Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Let’s be Friends -with- Benefits

Episode 2 of Bed Friend starts with Jade checking in on Uea as he was worried after getting his call notifying him that his car got a puncture. Uea assures him that he is fine while King watches worriedly from afar.

Later, he follows Uea to the toilet and locks the washrooms so that he can privately speak to Uea. He tells Uea he was worried about him but Uea is still acting indifferent and doesn’t answer him. Jade bangs on the toilet door and Uea asks King to hide. Jade wants Uea to resend an email so they head back to the office.

At the office, both Uea and King are distracted and keep stealing glances at each other. Uea gets a call from the hospital informing him that his mom had an accident. Uea quickly informs Jade that he won’t be able to work overtime that day as his mom is in the hospital and rushes out.

King hurriedly follows him and offers Uea a ride to the hospital since he is not getting a taxi. Upon arriving at the hospital, Uea’s mom scolds him for not picking up her calls. King disrupts their conversation and Uea’s mom asks if he is her son’s boyfriend. Both Uea and King explain they are just friends. The mom asks for money to return home, Uea gives her some but she insists it is not enough. King decides to give her more money and she leaves.

After Uea’s mom leaves, King admits that he heard everything she said. Uea apologizes and King tells him there is no need to. Uea also apologizes for avoiding him and being rude. He tells King that he was angry and confused. King tells him that he understands but Uea tells him he is still angry at himself. King asks him to stop being mad and they leave the hospital together.

The next day, they run into each another in the elevator. King can’t stop staring at Uea and they decide to get a blood test together. King picks up Uea on a different day and they head to the clinic. Uea is nervous so King tries to reassure him that he is safe. He always has safe sex and asks Uea to stop overthinking.

They get tested and as they wait for their results, King does his best to calm Uea down. They get their results and they both tested negative. King lures Uea into having a meal with him. Uea begrudgingly agrees but he seems a bit happy about spending more time with King. They go to a restaurant and King knows Uea’s food preferences. As they wait for their meal, Uea notices Pock entering the restaurant with his new boyfriend. He turns to hide and fidgets nervously. King notices this and asks Uea why he did that after Pock is gone.

On their ride back home, Uea is silent and seems deep in thought. King asks him what is wrong and whether the man at the restaurant was his ex-boyfriend. Uea confirms that the man was his ex and asks King why people are never satisfied with what they have. King tells him that people have different natures and it is not easy to fix. Uea asks him if he is the same and King tells him that he has not dated since he graduated from university, he simply has one-night stands.

Uea is shocked but keeps silent.  King explains further that he doesnt believe sex and love necessarily come together.  Uea asks if that is possible and  King tells him he has to try to find out. As he talks, Uea notices that they are not going to his home. King asks him to relax and takes him for a walk.

Although Uea tries to hide it, he can’t help but smile at King’s cuteness. As they walk, King tells him that the night they spent together was wonderful. He says that if it was someone else, he would have asked for them to be friends with benefits.  Uea is too shocked to give a response. King drops him home and they say their goodbyes. However, Uea comes back and asks King to try and King responds he is all -in. Uea quickly heads to his apartment leaving a smiling King behind.

The next day at work, King confronts Uea for not responding to his messages. He tries to be touchy with Uea. He brings up the question Uea asked about trying to be friends with benefits. As he grabs Uea close, trying to kiss him, Jade walks in and finds them in such close proximity.

Of course, Jade is perplexed and Uea and King let go of each other. Jade is confused why they are both staring at him. Uea tells him he has something on his teeth and King leaves to see what Gun wanted. Later, Mongkol and Gun leave the office and Jade complains that Mongkol never works, he just sleeps and leaves all the work to him Uea.

Uea tells him that they need to talk to Bas about Mongkol but Jade says he is fine. He doesnt want to make it a big issue. Uea is not happy that Mongkol is taking advantage of them but he is the boss’ cousin. Jade invites King and Uea to grab some food but Uea declines and says that he will remain behind to work. King also refuses to join Jade. Jade leaves disappointed. King and Uea remain behind to work.

After finishing his work, Uea decides to leave but King asks him to keep him company. Bas interrupts them and scolds Uea for posting the wrong picture for a product’s marketing campaign. King takes the fall and apologizes for the mistake. Bas asks them to handle the problem immediately.  Uea is surprised that King protected him and asks why. King replies that he doesn’t know why and asks Uea to keep him company again.

Uea is pleased and smiles secretly as he waits for King to upload the right picture. King offers to give him a ride home and they leave together. On the way home, Uea thanks King for protecting him and giving him a ride. King says it is his pleasure and brings up the friends-with-benefits question again. He tells Uea that he will respect his decision.

King tells him to choose if he wants him to drive to his apartment which will mean Uea is agreeing to be his FWB. If Uea chooses to go to his own home then it means that he is not interested. Uea decides to go to King’s condo and King is elated. They head over to King’s condo and have sex.

The Episode Review

Uea is the kind of guy who wants commitment, I am not sure how well this will play out but I’m here for it! Once in a while, we need to let go and try new things. His past relationships have not been working out, he might as well try a new approach. Also, King is not a bad guy, he seems like a decent man who likes Uea.

I am more curious about who will start catching feelings first. In these situations, someone always does but quite who remains to be seen. Next week’s episode should be a good one!

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