Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Manager From Hell

Episode 6 of Bed Friend starts with King asking Uea to date him so that Jade can bark like a dog in the office. Gun decides to join in the betting fun and claims that if King and Uea are not secretly dating, he will eat dog food. King secretly smiles as the drama unfolds.

Mongkol continues to be a pain in the ass. He rarely works and always complains about how tired he is. There is also the new office villain, Krit who keeps summoning Uea to his office. In one instance, he invites Uea to a dinner date but Uea turns him down and is clear that he only wants a professional relationship with Krit. Unfortunately, Krit ignores Uea’s clear message and continues to pursue him.

Krit fails to notify Uea that a client changed their concept until the last minute and forces him to work overtime to meet the deadline and correct the issue. The other workers find it unfair and offer to help Uea.

Krit also keeps popping up in Uea’s desk area and uses every excuse possible to get close or touch him. Thankfully, Jade is quick to intervene and protect Uea. King feels frustrated with the situation but is unable to do much. He is also trying to quit smoking and admits to Gun that he likes his secret boyfriend enough to quit.

Later that night, King and Uea spend a steamy night together. King wanted to share one of his fetishes with Uea and one thing leads to another. After this scene, no one has the right to question NetJames’ chemistry ever again!

The next morning, King tries to tell Uea that he wants more but feels scared. He is worried that Uea will ask for them to stop seeing each other and not believe his feelings for him. He only tells Uea that no one has ever made him feel this way. He also tells Uea that he can quit if it gets to be too much with Krit at the office. Uea promises to think about it and King asks if they can spend the long upcoming holiday together.

Uea is shocked that King wants to go on a vacation but he is also happy about it. King asks him to choose any destination he wants and Uea starts looking right away. Once again, Krit makes another demand with an unreasonable timeline and sends Mongkol to deliver the message. He knows Mongkol is not doing his work and keeps leaving the workload to Jade and Uea.

The other workers are also excited about their upcoming holiday plans, while Uea and King are also looking forward to their vacation. Uea settles on Koh Lam but is disappointed when King changes the plans. King informs him that he has to attend the arranged date and they can’t go on vacation with him. Uea is heartbroken but pretends that it is okay. He was really looking forward to the trip with King. He ends up staying at home, feeling lonely and sad. He also refuses to go watch a movie with King.

Days roll by and the long vacation comes to an end.  The workers resume their jobs and everyone shares stories about their vacation. However, Uea and Gun don’t have much to say as they didn’t go on vacation. Krit inquires about Uea’s plans and tries to learn where Uea lives. King interrupts before Gun blabbers everything and tells Krit that he and Uea are neighbours. Once again, he subtly marks his territory but Krit continues to push.

Things between Uea and King are also icy as King feels guilty about his arranged date and Uea feels too proud to ask how it went. Lucky for him, Gun is not afraid to be nosy and ask. King insists that the date was his mom’s plan and he is not looking to get married. He says he has someone in mind and is waiting to see if his secret crush will also pick him too.  Uea keenly listens to this conversation.

Later, they run into each other at the elevator but Uea acts cold towards King. King apologizes but Uea tells him that he gets it. They are only friends with benefits and King asks if they can spend the night together but Uea refuses. King asks him to inform him if he works overtime so he can stay behind with him. Uea harshly tells him there is no need and draws the line again. King is hurt by Uea’s words but says nothing.

It turns out that Uea is also thinking of quitting and has his resignation letter ready. He is still conflicted though and doesn’t know what to do. Jade informs him that Krit is looking for him and leaves to meet Krit at his office.

The Episode Review

I get why Uea is angry at King but he is the one who keeps drawing the line every time King tries to define their relationship. He is giving mixed signals; does he want King or not? He should reflect on his feelings and decide whether King is someone he loves or just wants to continue having a good time with.

As for King, did he have to go for the arranged date? He had the option to turn his mom down or go after his vacation with Uea. These misunderstandings are frustrating and I hope they solve them soon.

Lastly, Krit is getting on my nerves, having a boss like him should be classified as torture. He is openly sexually harassing Uea and it has to stop. Uea has been through enough, he doesn’t need another predator in his life!

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