Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Am I Your Boyfriend?

Episode 9 of Bed Friend starts with Uea receiving a video of his stepdad harassing a young woman. This triggers Uea to remember his own experience with his step-dad and the last fight he had with his mom. He asks King to give him some time to come to terms with everything. As they talk, King receives a call from the detective informing him that Uea’s stepdad will be arrested.

The police arrive at Uea’s family home and arrest his stepdad. His mom tries to fight off the police, stating her husband is innocent. The police quickly put him in the police car and drive away. The neighbours, as well as Uea and King, watch as his mom loses it crying in the streets. Uea is heartbroken but King comforts him.

King takes care of Uea and assures him that everything will be okay and his young step-sister will understand him. He asks Uea to trust him and feel safe enough to let him in.

Time rolls by and soon Christmas season arrives. The workers gift and tease each other, while everyone is excited to see Uea and King going strong. Jade has the time of his life teasing them, while Mongkol has also improved a lot and is now doing his part. They enjoy the end-of-year party, as Uea and King have a steamy moment in the restrooms.

A few days later, Uea meets with his sister and she says that she understands and apologizes for what their dad did. She admits that things are hard at home as their mom keeps on crying. Uea tells her that she is always welcome to call and ask for help. She also meets King and gives her blessing to their relationship.

King asks if he is still on probation and Uea acts coy, teasing him for being impatient. Gun is also curious if Uea has finally accepted King as his man. He wants Jade to hold up his end of the deal and bark like a dog in the office.

We also learn that it is Valentine’s Day and Jade is curious about the couple’s plan. King invites Uea to dinner and he accepts the invite. At this point, Uea is just teasing King; we all know he gave King his heart a long time ago!

The next day, a colleague, Boom, who doesn’t know that Uea is taken, tries to make a move. Uea is slow to recognize it but Jade actually notices the vibes first. Boom decides to shoot his shot and Uea tells him that he has a boyfriend. King overhears this conversation and is pleased.

With the relationship defined, King takes Uea to meet his parents. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go well as his parents are wary of Uea. King pleads with them to accept Uea and says he is ready for the consequences if things go wrong. His mom asks King to resign and work for the family business but King refuses and asks them to respect his decisions. King’s dad decides to try and understand him and asks his wife to give them a chance.

On the way back, King’s car gets a puncture and he gets rained on trying to fix it. Uea tries to help him and shares his concern over King’s parents. King assures him that it will be fine, so they get a taxi home and basically flirt the whole way.

Sadly, King gets a fever and Uea takes care of him. King’s mom calls and Uea tells her that King is sick. She stops by and King tells her that he is fine, he prefers having his boyfriend take care of him. She assures King that she will always be there for him. In the end, his mom decides to give Uea a chance and gives them her blessing.

The Episode Review

The difference between Uea’s mom and King’s mom is beyond amazing. Uea’s mom is a nightmare while King’s mom is a beautiful dream. I am glad that Uea will have a new mom who will care for him. King’s mom may be tough but she is a good parent and it is sad that Uea never had that. Uea raised himself and he did a great job, he should celebrate himself. He deserves to be happy now.

We only have one episode to go, and it’s coming close to the time we say goodbye to these characters. It’s been a wild ride over the weeks but what’s been your favourite part? Let us know what you are looking forward to seeing in the finale!

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