Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Happily Ever After!

Episode 10 of Bed Friend starts with Jade fulfilling his end of the bet and barking as a dog in the office after Uea officially accepted King as his boyfriend. Things are going well between Uea and King and they are planning a couple’s vacation for the long weekend.

What happens at the vacation?

Uea is now openly jealous and possessive of King and we stan the growth!  They have an amazing yacht trip and spend the time being all cute and deeply in love. King shares the pictures of their trip on social media, making Jade feel single and lonely. Jade is all of us at this moment as Uea and King look so good together, we can’t help it! They spend the rest of their trip swimming, enjoying wine and making love.

We also see that Uea has learned to trust King and rely on him. He is no longer scared of the dark as long as King is beside him. This shows that he feels safe with King which is something he never had before.

Soon they return to work but they keep flirting, much to Gun’s chagrin.  The couple’s daily life is filled with bliss as they continue to love and trust each other.

What happens with Uea & his family?

Uea and his sister are getting along and she understands why Uea is staying away. She tells Uea that their mom is still having a hard time coming to terms with what her husband did. Uea also tells her that their mom sometimes asks for money but he ignores her messages. This is good, he is finally learning to put up barriers and free himself from her toxic clutches.

A year passes by and the couple is still going strong. King is thinking of proposing to Uea and asks for Jade’s help in choosing the ring. Jade is moved by how King describes Uea to the jeweler and starts crying. They are both nervous about how the proposal will turn out but also excited.

Does King’s family support his decision?

After King gets a ring, he visits his family and informs them of his intention to marry Uea. His family is happy to hear the news and thinks that Uea and King will make a great couple. They are also proud to see the amazing man King has grown into. His mom, however, feels that King should have chosen a ring with a bigger diamond.

How does Bed Friend end?

Days pass by and the couple continues to enjoy each other’s company and take care of one another. Soon another Valentine’s Day passes by and they are still happily together.

A few months later, King finally decide to propose to Uea in the office. He promises to love and cherish Uea in front of his work colleagues, Uea’s sister and his family. Of course, Uea blushingly says yes and confesses his love for King as well. They decide to get married the following year.

The group celebrates and Jade catches the boutique of flowers that Uea throws. At that moment, Mai (Tutor) walks in to ask if there is a job vacancy as a trainee and Jade says there is.

The Episode Review

This whole episode was just Uea and King being boyfriend goals and happily in love. I teared up a bit when King proposed as finally, Uea has found a good man, someone who will protect, respect and love him. After everything he has been through, he deserves all the happiness in this world. I am only sad that we didn’t get to see their wedding, I am sure they will both make dashing grooms – but that’s my only qualm with the finale. Who knows, maybe Domundi will have mercy on us and give us a special episode.

Tutor’s cameo at the end was also very exciting. I can’t wait for Middleman’s Love to start. I am super excited to see how the love story between Jade and Mai unfolds.

Well, that is it for this show, let us know your favourite moments and your opinions on the show. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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