Beef – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Just Not all at the Same Time

Since Paul does not own a car, Amy has to drive him back at the start of Beef episode 4. During the ride, Paul mentions a probable idea for success. The way he talks makes it clear how immature and unready for life he really is.

Putting this into the context of how Danny has behaved with him until now, one can fully appreciate his hard job. Amy does her best not to be spotted by Danny who is out putting garbage in the bin. She even has to make out with Paul in the car to stay low.

Isaac takes Danny to an abandoned place that his friend told him about. The plan is to use the construction stuff  there to do the renovations at the church and then keep the loan money to buy the place Danny wants. Danny mentions to Isaac that he feels like apologizing to Amy, and Paul as well, but Isaac convinces him otherwise. Danny quite seriously believes that Paul should not date Kayla because she is white.

June makes it impossible for Amy and George to board the flight to Las Vegas. The latter realizes that June will not be willing to come on the trip and become an unnecessary burden for an already stressed-out Amy. Instead, he asks her to go alone and stays back with June. In the process, Danny and Isaac head to the former’s home.

Things are a little tense between Isaac and Paul but Danny is at hand to handle the situation. He also tells Paul that he has a new gig so he can pay him. Paul’s request to head over to Las Vegas with Danny to meet Kayla is denied. Instead, he comes up with a different plan and proposes that the three men drink to celebrate their success.

Isaac and Danny agree and drink all that they can but Paul only pretends to do so. He takes Danny and heads out to Vegas. Jordana treats Amy to a luxurious spa session and lists out her itinerary for the next day. The board meeting is early in the morning and Jordana suggests that Amy should not take Naomi’s offer to join the other wives for a day out.

Danny wakes up to realize that Paul has taken the truck and the construction stuff they stole is still in it. He and Isaac decide to make the trip to Las Vegas to get the truck and the stuff back. Isaac and Danny talk about Paul on their way over. They lament how life is the hardest for any firstborn child. Danny is also rueful about Paul not looking up to him anymore.

Amy has a video call with George and learns that Fumi is staying over. She is a little insecure about their closeness and how George listens to everything she says. Amy also has a motivational talk scheduled for the next day which she is both excited and nervous about.

Paul texts Amy that he is coming over. She asks him to be secretive and make sure that no one sees him coming in. Since they cannot go out or watch a movie, Paul suggests that they smoke weed and Amy agrees. Paul and Amy have an amazing time together; she feels nice becoming a kid again and having a fun night with no responsibilities.

They talk about Amy’s business which she is selling for $10 million. She isn’t sure what she’ll do with it and if she wants to work for five more years as Jordana suggested. Listening to Paul, Amy says she cannot think like him at the phase of life she is in.

Paul discusses his brother and admits to feeling smothered. He also admires him but wants to do his own thing. Amy understands Danny’s hardened treatment of Paul but asks him not to let Danny spread his “brokenness” to Paul. He sleeps on the couch but gives a genuine embrace to Amy before sleeping.

Danny and Isaac spend the night on the casino floor but do not win any money. While having breakfast from the buffet in the morning Isaac notices Paul in the hallway and gives chase. Danny follows the two.

Amy is ready for her spa session and the makeover that Jordana planned but she has forgotten a phone in her room and goes back up to retrieve it. The catch in the situation is that Paul also decides to go back to Amy’s room so that he can be safe. In an anti-climax, Amy and Danny’s paths do not meet. Paul is eventually caught up by the two and they force him down to take the truck’s key.

In a heated argument, Danny ends up slapping Paul for being disrespectful. As they look for their way out, Danny spots a huge photo at her event. Isaac pushes him to go in and take revenge. Any has a new look and her talk goes really well. She opens up about how hard she worked when her business first started doing a business-to-consumer style of operations. Danny eventually gets the mic and starts attacking Amy about her road rage. She quickly shoots him down by calling security, but Naomi has taken note of it.

Jordana congratulates her for a successful talk and the two venture out together. Naomi suddenly realizes that the lady in the road rage video is actually Amy.

Danny and Isaac are being taken by the security but in their attempt to escape, are eventually reprimanded again and subsequently arrested. Amy taunts Danny as the police cuff him.

The Episode Review

It was bound to get troublesome for Danny given he’s associating with Isaac. We could see Danny arriving at all the correct decisions that reflect his mindset and upbringing but Isaac veered him into another path that would do him no good. This was quite a revelatory episode otherwise.

Amy and Paul’s bonding was really sweet.¬†Their age gap brought two completely different perspectives to the fore but without any conflict or clash. Episode 4 added a lot of legs to their character studies. Their place in Beef’s cinematic universe is clearly established now. The decision to keep their relationship completely platonic shows how much the creators and writers value the characters, especially Amy.

Danny seems to have found the perfect solution for him to justly play both sides. It remains to be seen how he recovers from the arrest and how it affects Isaac. He also has a lot of catching up to do with Paul. Their relationship is far from perfect but Danny needs his brother at his side when things go south.

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