Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

We Can’t Even Be Friends!

Episode 7 of Bed Friend starts with Uea thinking about his last conversation with King and contemplating whether to text him and apologize. He overthinks and decides not to.

The next morning, Jade comes back from his leave and brings lots of snacks for everyone. He immediately asks King about his arranged date and King tells him nothing happened. However, Jade is under the impression that things went well because his mom and King’s mom are friends. Both mothers seemed excited about the date but King insists nothing happened and drops the topic. Uea hears this and feels hurt but doesn’t dare say anything.

Throughout the day, King feels worried and Uea secretly steals glances at him. When they get a chance to be alone, King walks away from Uea like he is a stranger. Uea is a bit surprised by this but mostly he feels sad.

The next day, they have lunch together with Jade. King tries to still take care of Uea through simple gestures like opening his juice bottle for him. Jade is worried about Krit’s predatory behaviour towards Uea. King wants to know what will happen if Krit strikes a deal with Uea and Jade defends Uea saying he would obviously turn Krit down as he is the boss. Uea doesn’t get a chance to answer.

At the end of the day, Krti summons Uea to his office after scolding another employee. Krit acts like he is apologetic for the inconvenience and asks Uea to take care of an urgent problem that has just cropped up. He insists that it must be taken care of by the end of the day. Uea knows he is up to something but feels helpless and unable to say no.

He stays back in the office and King falls asleep while waiting for him. Uea is moved by the gesture and smiles. Unbeknownst to them, Krit secretly watches them. The next day, Jade checks in with Uea and shares some hot gossip he heard from his mom about King’s second date. Jade is under the impression that King likes the lady and that is why he agreed to the second date. Uea is sad to hear this but is unable to say anything.

Jade leaves early due to a family emergency and Uea remains behind. Krit uses the opportunity to ask Uea to take care of another rush job for a client. King interrupts and asks why Krit is doing a brief at the end of the day. Uea stays behind to do the work as ordered by Krit and King offers to wait for him. Things between them are iffy and but they are cordial with each other.

King excuses himself to go to the restroom and Krit thinks Uea is alone at the office. He summons Uea to his office to discuss the project. Uea is hesitant but cornered. As soon as he enters Krit’s office, Krit locks the door and starts making physical advances towards Uea. Uea tries to fight him off while screaming for help. In the end, he manages to escape after kicking Krit in his balls. Honestly, Krit deserved that and more!

Uea rushes out and meets King by the stairs. King is furious that Uea was with Krit alone and starts asking why he would agree to this. Uea gets angry with him for making it sound like he was trying to get with Krit. In a fit of anger, he tells King that if he continues with his line of questioning, they won’t be able to even be friends. King tries to tell Uea that he is just concerned because he cares, but Uea responds that he doesn’t want “care” if this is what it looks like. King, still in his feelings, says that it is his fault for caring too much for Uea and apologizes before leaving. Uea breaks down in tears.

The next morning, Jade checks in with Uea and asks if something is wrong. He heard from King that Krit summoned Uea to his office once again. Uea didn’t tell anyone what unfolded that night but the events are still weighing in his mind. Jade continues to tell Uea how worried King was and how he feels King cares so much for Uea.

Days pass by and Uea is still disturbed about the incident that night. He and King are also not talking to each other and are actively ignoring one another. One of the workers, Mai in Uea’s team, resigns and that forces Uea to pick up a bigger workload. Krit asks Uea to speed up his work and do his best to ensure they start on schedule.

Jade suspects that Mai was forced to quit by Krit. Uea starts thinking about his resignation and Jade calls him to inform him that Krit is looking for him. The meeting with Krit is too long and the workers complain especially King.

A few days later, Uea gets a call from his sister and learns that Krit is at their home. Uea rushes home and finds his mom happily welcoming Krit. The mom forces Uea to sit at the table and have a meal with Krit. Uea refuses and Krit leaves. Uea’s mom says that she is okay with Uea being gay as long as he gets a rich man. She sure is no parent of the year!

Uea gets angry and confronts his mom about her attitude towards him. A fight ensues and the stepdad tries to intervene. Uea turns his attention to the stepdad and asks if he ever feels guilty for molesting him when he was young. The mom defends her husband and slaps Uea, telling him that she wishes he was never born and that he is the reason she couldn’t lead a comfortable life.

Uea leaves crying and on his way, remembers what happened between him and King. He is also reminded of the incident with Krit and his mom’s harsh words. He goes over to Jade’s place but doesn’t tell him much about what happened. He just says that Krit visited his house. He tells Jade that he will confront Krit and ask him to stop. Jade thinks that is a bad idea as Krit might not stop and will use his power to oppress Uea more. Nevertheless, Jade promises to stay by his side.

That night, King gets drunk in his house and thinks of texting Uea that he misses him. Meanwhile, Uea decides to go back to his house. He calls Krit and asks if he plans to stop harassing him and what he wants. Krit asks him to stop playing hard to get and promises to get him a promotion. He points out that Uea can’t do anything other than agree with him. Uea tells him to wait and see what he will do.

The next morning, Jade arrives at the office and receives a call from Uea. He asks him to deliver the letter on his desk to the HR department. He explains that Krit has no intention to stop harassing him so he is quitting. He tells Jade he is out of town and will contact him soon.

King arrives at the office and asks where Uea and Jade are. He gets a message from Uea apologizing for how things went down between them. In the text, Uea thanks him for caring and asks him to stop their friends-with-benefits relationship. King is stunned and also upset to see the message.

The Episode Review

This was the saddest episode so far in the series. No child should ever hear the things Uea’s mom said to him. Parents need to stop blaming their children for their mistakes and all her life, Uea’s mom has resented him for being born.

Uea’s move to resign was a power move that Krit didn’t see coming and I hope Krit gets what he deserves in the end. Using his position as a boss to sexually harass an employee is illegal and he should be behind bars.

Uea and King should have talked it out instead of letting the misunderstanding fester. King should have asked Uea if he was okay or even what happened. He let jealousy control him and Uea decided to give up on him.

In a way, it is understandable why Uea wanted their friends-with-benefits relationship to end. If King wants more, he will find and convince him. I can’t wait to see if they make up in the next episode.

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