles but Danny says all they can do is pray for things to get better. Amy and George have got a new “furry” friend for June as well, Luca. We see the relationship flourishing like before. Little things like Amy letting George feel like he saved the day with the deal by selling the Tamago are helping. George is hosting a party the next day at their house, so they have to leave the vacation home.

Danny’s life has completely changed. He has become everything his parents wanted him to be. He has even completed the house he wanted his parents to live in. In fact, we see Danny talking to them on the phone and learn that they are flying out tomorrow to stay with Danny.

Paul has got his own apartment now, the one they used to live in earlier. While having sex, George comes clean about his affair with Mia. It has been eating him up inside. George says that their affair was not physical even though he was attracted to her. They connected on a deeper, spiritual level, which confuses Amy. She is more indignant at the fact that George fell in love but he is sincerely apologetic. Amy feels she can use it as leverage for now and decides to meet Dr Lin alone.

Edwin shows up at Danny’s house, where Paul, Bobby, and Michael are hanging out as well. Quite surprisingly, Edwin asks to become part of “whatever Danny is doing in construction,” pointing toward potential shady deals. He is desperately in need of more money since he has just had a baby. Paul overhears them but Danny pretends that everything is legitimate and white in his business.

Amy is having issues processing and accepting George’s infidelity. She recalls the magical feeling she had when they first started dating. But it has slowly dwindled since then. After June’s birth, the couple has somewhat lost their edge.

The added responsibilities have distanced them. She saw goodness in George and thought that if the best parts of him and the salvageable ones of her could come together, they could live a happy life. Amy breaks down while asking if it is possible to love someone unconditionally. Feelings from her childhood and parents surface but Amy tries to divert her attention toward the present.

George meets Danny (as Zane) and has a jolly conversation. Until it turns toward Danny’s depression, which he accepts openly. George suggests he talk to Amy, who is facing similar issues. Danny is reluctant but he invites him to the party that night. It is a celebration of George’s artwork and all our main characters are there.

Among other things, we see Jordana and Naomi kiss passionately while at the same time, Amy is shocked to see Danny. She pulls him apart and angrily enquires why he is there. He makes a genuine attempt to end the beef and enquires about her well-being. For a moment, Amy reciprocates but then the conversation turns sour like usual. Danny spots the waist tattoo that Amy has and compares it with Kayla’s photo. He storms out of the house calling Amy a sick psycho. She follows him and threatens him against blackmailing Amy with the information. But Danny returns their equation to square one as they insult each other and have another “beef.”

Amy thinks this has gone too far and Paul interfering with their marriage could ruin things. She asks George if they can move to some other place and he agrees.

Danny comes back to the house, where he finds Paul going over the company’s accounts. He finds inconsistencies in the reported accounts and the cash the business is pulling in. Danny gets nervous, indicating that he is illegally embezzling the import/export money from Isaac’s contraband. He diverts the conversation to Paul’s lie about Kayla. Danny tells him that Kayla is actually Amy, whom he had the road rage incident with.

He riles Paul up by saying Amy called Paul a child who needed guidance and help. To take revenge, Paul goes to George and tells him that he had sex with Amy and has proof to back it up. Amy watches it on her mobile (through the door camera) and instantly rushes to the house.

Danny picks up his parents from the airport and they are proud of their son. When he brings them around to the house, he notices it is on fire and completely destroyed. Amy comes back to find George has left with June and breaks down in her car.

The Episode Review

Just as it seemed the “beef” had ended and Danny and Amy were happy their separate ways, their paths meet. And now we are back to square one. The cosmic irony in this show is bemusing but it is the secret ingredient that makes Beef so special.

Do Amy and Paul hate each other because they hate themselves? That is the central identity puzzle that one could gauge from this episode. Amy’s confrontation about unconditional love might have something to do with the next episode. It seems like both Danny and Amy went through a tough childhood not because of trauma but strict parenting.

This brings out the immigrant element in the storytelling, which has been dictating things transiently in the background. It has made our protagonists who they are. Hopefully, there is some more light on that part of their lives.

Ali Wong had another shining moment in episode 7. She has a blessed gift to express vulnerability and the appearance of strength on the screen. Beef is undoubtedly her most accomplished work and will bring a lot of attention to her career.

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for making the time to read and comment. I hope this finds you well. Please refer to another comment I made on this enquiry. It is a tough one to figure out, ngl!


  2. Hey Gabi,

    Thanks for making the time to read and comment. I hope this finds you well. So the person in the bushes was Edwin, who later accepted to be spying on Danny because he was jealous. The dirt scene, which shows up many times in the final few episodes, is a premonition of things to come. A24 productions usually deploy that narrative tool to foreshadow a future event; in this case, Amy and Danny getting stuck in the forest at night thinking they will die. Hope this helps.


  3. What in the heck is the shot of the patch of dirt with dried leaves and sticks about? It shows up three times, and prominently at the end, and does not seem to tie to anything. Any thoughts?

  4. I’m trying to understand who was in the bushes once Danny left the house and what was in the dirt when Amy was in Burger King having her own thoughts. I swear I rewinded that moment at least 5 times lol.

  5. Hey,

    Thanks for making the time and commenting. The guy in the bushes was most probably Edwin. We see later that he had grown jealous of Danny because of the difference in their statuses and his failing marriage with Veronica. But he didn’t burn the house down. Danny built it on his own and installed faulty wiring, as the assessment officer told him. The faulty wiring caused the fire.


  6. Hey so I got done watching beef and I’m a bit confused on who was in the bushes on episode 7 after Danny was showing his parents the house on his phone? Was this who really burned down Danny’s house or did Danny really install faulty wiring? This is at 7:24 on episode seven

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