Becoming Karl Lagerfeld – Episode 3 Recap & Review

In Bed With Karl

Episode 3 of Becoming Karl Lagerfeld begins with Jacques and Laurent having an affair before being arrested for indecency. Karl and Pierre are called by the police to collect them. Tensions in their relationship manifest in an argument on the way home, with Karl kicking Jacques out of the car due to his affair with Laurent.

Over the next few days, Karl wants to rent a large space for Chloe’s next show, but the partners of the company, Chloe and Lenoir, object. As a negotiation tactic, Karl later meets with French industrialist Bidermann, known for menswear brands. Conveniently, Aghion sees the two together from her apartment as they are seated right across the street.

In a discussion with Aghion and Lenoir, Karl expresses his lack of freedom over business choices and his desire to become a partner in the company, or he will keep his options open. Meanwhile, Jacques visits nightclubs with Yves but feels disillusioned. The next day, Karl calls him over to discuss the prospect of buying a house together and talks with his mother about establishing his own brand.

Karl meets with Aghion, who turns down his proposal for becoming a partner, saying, “Chloe is me.” Instead, she offers him a small pay raise and “a saucepan-free venue for the next show.” Karl feels disheartened by this outcome and leaves.

Karl and Jacques visit the English villa, with Jacques wanting Karl to spend the night with him. However, Karl leaves midway. The next day, he leaves early for Paris to meet with Bidermann, who shows him an abandoned factory space and wants to start with sportswear instead of Karl’s vision in America, citing the oil crisis. Karl leaves frustrated and disheartened again.

Meanwhile, Yves sends an invitation to his party to Jacques, and Karl attends as well. At the party, Yves is unable to let go of Jacques and creates a scene, trying to buy Jacques from Karl, but he’s promptly taken away. Later, Karl tells Jacques to choose between him and Yves, should he decide on Karl.

The next day, since Bidermann is not an option anymore, Karl pitches to Aghion and Lenoir about expanding into the perfume business. He proposes a separate company for perfumes, with Karl taking 50% of the profit and the other two the remaining 50%. He decides to stay with Chloe. He finds Jacques waiting for him, who says, “I’ve always chosen you.” The two then go for a dinner date, where they find that Yves has gone missing. Jacques confesses that Yves visited him and had gotten violent. Karl reveals that Yves has been clinically crazy and had also previously tried hurting himself. The episode ends with Karl asking him, “What have you done?”.

The Episode Review

This episode was pure melodrama. It’s actually quite sad to watch such a revered designer like Yves Saint Laurent, who is still synonymous with luxury fashion, turn out the way he did. The pressure of being a creative is immense and is accurately highlighted in the show, where fame and extravagance take away more than they give.

Interestingly, Yves’ character has become quite the antagonist and a mechanism to drive the plot, even though the show is based on real events and personalities. Moreover, Karl and Jacques’ relationship has also changed for the better, becoming more mature and stable.

Even though this episode is part of the phase where Lagerfeld was trying to establish his own brand and independence, it isn’t without setbacks, and the episode captures his professional and personal frustrations well.

On a different note, it’s quite exciting to watch a dramatized version of the tussles between the best names of the fashion industry.

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