Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

A New Start

Episode 8 of Bed Friend starts with Uea currently in Lampang City. He decided to visit his aunt and stay with her as he figures things out. Luckily, his aunt is nothing like his mom. She is warm, affectionate and welcoming. She is glad to see him and has no qualms about him staying for as long as he wants.

Meanwhile, King is at the office rereading Uea’s message and looking heartbroken. He spots Jade and tries to get information from him. Jade tells him that Uea resigned after Krit went to his mom’s house. King is pissed to hear what Krit did and that Uea left town. He rushes to Uea but it is too late and Uea’s phone is turned off. He realizes he was wrong to accuse Uea of wanting to be alone with Krit.

Back in Lampang, Uea spends the day helping his aunt run her business and is surprised when King shows up. In a flashback, we learn that King convinced Jade that he truly cares about Uea and has romantic feelings for him. He confessed to Jade that he has been having a friend-with-benefits relationship with Uea. He told Jade that he wants more with Uea and to be his boyfriend. Jade scolds him for going on the arranged date and believes it’s probably why Uea didn’t believe him. In the end, Jade tells him where Uea is.

Before leaving for Lampang, King first handles Krit. He gets the surveillance footage of the incident with Krit and Uea, sharing it with other employees. He recruits the help of Gun and Jade and asks their colleagues to fill out forms expressing their thoughts on the issue. Krit makes an appearance at the office and is ashamed to know that his behaviour is being criticized. The employees are flabbergasted and the matter finally reaches the big boss after he sees all the commotion.

King explains that Krit has been harassing Uea and shows the boss the video. The boss is shocked to learn the truth about his nephew, and promises to handle the matter as they also tell him about Mongkol’s lazy attitude.

In Lampang, Uea and King have an honest talk about their relationship. Uea admits he was too harsh with King and apologizes. King admits he made a mistake too and should have been there for Uea. He confesses that he was jealous and that he likes Uea. He asks how Uea feels and he responds that his feelings don’t matter. He believes King will get married to the woman his mom wants him to date.

King explains that he already talked to his parents and ended the arranged marriage, and that he loves someone else. He asks Uea to give him a chance but Uea is still worried about King’s parents.

King reminds him about their bet and says that his request is to be given a chance to prove he is serious about them. He promises to be good to Uea and will try never to hurt him. Uea is still hesitant but King says he is sure he likes him. Finally, Uea agrees but with a few conditions. He asks King to wait before getting intimate until he is sure that King can change. King agrees and is happy that he gets a chance to be with Uea.

The next morning, they visit the temple and offer merits. They also go on a romantic date and enjoy each other’s company. King asks Uea to go back with him to the office, revealing that he handled the Krit situation and it is safe to return to his job. Uea is moved and agrees to return.

Once they get back to the office, everyone happily welcomes Uea. Uea thanks them for their support and officially announces he is dating King. The boss personally apologises to Uea and offers him free therapy sessions. Mongkol also apologises to his team and promises to work instead of lazing around. They all agree to let bygones be bygones and move forward with no hard feelings.

King and Uea are still in their new relationship phase and are doing quite well. They effortlessly flirt with each other and Uea seems comfortable with King. He even allows King to sleep in the same bed but still holds back physically. King is willing to wait so he doesn’t pressure Uea.

Finally, Uea feels safe enough to tell him about his medication to stabilize his mental health and the trauma he has from being molested by his stepdad. He also tells him about his relationship with his mom and King embraces him. He promises to stay with Uea and help him through the healing process.

The next morning, King asks Uea if it is okay to pursue a legal case against his stepdad. Uea agrees and King hires a detective. The detective uncovers more victims who were raped by Uea’s dad. Uea apologizes on his stepdad’s behalf and agrees to help them get justice too.

The Episode Review

The misunderstandings were addressed and King and Uea are getting stronger as a couple. Uea made the right choice, he needs to take care of himself first before diving fully into his relationship with King. It is understandable that he will be a bit reserved, he has been through a lot and he is just starting his healing process.

King is a blessing and one of the biggest green flags to ever exist. He is supportive, patient and willing to fight for his love. He is as close to what a perfect boyfriend should be, one can’t ask for more. We can all collectively agree on this right?

The only issue is how the Krit situation was dealt with. Is he in jail? I would have loved to see him in an orange jumpsuit being escorted to his prison room. I felt that the situation was handled callously given the magnitude of his crime. What were your thoughts on this?

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